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[About Me]

Hey I'm SSJ5-Gohan and I'm a huge fan of DBZ! I actually have a lot of ideas for DBZ stories, but I suck at writing so for now their just ideas for any author that wants/needs ideas. BTW, my ideas will only mostly have Gohan in them, sometimes Vegeta, Piccolo and Trunks but the Villain(s) will most likely be Goku/Turles & Akuma and other sub-bosses. Because Goku & Turles look so alike, I have this weird idea that Turles pretends to be Goku, and kills Chi-Chi so Gohan will hate his father. For Street Fighter fans, you will remember Akuma. He's here because if I'm correct, in Japanese his name means 'Demon', so I imagine him to evil. Of course I only seen the Street Fighter Alpha movie, so I don't know much about Street Fighter.

But the idea is that after Turles aka 'Goku' kills Chi-Chi, Gohan tries to fight him with the sword he got from Piccolo but easily loses. Turles then cuts Gohan eye, leaving a deep and permanent mark on his eye. Both eyes still work, but its supposed to show everyone how weak he was to get it. The cut looks a lot like the cut Future Gohan has on his eye. After slicing his eye, Turles drags Gohan back to Akuma and gives Gohan to Akuma in exchange for the ability to use the Demon Form. Akuma then brands Gohan the ability to also use the Demon Form. When Gohan doesn't die, Akuma then "trains" him to be the perfect warrior so that when Akuma dies, Gohan will take his place. Gohan's training exercises include how to use different kinds of weapons, the many ways to kill, fighting against more than one opponent, stealth, how to control the demon form, and abilities. During Gohan's training, Turles finds and eats a weird fruit that allows him to have rubber like arms (Like Luffy from One Piece). Gohan thinking he's finally stronger than Turles foolishly challenges Turles. Turles decides to use Gohan as dummy, and tests out his new abilities. This idea and the ones I'm about to post are open for anyone to use, just PM me telling me, and give me a little credit.

Clothing & Abilities:

These are open ideas that anybody lacking ideas can use to write hopefully more Gohan crossovers. Just PM me the link when your done!

By the way, most of these aren't summaries. Some of them are small descriptions of the way I want the story to flow in, or to help any author (who wants to take a shot at them) understand the plot better. Just thought I would give you guys reading a heads-up and an apology for some of these badly written descriptions/summaries. >.

[My Story Ideas]

DBZ/Open Sesame Crossover(Manga) = Chi-Chi's last wish before she died was for Gohan to go to a High School. In order to grant her that one last wish, Gohan is transferred to a school in Tokyo that was previously an all-girls school. When Gohan gets there ,though, he soon realizes that the girls have a lot of power and give the guys a hard time. But Gohan will not bow down to the power of the girls, and on his way to claim power for the guys in the school, he finds out something about his past...something that he had forgotten long ago... since his attempt of running away from Piccolo's training and meeting the Orphans. Gohan/Harem

DBZ/Bleach Crossover = Ever since the defeat of Cell, Gohan has been seeing Ghosts. At first he believed it was only his imagination, but when his mother and little brother are killed by a strange creature that only he can see, he makes an oath that he will get revenge. Gathering the Dragon balls, Gohan makes a wish for him to be transported to where the creature that killed his family would be located, but he finds himself in a desert. As Gohan is walking, he sees a little girl being chased by three weird creatures that looked a lot like the creature that killed his family, so he charges in and jumps in between them. Expecting them to attack Gohan summons, without knowing it, a sword. When the creatures notice the sword, to his surprise turn straight around and hide behind a rock. Gohan turns around to ask the girl if she's okay, only to realize that that she disappeared only to find her near the rock where the creatures were hiding. When Gohan was about to step in, she gets in front of him, spreading her arms as if she didn't want him to get any closer. When Gohan saw her determined look, he stood several steps back so that she was able to get the creatures out from the rock. Once out, the group decides to let Gohan stay at there house until Gohan talked about why he was there. When Pesche and Dondochakka hear Gohan's story, they become a hesitant on letting Gohan in there home until Neil Tu agrees to help him, surprising the group of four. Gohan/Neil

DBZ/Kagetora(Manga) Crossover = At the request of Dende, Gohan is chosen to teach the arts of self-defense and combat to the heir of a renowned family of skilled martial artists, Yuki. But on his way to the house of his princess, Gohan saves a girl from being run over. Because of his lack of interaction with girls, Gohan ends up having a crush on her without knowing it. When he realizes that she saw his face and said she knew who he was, he flies away cursing at himself leaving her on the building he dropped her off at, not really aware that she was calling him Mr. Ninja. When Gohan finally arrived at his destination, he's shocked to see Dende chatting to who he believed was the person he was supposed to protect. But to his surprise the girl he saved, is actually the girl he's supposed to protect. Can Gohan stop himself from falling in love with her, specially because if he fell in love with the Princess, bad things are going to happen to him from what he was told from Dende. Hell, how is he going to teach a girl who had millions of teachers quit, because they couldn't teach her anything because of how klutzy she is? Gohan/Yuki/Harem

DBZ/Final Fantasy Crisis Core Crossover = During Zack's brave battle against Shinra's troops and the memories of his loved ones flashing before his eyes, his mind fuses with another soul who happened to be in the same predicament he was. Using the last bit of his strength, Zack gives his memories and asks the stranger to grant him one last wish. The stranger, wondering what his father would do in this situation, decides to accept his wish. Zack asks the stranger if he would take his sword, and protect the people he loved with his life before dying in front of the stranger. When the stranger woke up, he found himself fully healed with a giant buster sword in his left hand. As the stranger stood up, he was surprised to see the Supreme Kai appear right in front of him. "You weren't strong enough to defeat Buu. But..., I believe you have the power to defeat him, power that is waiting to be untapped. Will you come with me and train to defeat Buu... Gohan?" Gohan/Aerith/Tifa/Yuffie/Harem

DBZ/School Days Crossover = During one of Gohan's night flights around the city he witnesses a girl brutally murder another girl. The next day Gohan returns looking for the girl and demands she tell him why she killed the other girl. When she refuses to talk, Gohan pushes her against the wall and glares at her until he gets disgusted looking at her and flies away, missing the blush on her cheeks. A week later Orange Star gets a new student. To Gohan's horror it's the same girl that he met a week ago. When she's told to tell everyone about herself, she surprises everyone and Gohan by announcing she's Gohan's girlfriend, causing many people to be filled with rage more or less Videl. Fearing the worst, Gohan starts to investigate her. Will Gohan be able to stop what happened to the other, happen to Videl? And why does Gohan feel like he's making a mistake by avoiding the girl and glaring at her. Could there be more to the story than Gohan knows? Gohan/Kotonoha/Videl/Erasa/Lime/Angela

DBZ/Omamori Himari = When Gohan was little his Grandpa, the Ox King, gave him a cat. Apparently, this cat was supposed to protect him from dangers in the world. Not caring cause he was little, Gohan accepted the cat happily. It was Gohan who named the cat though, and he named her Himari. Since then, Gohan and Himari went everywhere together. It was Himari who would usually save Gohan from the animals that would try to eat him in the forest. Sometimes when Gohan got scared and his father was to far away to help, Himari would transform into her human form and comfort him. It was because of his kind and innocent heart that she fell in love with her master, but because she is a youkai, she hesitated to do anything. When Raditz came and kidnapped Gohan, Himari was the only one who charged Raditz (after he kicked Goku into the water) to try and save Gohan. Unfortunately, since she was in her cat form, Himari was not able to do a thing and was sent flying, where she lost consciousness from the force of the blow. When she woke up, she found herself with the humans on a air car traveling to an unknown location. She was going to start having a hissing fit, about having to save her master, until a blue haired woman soothed her worries by telling her that they were going to go pick up Gohan and his dad. She was left dumbfounded when all she saw was a the man who her master called "Daddy" with a hole right in the middle of his chest. When she heard that a youkai had kidnapped her master and took him to an unknown location she dashed off, away from the humans and went to search for him. Since then it has been 13 years since the cat, known as Himari, failed to save her master. In those 13 years, Himari has searched the whole planet hoping in her heart that her master hasn't been hurt or killed. It wasn't until some weird creature named Majin Buu came that she was finally able to locate her master. To her horror, not only was she able to feel his incredible amount of energy, but so could other Youkai!====

Ever since Majin Buu was defeated, Gohan has been having weird dreams about a little girl with ebony colored hair and purple colored eyes. In his dream, they would be playing together in the river or running the forest. Whenever it came to her telling him her name, he would wake up. To Gohan's annoyance, he wasn't woken up by natural causes, but instead of a girl's voice. The voice just happened to belong to his friend and crime fighting partner, Videl Satan. For some unknown reason, Videl has been acting weird towards him. No longer was she suspicious and vicious towards him but instead she was shy and caring. Although she did go back to being mean to him whenever he talked to other girls, which he didn't understand why. After eating a breakfast, made by Videl cause his mother insisted that she was tired (which was lie... she wanted Grandchildren!), Gohan and Videl flew to Satan City. They stopped any crime that happened to occur as they were getting close to school, before flying into a alley and changing back into their original forms. As they were walking to school, they were stopped by a beautiful, black-haired girl who had her hair in a ponytail. It was her dazzling purple eyes that kept Gohan's own eyes on her. For a couple of minutes, both the mystery girl and Gohan kept staring at each other: one with happiness and the other with confusion. It was Videl who broke their staring contest, having got annoyed that some girl was looking at her Gohan. Gohan was about to ask her who she was, before she spoke a sentence that made him wonder why it sounded so familiar.

"...Hello master..."

Who is this woman, and why does she seem familiar to Gohan? Gohan/Himari/Videl/Harem

DBZ/ God of War and Many Other Crossovers = When Gohan was still in development in Chi-Chi's belly, Zeus came down to earth seeking a strong mate. Once seeing Chi-Chi, Zeus transforms into Goku and mates with her sending his "God" genes into her belly. What nobody expected though, was the fact that instead of getting rid of either his saiyan or human genes, they mixed together making Gohan: 33% Saiyan, 33% Human, 33% God, and 1% Unknown. When Gohan is born, though, he looked nothing like Zeus! In fact, he didn't like fighting either, much to Zeus's annoyance. It wasn't until Gohan's Saiyan father was killed that the mixed powers of the hybrid started showing. In a series of events, Zeus shapes Gohan's life to make him a perfect warrior and a perfect God. With the death of his friends and family, and fear from the humans, Gohan is forced to live out in the galaxy. Life isn't easy in space, though, now that Planet Vegeta is back. And what? Vegeta has TWO SISTERS AND A BROTHER! The Elven people are being enslaved by the Saiyans! Monsters from hell want to take Gohan's power! And to make matters worse... there's an Evil Goku who has obtained what people call "The Demon Form"! Will Gohan be able to survive with the whole galaxy wanting him dead? Can Gohan save the Elves or will they rather be dead? Can Gohan master his God powers before Zeus and his brothers declare war on humanity? Stay tuned! Gohan/Multiple Harems

DBZ/ Alice In The Wonderland (Disney) = After witnessing so many weird things in his life, Gohan believed there was nothing else that could surprise him. Well, that was until he saw a talking white rabbit with a watch run by him that he considered he was wrong. Deciding to see what was with the rabbit, Gohan ran after him. After a little bit of running, Gohan found himself looking at a dog sized door. Shrugging to himself, Gohan opened the door and found himself falling for what felt like years. When Gohan finally landed on solid ground, he realized that he was definitely not at home. Before Gohan could take a step forward, a girl with blond hair and blue eyes falls right in his arms, bridal style. Can Gohan and Alice escape the clutches of Cheshire Cat? Can Gohan and Alice prevent their heads from being cut off by the evil Queen of Hearts? Can Gohan and Alice escape from Wonderland and get back home? Find out soon! Gohan/Alice

DBZ/Code Geass = It has been one month since the nightmarish battle known as the Cell Games. In that one month Gohan lost everything. In that one month, Goku declared he wasn't coming back home. In that one month, Chi-Chi fell ill to natural causes and died. In that one month, Gohan's supposed-to-be little brother Goten wasn't strong enough to pull through and died as silently as he was born. In that one month Gohan was willing to let death take him like it did his family, but before the evil deed could be done, his grandpa the Ox King stopped him and asked him for a favor. Because the Ox King was getting old, he asked Gohan if he could take care of his home and rule it as the prince he was supposed to be. Deciding that it was better than killing himself, Gohan takes up the Ox King's offer. As Gohan works to take the throne, Gohan will encounter Princesses wishing to meet the "real" warrior who defeated Cell, Princes' who wish to take the throne, Kings who want Gohan dead, and love-struck maids wishing to please him. But even though his time as a Prince (and soon to be king) brings good memories, Gohan knows deep down that an enemy far stronger Cell will be coming. Gohan/Harem

DBZ/Familiar of Zero = A month after Majin Buu showed up, Gohan went back to being a semi-normal teenager. After saving a civilian from getting robbed (with the help of Videl), Gohan notices a big, green portal-of-some-kind in front of him. Not being able to stop his curiosity like usual, Gohan reaches a hand out to see if it's real, but ends up falling in. The initial shock of the portal being real stopped Gohan from stalling his fall, and he ended up crashing straight to the ground. As Gohan tried to figure out what happened, a cute girl with pink hair walks up to him and starts talking to him in a weird language, which Gohan was able to understand most of it. Before he could give a reply though, the girl leans in and kisses him right on the lips. After being kissed, Gohan starts to groan in pain as a burning sensation starts occurring on his hand. Since Gohan was so used to being hurt worse than this, he shrugged it off and asked the pink haired girl where he was, and why he was there. The pink haired girl looked at him strange, before replying that he was at Tristain Academy and he was summoned to be her familiar/servant. Will Gohan be able to find a way home, and will he be able to help these people with the dangers that are coming? Gohan/Harem

DBZ/Seikon No Qwaser = Gohan had hoped that now that Buu was done and over with, he could maybe go back to his peaceful days. Unfortunately for him, Gohan gets invited to be a substitute teacher to a Catholic school known for it's rich and bright students. Apparently, there's more to this school than meets the eye though. Can Gohan protect his students from being used as sacrifices to a strange ritual involving girls breast? And can he figure out the reason behind the school itself, while dealing with all the girls that fall in love with him in the process? Stay tuned! Gohan/Harem

DBZ/To Love Ru = Gohan has been sulking ever since losing to Buu (after fusing with Piccolo and Gotenks) during the whole 'Super Buu' facade. So deep in thought he didn't realize a light falling from the sky until it lands right on him while he was in his outside bath, nearly drowning him in the process. As Gohan resurfaces to the top, he notices something squishy and soft in his hands and a scent so delicious it nearly sends his Saiyan instincts out of control. When Gohan realizes why his hands feel soft, he nearly screams when he sees a beautiful and naked girl looking at him curiously, not at all caring that he was unconsciously fondling her chest. If the fact that she was naked and beautiful wasn't surprising enough, when she excitedly explains to him that since he touched her chest, she will be his wife from now on, nearly causes to him to think it was all a dream. Since her arrival, all kinds of women have been showing up, all demanding Gohan to be their husband. Can Gohan somehow retain his long lost 'normal' life? And what does her father mean that he has to be the strongest warrior in the galaxy by the time he arrives or else Earth will be destroyed? Could he possibly know that Gohan already is the most powerful warrior (unfused) in the entire galaxy already? Gohan/Harem

DBZ/Princess Lucia = Gohan had always believed somebody was watching him, especially after learning how to sense ki. Unfortunately, the only person Gohan had courage to tell, laughed in his face, which left him no choice but to ignore it. Now after turning eighteen, Gohan is suddenly visited by a demon demanding to have his baby! If that wasn't bad enough, the same people who have been causing him his paranoia shows up to stop the 'evil' demon. With both of sides ready to duke it out, who will Gohan choose: the Demon wanting his baby for world domination or the Angel(s) stalking him?!? Or will the arrival of more Demon and Angel girls have anything to say of it? Find out... soon! Gohan/Angels/Demons/Humans Harem

Magico!/Negima! = Shion is considered, even for being evil, a force to be reckon with. But he has a habit of getting shy concerning people praising him and such. Luck would have it though, that he would be picked to teach a girls only class. Luckily for him, he has Emma and Luu to help him. Can Shion survive a classroom full of shameless girls that would set his pure mind in chaos? And why does Emma feel weird when she sees other girls talking to Shion? Stay tuned! Shion/Harem and Shion/Emma

DBZ/High School Of The Dead = What seemed like an ordinary search and rescue for Gohan, goes horribly wrong when the 'dead' victim Gohan was supposed to retrieve from the schools ground, gets back up and attacks Gohan before having to be put down. As Gohan is trying to figure out what just happened, he's shaken from his thoughts from the screams of terror and horror coming from near the building. When Gohan looks inside the school he's surprised to see the 'undead' attacking and eating people. As he was wondering what to do, he notices a group of students still in the school building trying to escape from the 'undead'. Seeing as how they are in trouble Gohan charges the zombies, killing them with his bare hands, getting the attention of a certain genius and sword's woman. Wanting to get to the bottom of this, Gohan decides to help them get to their love ones and find a way from this hell hole. Gohan/Harem

DBZ/Love Hina = Gohan always thought he was smart for his age. I mean, at age of 5, he was studying Middle School level work, and at the age of 10 he was already doing College level work. It was with that mindset, Gohan packed up his things and traveled to Tokyo, just so he could take the test to get into Tokyo University. To his utter surprise, Gohan ended up failing the test. Shocked and confused Gohan wanders around Tokyo before deciding to go to the apartment building Bulma hired him to work at. Not really caring about whats going on around him, he enters the building. As Gohan is halfway observing the building, he runs into a strange girl who he realizes was the one with the highest score. In the midst of asking her to tutor him, the girl mistakes him for a pervert and attacks him. As Gohan is trying to defend himself from the crazy girl's attacks, he's unknowingly being observed by the other residents of the apartment. As Gohan dodged yet another blow aimed for his head and his manhood, Gohan wonders if coming to Tokyo was a bad idea. Gohan/Harem

*Title: Ghost of Vegetasei*

DBZ/Oomari Himari/Queen Blade/Final Fantasy = When Gohan is two, he gets kidnapped by his Uncle Turles and sent to Vegetasei where Turles leaves him to fend for himself against the Saiyans. After five years of trying to stay alive, Gohan is made into a sex slave for the female Saiyans, and is forced to break-in the new sex slaves the Saiyans capture on other planets. After three years of being their slave, Gohan escapes only to be captured again and sent to a training planet so he could get stronger. On the planet, Gohan meets a boy named Zack Fair who helps him forget all his painful memories on Vegetasei. During his time in Shinra, Gohan is trained by Angeal, Zack, and Sephiroth, finds a girl named Tomoe (who could transform into a sword), and saves a girl named Himari (who can transform into a cat and has cat ears) who considers him, her master. When Sephiroth sets Nibelheim on fire, Gohan tries to stop him but is injured when Tifa is almost killed and he steps in to protect her. As Zack and Cloud go off to chase Sephiroth, Gohan is captured by Hojo and taken to his lab, where he's later experimented and tortured on along with Zack and Cloud, who were later captured after their battle with Sephiroth. During a painful experimentation, which left Gohan's body bleeding severely from his torn flesh, Tojo adds a chemical into Gohan's pod which mixed with his Hybrid blood and entered his eyes when he was finally able to open them. The next time Gohan was able to open his eyes, his already good eyesight improved greatly, he was able to analyze people's movements and copy them, and he was certain that if they did a move he never saw he could easily copy it and do it himself. After studying a workers movement controlling his pod, he was able to break out of his pod and rescue Zack and Cloud. As Gohan helped Zack move Cloud out of Tojo's lab, they meet with Shinra's forces. Confused on why they were attacking them, Zack and Gohan knock them out before traveling through the dessert. As they were traveling on the truck, Zack notices a Sniper aiming to shoot Cloud. Before the sniper could fire, Zack dived down taking Cloud with him. Realizing that their time to run was over, Zack ask the driver to stop the car before getting out with Gohan helping him get Cloud down and setting him somewhere people can't find him. Fortunately, Zack and Gohan are able to knock down the army of Shinra to just three men. Before Zack and Gohan can finish the battle, Zack is impaled by Sephiroth's Masamune and thrown off the cliff. While trying to save Zack, Gohan is left to fight both Sephiroth and the remaining infantry men, and cause of falls due to his injuries. It's this picture that Cloud wakes up to before scampering off to see if Gohans' okay, not noticing Sephiroth flying away. Slowly losing consciousness, Gohan hands Cloud the sword Angeal and Zack made for him and hands it to Cloud, asking him to tell Aerith about Zack's sacrifice, and to apologize to Tomoe and Himari for him about not being able to say goodbye. As Cloud trudges away from the battle with shock, Gohan slowly dies only to be revived by Zack and Angeal, both saying it's not his time yet. With his life back to him, Gohan travels back to Midgar in hopes of returning back to Tomoe and Himari. While looking for his friends, Gohan hears a rumor that Sephiroth was spotted at Shinra's headquarters. With mind-clouding rage Gohan ambushes Shinra, and starts blasting the inside in hopes of finding Sephiroth, Tojo, and the bastards that killed and betrayed Zack and him. While searching for Sephiroth, Gohan finds a Zack-like Cloud being followed by a group of weird people searching for something. Not knowing where else to go, Gohan follows them before finding out that Aerith was captured and was planning to be used as an experiment. Seeing Tojo standing right in front of him, Gohan loses his head and kills Tojo before getting attacked by Barret and Red XII (who smelled his bloodlust). Cloud (who recognizes Gohan from Zack's memories) and Tifa (who remembered the boy who protected her) both jump in front of Gohan, stopping Barret and Red XII from attacking. Gohan, shocked that he killed someone in cold blood, is comforted by Aerith who decides to be his sister figure until he can find his friends.

*Title: The Fallen Gods* Sequel to Ghost of Vegetasei

Fallen Gods - Gods who have betrayed their brethren... After going against Zeus and the other Gods, Gohan, Kratos, and Deimos are banned from ever entering Heaven and Hell. With nowhere to go now that they're spirits, each of their spirits are sent across the universe into the very objects they once used for battle. Kratos is forced to fuse with the Blade of Olympus. Deimos is forced to fuse with the royal Spartan spear. And Gohan is forced to fuse into the very sword he spent most of his life making for his brother. Can Gohan still protect his brother without anybody noticing that he's still alive? Can Gohan solve the mysteries behind the very strange school Goten attends in heaven? Can he find a way to release himself from the sword, and back into his own body? Sequel to "Ghost of Vegetasei"

The True Version of Ghost of Vegetasei (since the two before this are... trash):

DBZ/God of War (well using parts of it really, the goddesses I imagine them to look like are fan drawn)/Bleach/Final Fantasy (which will be a major part on Gohan's character) - What if a Goddess desired to make life using ones body instead of ones chi? A life so precious it was worth all the gold in the world? One Goddess had that thought as she decided to use her body as a test subject. Years from now they would say: "It takes two to tangle," but for a God or Goddess that meaning has no meaning to them. Which is why this Goddess felt it was necessary for such a thing to happen. After all the ridicule and all the threats she was pleasantly surprised when one day she felt the kick of life in her stomach. Filled with happiness she left Olympus to find a home for her and her new child, unaware of the danger her choice has brought on to the unborn child.

DBZ/Velvet Kiss= Life has been good for Gohan since the defeat of Buu. He has married his high school crush, made his mother happy by becoming a scholar, his father has allowed himself to be wished back, and the world was at peace. Life is great, right? Wrong! During a lesson, Gohan is called out by one of the assistants, telling him that there was somebody wanting to talk to him. To Gohan's horror, the person that wanted to talk to him just happened to be a debt collector. Not knowing how but also not wanting Bulma, Videl, (or worse) his own mother to find out, he agrees to whatever the debt collector offers to help him with his debt. The quest the debt collector offered him in order to ignore his debt was simple, meet and befriend a single person. Seems simple enough, right? Well, what Gohan didn't expect was that he was supposed to befriend a young and beautiful woman that just happened to be as rich as Bulma. Not knowing what else to do, Gohan followed her around providing as much entertainment as he possibly could with his little experience with woman that were not his wife. Unfortunately for Gohan, she dragged him around the whole town for the whole day, greatly enjoying his displeasure as she watched him every chance she got. When Gohan was about to call it quits, she finally said that she was ready to go home. Being a gentleman, Gohan offered to take her home which she didn't object to. When they finally arrived at her room, Gohan was about to leave until she grabbed his arm and told him that she wouldn't be able to sleep unless she had sex. Not knowing what to do, Gohan just stood there until he remembered what the debt collector told him about making the girl unhappy. With regret Gohan has sex with her, not really enjoying the sex even though the girl apparently was acting like it was her first time, which later shocks Gohan that it really WAS her first time. After she fell asleep Gohan leaves her room, hoping that will be the last time he will ever see her. It's been a week since then and Gohan is finally able to look his wife in the face without looking away in shame. Unfortunately for Gohan, he gets another call. To his shock, it wasn't the debt collector calling this time... it was that girl he met a week ago and to his annoyance she was demanding he meet up with her at once! After confronting her (and demanding to know how she got his number)all she had him do was pick out what outfit she should wear. Annoyed and fed up Gohan asks her what she wants from him. To Gohan's surprise, she said she wanted a husband. What will Gohan do now that he has a mistress that he must please or else he will have a debt of over a million dollars over his head? Can he keep this secret from Videl? And what about this girl? Why does Gohan want to help her so much even though she's causing him so many problems? Find out... SOON!

DBZ/Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu = It's been a week since the whole Buu accident, and Gohan seems to get famous-er and famous-er everyday. While trying to escape from his newly gained fan girls (and Videl), Gohan finds himself in a library. While looking for a book to keep him occupied for the day, Gohan finds a girl reading what his brother calls a "Manga". Surprised and embarrassed the girl tries to hide her mangas, but ends up tripping and dropping her books where Gohan can see them. Embarrassed and ashamed the girl waits for Gohan to make fun of her, but instead is surprised when Gohan gently hands her the books before walking out of the library. Before Gohan could leave, the girl begs him not to tell anyone which Gohan surprises her again by asking why she would want to hide her interests. Seeing as how it bothered her greatly if somebody were to find out, Gohan smiles at her gently and agrees to keep what he saw a secret between them before leaving, unknowingly leaving behind a now in-love girl. The next day while going to class, Gohan finds out that the girl he met the other day happens to be the schools infamous 'Lumière du Clavier' Haruka who is very attractive, intelligent, and rich. To his, and everybody in the schools surprise she confesses to him. What will Gohan do now? What will Videl say? Can Gohan help Haruka get over her fear of people knowing her interest? And why does he have a feeling his life is gonna get harder than it already is? Find out soon!

DBZ/slight crossover with Rou-Kyu-Bu! (just the idea!) = After his embarrassing defeat to Super Buu (Gotenks & Piccolo absorbed) after just getting his full potential unlocked, Gohan has decided to quit fighting altogether, much to the chagrin of the Z fighters. After dismissing Videl's many attempts at getting him to fight again, Bulma asks him to coach a Karate club of elementary school girls. At first, he is reluctant to teach small girls, but he devotes himself to the club as he knows the complex circumstances of them. Can Gohan help teach these girls when he has his own problems to worry about? Can these girls help him cure his trauma about fighting, and show him there's more to Karate than punches and kicks? Find out... SOON!

DBZ/ Dynasty Warriors 7 = What if, during the fierce battles between the Three Kingdoms, a new Lord declared independence against these battling kingdoms? What if this one Lord has the power to wipe out all three kingdoms with ease, but instead seeks peace. What if this Lord has a grandson who also has the power to destroy the three kingdoms with ease, but can also destroy the planet with so much as a flick of his wrist? What if this powerful grandson is often put in place by his childhood friend/instructor/classmate Wang Yuanji, a girl who happens to be the same age as him but waaaay more mature than him. What if this same grandson has been declared the new Lord over the recently declared kingdom? Well, Gohan sure as hell doesn't know what with Cell being dead for 3 years and now he's being thrusted into another adventure. Join Gohan on his adventures consisting of him trying to befriend different Lords and Kings while at the same time trying to keep himself from being assassinated (yeah right lol).

DBZ/ Dead Or Alive: Beach Volleyball!!! = It's been seven years since the whole "Cell" incident happened. It's also been seven years since Gohan stopped training, so imagine his surprise when one day, out of the blue, he gets a letter inviting him to a tournament. The funny thing about this tournament is that nobody, but him, received a invite much to Vegeta's annoyance. Deciding that it must be better than this "school" thing his mother had been planning for him, Gohan follows the instructions toward the bus station, waiting for his ride toward this tournament. Gohan was expecting to see some of the most ruthless and scary looking fighters the world has ever seen, considering the invitation said "Dead Or Alive", but Gohan again was surprised to see a bus full of the world's most beautiful women. It took Gohan a minute or two to wonder if he was seeing Goddesses or real girls, not knowing he said that out loud until he noticed that most of the girls were giggling at him. Nervous, and embarrassed Gohan walked to the back of the bus sitting next to a pretty girl with orange/light brown hair, hoping to Dende that they would pick up more guys. As fate would have it, the only thing this bus picked up was more girls leaving poor Gohan as uncomfortable as one guy could get with a bus full of Goddesses. Luckily for Gohan, the bus finally stopped... only the destination wasn't at some sort of tournament-looking building like Gohan thought, it was at a beach, leaving Gohan even more confused. Gohan's confusion is answered when a mysterious man announces that for 5 weeks (a little bit longer than what the game said) the girls are allowed to use the island he bought for them to just simply relax, and that Gohan was chosen to be their butler. Seeing no harm in the deal, even though they were tricked, they accepted the kind gesture and decided to make the best of it. While the girls were busy relaxing and Zack was busy checking on them, Gohan attempted to escape until the girl he was sitting next to on the bus asked him if he was leaving. Not seeing any reason to lie, Gohan told her the truth and told her that he was only interested in fighting people (cause he was rusty) and saw no reason to play (cause his mom would kill him if she found out that instead of going to high school and being somebody, he was out playing with girls in the water). He was going to try to leave again, until he saw the hurt look that happened to come across the girls face when he said he didn't want to play with them. (OOC I know, but its been a long time since I've played the game and all I keep seeing of Kasumi is...O_O) Not knowing what to say, Gohan awkwardly started turning around to try to leave again until Kasumi, the orange/light-brown haired girl that sat next to him on the bus, poofed! in front of him and asked to make a deal with him. Not seeing any harm in it Gohan accepts to listen to Kasumi's deal. Kasumi offered to spar with him, along with the other girls, if he decides to stick it out till the 5 weeks are over. Not seeing any way out of it, Gohan accepts the deal, which makes Kasumi happy (cause he was the only guy that didn't start looking at her lecherously when he first met her and the other girls). Will Gohan be able to last the 5 weeks with girls only wearing bikinis? Will he ever figure out why "he" was the one that was chosen to be their butler, and not somebody else? And will he be able to heal the still open wounds many of girls seem to still have in their heart? STAY TUNED UNLESS SOMEBODY WANTS TO TAKE A SHOT AT WRITING THIS STORY!

DBZ/Naruto-Naruto Shippuden = What if everybodies favorite number one, hyperactive, knucklehead ninja, Uzumaki Naruto, wasn't the one who had the Kyuubi sealed inside him? What if Yondaime couldn't put himself to use his son, and instead used a baby that just appeared out of thin air? What if, by some chance, that baby was everybodies favorite demi-saiyan Son Gohan, and he was the one who had the Kyuubi sealed inside him? Well, whatever they thought would happen, became the opposite. How will Gohan balance his personalities when he has a Saiyan side telling him to kill and fight, a Kyuubi side wanting out, and a human side wanting to be normal all while trying to figure out why he has a tail, why the village hates him, why nothing they throw or do hurt him, and why he can do things that nobody else can. FIGURE OUT... SOON OR UNLESS SOMEBODY WANTS TO TRY WRITING IT!

DBZ/???? = With his unlocked potential, Gohan believed beating Buu would be simple. He didn't imagine Super Buu would absorb his mentor and the fused figure of his brother and his friend. Now with his luck of winning be so low, Gohan is given the chance to have a power boost so amazing that he could easily defeat Buu and his many surprise transformations. But, at what cost? Oh, just to become the servant of a Vampire princess and help her very small group of fighters become the strongest army in the demon and human world, of course. Gohan/Harem

DBZ/Tenchi Muyo = Gohan thought his life was weird enough, what with being a hybrid of an extinct race and being the strongest in the universe, but his life is going to get weirder when a space pirate, a evil genius, two space cops, and two princesses from a different planet (with one of them being a goddess) crash land near his home and he is forced to take care of them. Yeah, sorry Gohan but your life is going to become much, much weirder. Gohan/Harem

DBZ/Guilty Crown =Shu Ouma, a man believed he could be king, while others believed he was a coward. What would happen if a small mistake was made where Shu never attended Tennouzu First High School, and instead attended Orange Star High. What if, Mana wasn't Mana "Ouma" and instead Mana "Son" Gohan's older sister who inherited more of Chi-Chi than of Goku, making her more human than saiyan. Because of this mix up, while Gohan was busy fighting Freiza, Mana was the first to find the meteorite that had the Apocalypse Virus. She was infected by the virus and she started developing her powers. When Gohan returned she later chose her brother Gohan as her mate or her "Adam", as she comforted him about the loss of their father. After there father's second death, she was left alone with Gohan on Oshima. On the summer before Lost Christmas, she was showing Gohan, her favorite spot on the island, when they met a drowning Gai, they saved his life and nicknamed him Triton. She, Gohan and Gai spent that summer together (Mana hoping Gohan would stop blaming himself) together, until Gohan sensed Freiza arriving on his planet. Before Mana or Gai could say anything, Gohan sped off to where the Z-Fighters were slowly locating at. While Gai tried as hard as he could to get Mana's attention away from Gohan facing certain doom she, too, was worried (Gohan taught her and Gai how to sense energy), and was afraid Gohan was going to come back with horrible wounds or worse... . That was until Gohan showed up with their father and proceeded in telling her and her their mother that they were going to start training for three years and won't come back till after, leaving a very angry Chi-Chi and Mana in the dust. She and her new stepmother waited in a church for a family gathering, and she was able to trick Haruka into leaving. She then tricked Gai into shooting himself, while using his blood as lipstick. When Gohan came, she attempted to marry him, when he saw part of her hair crystallize, he in fear called her a monster. Which caused her to realize the virus effect on her. In fear she asked for help, which Gohan could only back away in fear, causing her to activate her powers causing Lost Christmas, and destroying herself. But parts of her were imbedded into everyone's voids.

My Little Sister Can't Be This Violent!

Before Goku took Gohan to meet the gang for the first time and while Gohan was out exploring, Goku left a part of him in Chi-Chi not knowing it would it would grow into a new life. It was so unexpected that when Gohan reunited with his mother after the defeat of Nappa and Vegeta, Gohan is shocked to find that he has a little sister. In the short amount of time they knew each other, they became really close. So close in fact that his little sister would cry if she wasn't with her brother, leaving Chi-Chi to ponder how she was going to fix this. Fortunatly and Unfortunatly, her answer came in the form of a ship. Kami's ship in fact. With the chance to atone for his mistake during the fight with Nappa and Vegeta, Gohan stood up to his mother for the chance to go to Namek. With all the excitement going on Gohan forgot all about his little sister as he journeyed to Namek leaving a angry mother and a angry sister.


I have many, many, many, MANYYYYY more ideas, so if you want to know more or want me to give some ideas or even if you want permission to write it, just PM me!

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