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Author has written 4 stories for Final Fantasy X-2, Final Fantasy VII, and Fullmetal Alchemist.

Hey! Lil bout myself...

Name: Bashed Gurl, (Please don't ask.) Yuna Tidus, Chibi Ed, Chibi Edo (Edward... You're not short... but it's Ok if I put that I'm Chibi Ed/Edo right?), Chibi Reno, Chibi Yuffie, Chibi Yuff, Chibi Hyde, Chibi Hideto Takarai, Kei... Can I remember anymore?

Gender: Female (Duh... It says 'Bashed Gurl')

Age: Uh... I think I... Oh NO! I forgot my age!... Nah I'm just messin' with ya. But I ain't gunna tell.

Location: Uh... where do you think... I'm going to give you some choices...: Canada, Japan, China or... ANYWHERE!

Hobbies: I love writing though I don't always think it's good, reading fics, singing and sports.

My favs: (Bolded are most favs.)

Animes: InuYasha, Naruto, .hack//SIGN, Yu-gi-oh/GX, Gundam Seed/Destiny, Fullmetal Alchemist

Movies: (These are the ones I love most.)

Fullmetal Alchemist: Conqueror of Shambala: A very good movie... ah... now I understand it... well it goes to show what happens when you watch the movie in the middle of the series, lol.

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children: Love it! The graphics are great, the plot is great (well duh), and voices are great. Must I go on?

Howl's Moving Castle: It had a good plot and I enjoyed it (well if I watched it a couple hundred times... what do you think?). Overall, it was a good movie.

Music: J-pop and J-rockmainly, a little bit of everything here and there.


-Final Fantasy VII

-Final Fantasy X

-Final Fantasy X-2

-The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

-The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask

-The Legend of Zelda: Windwaker

-Harry Potter: Goblet of Fire (Though it's short...)

-Kingdom Hearts (Though I haven't played yet... I heard it's good and I want to play it)

-Kingdom Hearts 2 (Same as above)


Yuna/Tidus - FFX

Shuyin/Lenne - FFX-2

Cloud/Aeris - FFVII/Advent Children

Cloud/Tifa - FFVII/Advent Children

Rikku/Gippal - FFX-2

Paine/Baralai - FFX-2

Yuffie/Reno - FFVII/Advent Children

Inuyasha/Kagome - InuYasha

Sango/Miroku - InuYasha

Cagalli/Athrun - Gundam Seed/Destiny

Kikyo/Naraku - InuYasha (They're meant for each other..)

Kira/Lacus- Gundam Seed/Destiny

Shinn/Stellar - Gundam Seed Destiny

Sakura/Sasuke - Naruto

Naruto/Hinata - Naruto

Neji/Tenten - Naruto

Ino/Shikamaru - Naruto

Kurenai/Asuma - Naruto

Sora/Kairi - KH

Roxas/Namine - KH2

Edward/Winry - FMA (Friends ONLY!)

(Just so you know... I support these couples as friends, maybe couples here and there but not too much for me. Friends is as far I will go in my fics... yeah sure I'll read your fics if it's EdxWin or AlxWin... I don't really care... as long as it's a good fic (to you sounds good.. not trying to be cold here!) I'm just trying to say that I only support them as friends when I write fics ok?)

Alphonse/Winry - FMA (Friends ONLY!)

Roy/Riza - FMA

Scar/Lust - FMA (Well you know...I would put Scar's brother's name... but I don't know what it is so... yeah... but Scar and Lust make a good couple too. =D)

Characters: (Men Only... Sorry girls I'll add you later)

Reno (FFVII/Advent Children) - He's cool in his own way, funny and also pretty stupid. But the firey-red hair is awsome!

VincentValentine (FFVII/Advent Children) - He's cool and mysterious.. that's the way I like him. -smiles- Guns are cool too.

Tidus (FFX/X-2) - Ok...just to tell you... Tidus and the rest of the men above are all... HOTTIES! And cool. Tidus is a warm-welcoming, cheerful person. He's cool in that way, also by the way he makes people laugh.

CloudStrife(FFVII/Advent Children) - Opps! I forgot Cloud as one of my hotties... LOL. Anyways, he is a kind, protective person. I like his swords, I find, a tad bit better than I like him lol, weapons are good.

Shuyin (FFX-2) -Ok.. c'mon... he's like the same as Tidus so yeah... you get the picture.

Edward Elric(FMA)- Oh COME ON PEOPLE! Yeah he's hott... I admit loads a people...but...(I'm NOT a fangirl)... its not like he rules our worlds... he's not real...

Roy Mustang(FMA) - The fire... is cool... Mustang... is cool... Ok. My description is done.

Characters:(Girls Only... Ok...I'm straight... not some weird sick-o... I'm saying... I like their abilities n junk... NOT THEM PERSONALLY!)

Yuna (FFX/X-2)- She's cool as a gunner and a summoner and all those other dress spheres. She's very helpful too.

Lenne (FFX-2) -Ok... I'm sorry to all Lenne fans if they take this the wrong way...She's like Yuna in a lot of ways so yeah...

Yuffie(FFVII/Advent Children) - Ok... well she's cool... but you can tell that I think she's cool or that I like her... sheesh... look at my names!

Tifa Lockheart(FFVII/Advent Children) - She's awsome... the fight with her and Loz... I would say is one of my favourite parts of Advent Children!

Aeris Gainsborough(FFVII/Advent Children) - She's like a white mage to me (don't know if she is or not... DON'T FLAME ME!) She reminds me of Yuna.. gentle and kind.

Riza Hawkeye(FMA) - Her guns are cool... she's cool.

My Dislikes: (bolded are my most dislikes)

(Just so you know... I don't dislike many animes... I just haven't seen too many.)


Kikyo (InuYasha) - Ok... she's dead... tried to bring Inuyasha to... 'you know where!' and tried to kill Kagome... and all sorts of other things... I just hate her guts... That's what me, LiLmizzBLUES,Just Call Me Mrs.Sodapop Curtis and piinay-piie all have in common=D

Flay Allster (Gundam Seed) - She's a weirdo, a phsyco, a crazed person... need I say more?

Winry (Fullmetal Alchemist) - I don't have much against her.. so that's why her name isn't bolded..I don't hate her... but I don't like her, like she's my idol... so that's why she's not under 'my favs' and that's why I put her here. Other than that... she's pretty cool.

Naraku (InuYasha) - Wow.. the first guy on this list that I hate...well.. first of all... he's weird... and it's quite noticeable.. that he... LOVES... KIKYO! Lolz... Jessie-san.

Dante (Fullmetal Alchemist) - ... Do i need to explain this?

My Fics:

You're One Step Ahead -Yunidus, Waklu, Shuynne, Rikpal Last Update: 18/02/06 - Chapters 7

Update Day: Saturday.. I might change to Sunday considering I keep on updating a bit late.

Comments: R&R No flames please:'( Ne ways I hope u like my fic... thx to all my friends! I can't put Chapter 8 up yet.. too... busy... I'm so sorry but I hope you will still read! (WRITER'S BLOCK!) (FFX, FFX-2)

Can Love Last Forever? - Yunidus, Waklu, Shuynne, Rikpal Last Update:- Not Started Yet

Update Day: I dunno.. maybe a day or two later than You're One Step Ahead? Who knows!

Comments: R&R! No flames! I'm hoping to finish the first chapter soon. Don't worry I'll still update for You're One Step Ahead but maybe, keyword here, I might be a bit later in to updates (maybe every other week?) Anyways I hope you will like it! (FFX, FFX-2)

Thank You - Reffie Last Update: 03/03/06 - Complete - Chapters 1

Update Day: Friday

Comments: The drill, if you don't know it, it's: R&R! No Flames! (FFVII)

Shallow Sleep - Last Update: 14/05/06 - Complete - Chapters 1

Update Day: Sunday

Comments: ... It's in the top A/N... Oh, R&R! No Flames! (FMA)

Some Things Are Never Forgotten - EdwardxOC, RoyxRiza- Last Update:- 11/06/06

Update Day: I did a Sunday this time... But I didn't update for like a month! So probably every other Sunday-ish...

Comments:Hope you like! R&R NoFlames!(FMA)

You're One Step Ahead - Rikku found a sphere that when Yuna looked into it she saw Tidus, the person who left 2 years ago, after they defeated Sin but now he is back. He remembers Yuna just as she was but now when she meets him for the first time in 2 years, she forgets or is made to forget about Tidus but still remembers everyone else. Tidus is always one step ahead of Yuna and who wants them to be separated? Is it the girl Tidus meets or who? Rated: PG (Long Summary huh?)

Can Love Last Forever? - Yuna is new at school and the first friend she makes is Tidus. After a few weeks Yuna thinks she likes him, maybe even loves him. He feels the same but can't express it. Yuna thinks that it's hopeless and gives up. Tidus on the other hand starts to give her hints about his feelings. Will Yuna love him again or hate him forever? Rated: PG (Different Summary... I think it's shorter but I don't know.)

Thank You - She was always there for him but he wasn't, now she left him. He realizes his mistake and decides to apologize, but the problem is, will she come back? Rated: PG (Slightly different summary.)

Summaries for Shallow Sleep and Some Things Are Never Forgotten are soon to come!


LiLmizzBLUES - Jessie-san

RANMAvsINU- Olivia-chan

piiany-piie - Katie-kun

Shippos-gurl - Shippo-chan

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