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Greetings to the PIT! I'm your host, Desdemona Winchcombe, commonly known as just Des! And welcome to my fanfiction dot net account! Well, I haven't updated this thing since I was in junior year in high school, and that's saying something, because I'm currently in my second year of junior college. I plan on updating with a new story soon, though! So, if you see a dramatic change in the quality of my stories... that's most likely the reason. (Or perhaps I still suck? It remains to be seen.)

Anyway! Some things about me as a writer... I am a whore. :o Yes, that's right. I'm writing fanfics because I want people to read them, not because it is my great dream to be a novelist or anything. Because if I was going to write for myself, I may as well just keep on roleplaying, because that's more fun to me. I'm putting up fanfics because I think people will like to read them. Hopefully I'm right!

...But, I'm not gonna lie. I like fan characters, and my characters are based off of me and my friends. I try extremely hard not to do this in a way that is Mary Sue, but that's usually the immediate perception of "based off me," so if that isn't what creams your twinkie, you should probably read with caution.

Also, I don't write too much in the way of pairing stuff - I think friends and bonds of friendship are much more fun to read and write for. But romance fans can make whatever implications they want, of course! I neither ship nor discourage.

- And, if you've read my older stuff, you'll notice that I have no reservations about being stupid as hell. 8D I don't take myself seriously and neither should you.

Now! About me as a person!

I like talking about myself. IF you haven't noticed. I'm 20 years old, female, swings both ways. I think people on the internets are funny. Fandom crack is the win. And speaking of fandoms, I like -

THESE ANIME: Shaman King, Fullmetal Alchemist, Zatch/Gash Bell, Yu-Gi-Oh!, The Law of Ueki

THESE MANGA: Naruto, Hunter x Hunter, Yumekui Kenbun

THESE GAMES: Kingdom Hearts 1+2, Shadow Hearts Covenant, Okage: Shadow King, Summon Night: Swordcraft Story, POKEMON

THESE ASSORTED THINGS FROM AMERICA NOT JAPAN: Lost, Invader Zim, Disney, Nick in the 90's, Cartoon Network in the 90's, Kid Nation, America's Next Top Model

-- And! I'm running out of time at the library so that will be all.

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All That Is Not Forgotten by X-parrot reviews
He doesn't know how it's possible, but Alphonse Elric dreams.
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Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

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7 months after the postponement of the Shaman Fight due to Hao's interference, the time has finally come to continue. Yoh and the others must face new fighters and faces, but old threats are everpresent. Who will really win the Shaman Fight?
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