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My FanFiction author nick is FlameFire.

I have the want of changing it to Ms. Metal, which is being used as my most common nick, but because FlameFire has been the one used since the beginning of my writing, I will leave it like that.

I'm updating my author ways. I started writing 'bout 3 years ago, seriously anyways. Now, in November 2008, it's been a while since I've written something worth publishing, so I might be a little rough around the edges at first. I'll be writing updates 'bout my return as a good writer, for those ol' loyal fans and those new ones, which I know will be pleased with what I have to offer.

So you can get to know me, I'm caribbean born, Puerto Rico to be exact. We have awesome beaches down 'ere. Mom is Dominican and dad Puerto Rican. My English is pretty good, and I prefer using it when it comes to writing. I'm very open-minded, and I don't do labels. I enjoy the arts, all its ramifications. A cool chick here to serve ye.

Do not hesitate to contact me! I DO answer! And I love getting feedback, good and bad, so don't hesitate on contacting! I answer doubts, take suggestions and if you need and editor, revisor, or just need help or suggestions, contact!

I write 'bout almost everything; again, I'm very open-minded, so I don't have trouble by writing 'bout any kind of topic or relationship. Writing is one of my most developed hobbies, and I expect one day for it to go far.

Contact Info.:

e-mail: polinshy@yahoo.com


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The Never Go Away Feeling:

12/22/2008: Okay, so this story was written when I had first started writing, which was about three to four years ago. It really doesn't make me go "ohmagah! I can't believe I wrote this!" but I remember how it made me feel when I wrote it, so I have certain affection for it. This fanfic has really low grades on writing skills, and the plot could be better developed, so maybe one day I'll probably be getting to fix it and even make a sequel, although the latter one depends on what the readers say. I really don't need hundreds of reviews, one will be enough to keep the interest alive.


12/22/2008: Okay, I'm kinda pissed. I was really happy since I had posted a new story, my comeback from years, and explained every little thought about my other posted stories and the themes and the series and stuff, much like a very nicely written blog for the first time!, and when I click "update profile", my internet had disconnected, the page went to the error-thingy site, and all that I had written sucked lost. I'll post and explain everything later, I guess, maybe tomorrow. When I feel peppy enough to overcome this shit. I hate when it happens. Happens often. Ugh. I wrote a little something-something 'bout my first story. But I really can't. I wanna write this while happy and peppy like I was. Now I'm just bummed. Well, enjoy the site, and I'm never too bummed to answer to PM's. ;)

12/29/2008: Hiiii! I've been not getting 'nough sleep lately :P playin' video games and aspiring my artistic career by drawing :) anyhow, I'm really pumped. My latest fic has been getting lots of "Alert List" and "Story Favorite" adds, though has gotten only one review :s but, oh well, if people read and add, it does count as review :) for me. Lookie here, you guys. I've been wanting to write a good fic, but I have a terrible writer's block with pretty much everything in writing, so I'm taking petitions and request for fics. Let me know if you want to get anything done, doesn't matter from what story or the kind of plot, just ask! ;)

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Though the idea may seem old, I assure you this is not at all what it seems. Ed, Al, Winry, Rose, and a few personnel from the military get stranded on a strange, tropical island, where a great secret is uncovered and a destiny is revealed.
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After taking a concoction to change her back into a human, Seras has moved on with her life, marrying and starting a family. But Alucard can't stand life or rather, death, without his fledgling, so he embarks on a journey to find her. If she can remember.
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Alone in Christmas' Eve by Thess reviews
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Beyond Reason of Mind reviews
I'd betcha' my heart, Ness, but that one already has a claimant.
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To show you that even the littlest and most meaningless word, can mean life to another. To show you that even the worst can be good. To show you... that you're never forgotten. That at least one person, is there for you.
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This a story about mixed feelings. Ed thinks his life is a disaster. Rose suffers heart pain. Winry is clueless about all this. In chapter 7: Character Death?
Fullmetal Alchemist - Rated: T - English - Romance - Chapters: 8 - Words: 25,931 - Reviews: 57 - Favs: 23 - Follows: 14 - Updated: 4/13/2006 - Published: 11/28/2005 - Edward E., Rose
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