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Author has written 10 stories for Super Smash Brothers, Fire Emblem, Legend of Zelda, and Quest 64.

It's the UPDATED Profile of 3/8/08


Name: Kyle (obviously, male, if you can't tell by the name)

Age: 16

Height: 5'10" or 5'11" ish.

Eyes/Hair/General appearance: Sky blue/Light Brown/around 150lbs with very white skin (the Irish complexion).

Favortite things: Video games (With the exception of games like Final Fantasy, Fable, and Oblivion, Nintendo games only, especially SSBM, soon to be SSBB) writing, drawing, and spending time with friends.

Personality: Normally very quiet, but my mind has a lot to say. I rarely get mad. I have a sense of honor, and am actually a proud person, hopefully not taken as arrogant. It does bother me when I'm wrong, though... I don't like to put handicaps on things, like to do things by myself/by my own ability, and tend to push myself a bit.

Dislikes: Stupid people... and I don't mean stupid as in sucks at school, or does stupid things... I just mean... stupid altogether. If you know such people, you'll immediately understand what I'm trying to say, here.

Favorite Music: Dude... the new Brawl music owns hard. Especially the new Final Destination music. You can find it on Youtube.

Proud of: My writng, drawings, SSBM abilities (see below).

Favorite Games/ Series:

1.) Super Smash Bros. Series. Obviously, this wins hands down. I got the first super smash bros. a week after it came out, and the second the very day it came out. I'm getting the third the day it comes out, too. (I got to reserving it the first day it was possible to reserve). To make things simple... I'm reeeeeeeeeeeally good at Melee. Just trust me on that one.

Favorite Characters: 1.) Yoshi: My all time favorite since day one. In all seriousness, I've never lost a single match with him. Never. ...And I've faced many people. I've also maxed out his personal play time at 9999:59, which I find kind of funny, along with the 25,000+ wins. I've developed sort of a bond with Yoshi... I use him in every game he's in, and he's been my favorite from a young age. It's just that in the smash bros. series my skills with him emerge at their finest. ORIGINAL GREEN YOSHI, FTW!!!

2.) Luigi: If there was one Nintendo character I can actually relate to, it'd be Luigi. He's the younger of two, likes the color green, and lives in his older brother's shadow. Just like me. Such has gotten me good with him. Though there's a big gap between how good I am with him as I am with Yoshi.

3.) Bowser: Surprisingly enough, Bowser's third on my list. Once again, there's another big gap in skill... this time between Bowser and Luigi. However, with Bowser I usually get people off guard, making him faster than he usually is... Yet recently, the gap between Bowser and Luigi has been lengthening, as has the gap between Luigi and Yoshi.

Least Favorite Characters: 23.) Game and Watch: Why the hell is a stick figure in the game!? I mean, sure, he is an old Nintendo character but damn... he's a stick figure with a giant nose!

24.) Pichu: The worst character in the game. Lightest, least powerful, and the thing hurts itself! I swear, Pikachu's a FAR better solution than Pichu...

25.) Ice Climbers: Okay. My question... why them!? Instead of putting in obvious characters like Wario or Waluigi into Melee, they pull out two random characters that practically nobody's ever heard of! Plus, they simply annoy me... Really, they're pansies! It's bad enough they wield giant mallots, but they come into combat as a pair, while others fight solo. And why'd they come back to Brawl, especially when Waluigi was made an assist trophy!? Makes no sense... they've Mario, Luigi, Wario... but no Waluigi...

2.) Zelda Series. I haven't played every single Zelda since the beginning, but I'm still a huge fan of the series. Partially, it's because I came into the series at Ocarina of Time, all those years ago. Since then, I've played (and beaten) Link to the Past, Majora's Mask, Wind Waker, Twilight Princess, various four swords games... well... pretty much every game except for the first, second, fourth, oracle of season/ages, and any game centered around Tingle.

Favorite Games: 1.) Ocarina of Time: Well, as many would agree... it was the best Zelda game of all time. Plus, its also where I came into playing the series, so it was my memorable first stop in the world of Zelda.

2.) Twilight Princess: If there's any other Zelda game that could compete with Ocarina of Time, it'd be Twilight Princess. Great graphics, cavalry battles, and an epic final battle that I've beaten over and over... all truly priceless.

3.) Majora's Mask: Though all Zelda games have been great, third place goes to Majora's Mask. It's story was short and sweet, but it was fun all the way through. Plus, the transformations into Deku, Goron, Zora, and Fierce Deity were groundbreaking. I'd like to see those again...

Least Favorite Character: Tingle: Every character from the Zelda series is great. From Link and Zelda to the gorons and zoras, to dampe, the windmill guy, and even the postman. However, one character bothers me... a lot: Tingle. -shudders- Need I say more?

3.) Mario Series: Ah yes, the good ol' Mario series... the true symbol of great gaming; allowing one to return to the feel of his childhood years without feeling dumb. The paper Marios and Mario and Luigi games have brought RPG's to the table, as well.

Favorite Characters: 1.) Yoshi: Ever since day 1, Yoshi's been my favorite video game character of all time. In a video game sense, he's like a dear old friend of mine. I use him in every mario game which he's available: Mario Kart, Mario Party, Mario Tennis, etc. However, his best performances are definitely when I use him in Super Smash Bros.

2.) Luigi: De ja vu? Lugi's a favorite of mine, for reasons stated above: he's the character I can most relate to. Plus, he's truly a classic.

3.) Bowser: Yep... list here's the same as the Super Smash Bros. one. Bowser's third favorite. His relentless attempts of capturing Peach never seem to get old for some reason, and he always provides some sort of humor for the story. He was definitely at his prime in the original Paper Mario.

4.) Fire Emblem: Of course. Fantasy tactical warfare. Who doesn't like the feeling of beefing up your once-weak units and sending them into the front lines, then watching the enemy CPU's rush them without a chance for either damaging or even hitting them at all, only to get killed instantly by the counterattack of your lordly wrath? True fun, I say.

Favorite Games/ Characters: 1.) Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn. The best of the series, methinks. The upgrade of third classes? Awesome! Laguz at lv.40? Pwnage! And I loved how epic the final chapters were! So much death into one tower... damn. Favorite Characters is a three way tie: Ike, Black Knight, and King Dheginsea (he was one tough beast)

2.) Fire Emblem: The sacred Stones: (A.K.A. Fire Emblem 8, I think...) Though shortest of the fire emblems, sacred stones possessed the most classes, meaning the most customization options. My personal favorite: Kyle as a Great Knight.

3.) Fire Emblem: (A.K.A. Fire Emblem 7, I think...) Second Favorite on the FE list. So far, its been the longest of the Fire Emblems, with a truly great Story Line. My personal favorite? Hector, hands down.

5.) Final Fantasy: Though I really haven't gotten into the playstation final fantasies, the ones which I have played have been a memorable experience. Here are some of my favorites:

Favorite Games: 1.) Final Fantasy VI: A true masterpiece, as I've learned. It's a story that has been most inspiring to me. Favorite characters from this game are Edgar, Celes, and Kefka.

2.) Final Fantasy III DS: Ah, this was a fun one. A lot of customization available here. Favorite character in this one was Ingus, a high-leveled Dark Knight, who dual-wields Ragnarok and Masamune.

3.) Final Fantasy VII: Well, I didn't get to play this one all that much, but I've heard a lot about it. Cloud and Sephiroth are definitely my favorites, here.

Honorable mentions: There are some old games that will always be favorites of mine, though others may not think as highly of them.

Diddy Kong Racing/ First game I've ever played. The DS remake allows pwnage on wi-fi, too.

Quest 64/ Too bad there wasn't a sequel...

Banjo-Kazooie series/ Dammit, Rare! Why'd you have to make the switch!?!

True Favorite Authors:

I like a lot of authors on Fanfiction, but here are my three true favorites, in no particular order.

OperationJonny: Actually my best friend, and the one who got me onto fanfiction. His Zelda stories are incredible, and are definitely worth checking out.

NintendoGeek01: A good friend of mine on fanfiction, his stories are long and extremely well-written. You cn find them in the Super Smash Bros and Final Fantasy Tactics Advance section, along with a new one from Ultimate Marvel. ALSO: I WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND VIEWING HIS "POLL OF THE WEEK". IT'S LOCATED IN HIS PROFILE.

Sardonic Kender Smile: Definitely a great author, her stories (usually centered around romance) are definitely worth the time to read, and can be found in the Fire Emblem Section.

Shining Riku: Newest of the favorites, and a very nice guy. One day, I'll return the favor and read all the awesomeness you've written on fanfiction.


Stories completed: A World Embroiled in Chaos. First story I've written, and its prequel, A World Deep in Disorder. The First two stories in my six-story series that will be my pride and joy. The third is The Legend of Kaepora Gaebora, a humor fic about that stupid owl of the legend of Zelda that likes to follow and annoy you. It's only a Oneshot, though.

Stories in progress: Liberating their World

Stories on pause: EVERYTHING ELSE

Stories on schedule for deletion: All stories on pause have a 85 chance of deletion.

Stories planned for the future: Very unsure

-Quotes that I'm fond of-

"Only you can start forest fires." -Me

"I will kill you." Anybody. I just laugh when I hear it.

"Guuuraruggggghhhh!" -Chewbacca.

"Oh YEAH!" -Kool Aid man after busting down yet another solid wall.

"There are people who play Super Smash Bros to have fun, and there are people who play Super Smash Bros to win. People SHOULD be the former of the two... but I just can't help but be the latter." -Me

"I find it amazing that the famous stuffed purple worm in flapjaw space with the tuning fork can do a raw blink on Harri-Carri Rock I NEED SCISSORS SIXTY-ONE!!!!" -Apparently from one of the Metal Gear Solid Games. I just heard it recently for the first time.

"I was a North American Full-Root fall Webworm in my past life... ah, those were the good old days... what were you in your former life?" -Read the above

...That's all I can think of for now...

-Final words-

Well... I have a Wii. I reserved Brawl. I have high-speed internet (finally). I'm a happy person, now. First thing I did with my high speed internet... I looked through the Brawl site up and down twenty times over. Literally. I'm quite happy to see that Yoshi's been announced. After that, I went to my second stop... Youtube: a site I never got to indulge in.

Naturally, I looked up some Super Smash Bros. videos. (My compliments to those who made the funny glitch videos). However, I noticed something else that disappointed me. After watching some matches, I looked at some of the comments that were left. A lot of them were "You guys suck", and "Quit Playing Smash Bros." and "I'm better than you." I noticed that the people playing weren't all that bad, either. Therefore, I have a message for the super smash bros. fan base:

Trash Talking is okay. However, don't take it so far as to say "You have no hope of playing this game." It pisses me off way too much. It makes you people look like jealous n00bs who would get shit on if they faced those people. Seriously, stop it. Is this what the smash bros. fan base has been reduced to? Why, it's simply not proper smash bros. etiquette. You should respect other players for their own unique skill, and that's that. If you really want to say you're better, then wait till Brawl, go on Wi-Fi, and put your money where your mouth is! Actions speak louder than words. Otherwise, when Brawl does come out, my best friend and I will personally hunt down these people ourselves, shit down their throats in battle, and finish with a nice, good: "HOW DOES IT FEEL, N00B!?!?"

For the rest of the Smash Bros. fanbase (the part that has proper gentlemanly etiquette) I tip my hat you, and respectfully hope that we meet on the field of battle when Brawl comes out, as friendly rivals.

-Kyle, a true champion of Super Smash Bros. Combat.

More words on Smash Bros: I know that many people consider wavedashing an advanced technique, but here's my opinion: Wavedashing is noobish. Yes, I said it, but it's merely my opinion, and many will disagree with me. It changes the entire way that Smash Bros is played... play it how it was meant to be played. Besides, it's not unbeatable. I've faced in many a time, and I still am undefeated. It's just annoying to me: I really hope that Nintendo decides to remove Wavedashing in Brawl. If that's the case, then a lot of wavedashers are going to be going up a creek without a paddle... looks like they have removed it in Brawl, too...

Once Brawl comes out (March 9th) I'm taking a LONG break. A VERY long break. -Biggoron, Fanfiction Author

Ninety-eight percent of teenagers have tried smoking pot. If you're one of the two percent who hasn't, copy this and paste it in your profile.

To be honest, I find percent to be pretty damn pathetic.


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