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Useless information about FS...

Pen Name: Forgotten Sacrifice...Call and think about me as...FS. XDDD It's not so...uh...morbid? I dunno...¬.¬
Age: 13
Location: Lint Brush World

Contacting FS:
I love talking to people! Especially about random topics and what not. You can contact me from the list below if you have comments, questions, or if you just want to talk! Under NO circumstances will I ignore you. ;) Unless...I'm in the shower or eating when you instant message me...which always happens to be the case when new people contact me. o0

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Current Fanfictions:

Hero (One-Shot)

Linger (One-Shot)

If We Kiss:
Samantha Manson finds herself attracted to a boy who is off-limits. Her best friend is in love with him and her mother is dating his father! Yet, as their relationship grows potent, Samantha can't help but ask herself "what would happen if we kiss?" (AU)COMPLETED!
Chapters: 11

Vindicated: CHANGE IN...WRITING WAYS!...-cough- That means that I'm going to have to rewrite a lot of it.
(The summary will be up shortly--after FS decides to re-plot and re-write first chapters. -sigh-)
Chapters: 1

Eternal Dusk:
When Samantha finds herself unconditionally and irreversebly in love boy who is mysterious, dangerous, and not wholly human, havoc in both the human and ghost world ensues. Danny forces himself to stay away from Sam after Clockwork shows Danny a glance into the future, however finding the attempt futile. The past about the unfamiliar Ghost Zone unfolds, each detail a vital importance of saving Amity Park--and perhaps both worlds.
Genre: Romance/Action/Adventure
Chapters:...A lot.

Expected Fanfictions:

Danny Phantom

Just Seven Days:
"Please, Danny?" She pleaded, her large amethyst eyes dancing with anxiety. I sighed and ruffled my hair, giving her a puzzled glare--something she received quite often.
"Why do you like him so much? He's a jerk!" Sam rolled her eyes at my statement. Surely she wasn't that oblivious.
"He's not a jerk!" She said grimly. "He's...he's--" I produced a fake gagging sound with the back of my throat, cutting her off.
"If I say yes will you shut up about him?" Sam nodded. "But just for seven days."
"Seven days. That's perfect."
"And if he doesn't like you by then, I'm sorry, but I won't help you anymore."
"Good enough for me." Sam's eyes sparkled with excitment.
"Just seven days," I repeated in a low voice, though whether she heard me as she dashed off was a mystery.
Danny reluctantly agrees to acting as if he and Sam were dating. Who knew seven days could be so difficault?
I wrote this when I was about two years later I'
Chapters (expected):

Can't Stay Away
I couldn't escape the invisible grip that clung to my stomach, not that I wanted to, though. It was rather nice, in a sick, masochistic sort of way. Either her face was contorted into a cross between confusion and excitement, or I could officially be dubbed insane. Against my will, I felt myself leaning in closer, just inches from her now shocked expression.
Despite what I had told myself I could never, under any circumstances do, the words slipped out of my mouth before I thought a moment longer. Tucker's urges seemed to have gotten the best of me, for I would never have dreamed of doing something so risky.
"What would you do," I said in my lowest voice, careful to ensure that Valerie or Tucker hadn't followed us out from suspicion. "If I kissed you?"

Danny finds himself in a sticky situation when he is drawn to a wonderful girl. Only problem is his father is dating her mom and her best friend is infatuated with him! Though, despite the current situation, he just can't seem to stay away. SEQUAL TO IF WE KISS.
November 8, 2006 (Special present)
Chapter one written and fully edited. Finished plotted (thanks

UNTITLED--plotting under MAJOR construction
Challenged by Miss Sam
When Danny gains the unique ability to read minds, he can't help but to hear a certain someone's mental debates. (One-shot)
As soon as FS gets it finished.

I propped the book up against my thighs, furrowing my brow at the pictures that greeted me. There was Tucker, his face shining with delight for he had gotten his first PDA. I chuckled at the memorable sight and turned to the next picture. Sam, scowling at the camera, was wearing what looked like a too-large blindingly pink dress for her grandmother's birthday party. I felt my lips turn upward at the memories of that day.
While leafing through an old photo album, Danny finally realizes something.

Muse (AU)
He was different. Not only did he keep to himself, something none of the students here seemed to be capable of, but he also never spoke out when it wasn't necessary, unlike the whole student body. I was facinated with him. At my old home in Seattle, none of the students seemed to be capable to keep their mouths shut for more than an hour. I think that, in my full month of staying in Amity Park, I had only heard him speak a total of five times. It disturbed me that I should care this much, though.

I realized I had been staring at this abnormal boy, for our gazes locked. For a moment, it was as if I couldn't breathe. He had caught me looking at him for no reason whatsoever. I wasn't too sure what was going through his mind. He kept his expressions easily hidden. For all I knew he was absolutely revolted about the fact that I had been peering at him for such a long amount of time.

But he made no gesture of how disgusted he was to find the Goth girl giving him peculiar stares. He had his face frozen into a blank stare. One that those men stationed outside the Queen's house in England had. Their faces were smoothe, expressionless, though their eyes held a hidden secret. A longing.

Danny graced me with a brilliant, breathtaking smile before turning back to the front of the class to continue scribbling something in his notebook.
AU. When Samantha Manson moves to Amity Park, she finds herself almost obsessed with an artist who shys away from the crowd, never coming out into the open.
Genre: Humor/Romance
Planning almost complete

Beyond Simplicity (AU):
And yet there he was, placing his food tray at my lunch table. Not too close to where I could easily reach out and touch him, but close enough so I could smell his cologne. I wrinkled my nose, expecting it to be some girl magnet that was highly priced, when all it was was something you could buy from the nearest supercenter (my father never was one for paying expenses). That surprised me. But this didn't make up for the fact that he voluntarily joined me at the almost-vacant table. The one sanctuary that I could easily escape the dangers of high school drama. The only place that I could eat in peace. Not only did he have no respect toward me or any other girl out there, but he had also violated my territory. I gave him a glare, seething at the sight of various materialistic girls joining him. I squirmed in my seat as Paulina Sanches squished beside me, batting her eyelids over Danny. I scowled in his direction, making it clear that either he was going to leave, or I would do something drastic.
He chose the drastic.

Danny Fenton was everything that Sam why can't she get him out of her head?
Planned up to chapter three. First chapter written.

Wilted Patterns (AU):
His face shined with delight at her entrance. His eyes, glistening with satisfaction at the wondrous sight, so large and blue, made me want to thrust the goblet in my hands into the distant, crush it against the wall. Out of frustration, however, I merely chugged it until not a mere drop remained.
I scoffed at the sight I was in. Some brave, loyal, uncaring person I was
AU. After her mother falls ill, Sam disguises herself as a man to get into the royal family's castle and earn money to send back to her family. What she didn't intend on doing, however, was falling for the prince.
Up to chapter four planned.
Expected: September-November/December

Whoa...every single story is romance. This is pathetic. -.- Oh wellz. Hero makes up for it...even though that's a crappyful story of uselessness.


I've decided to make an updates section considering it's 1:30 in the morning and I'm really bored yet hyped up on jam and fruit punch.


October 1, 2006: Eternal Dusk is up.
August 6, 2006: Epilogue to If We Kiss is now up! STORY COMPLETE!

August something, 2006: Tenth chapter of If We Kiss is now up!

July 21, 2006: Ninth chapter of If We Kiss is up! Expect chapter ten (most likely the final chapter) to be up extremely soon, now!

July 14, 2006: Eighth chapter of If We Kiss is up!

July something: Once again, too lazy to put the date up and say that Chapter Seven of If We Kiss is up now.

July something: Chapter Six of If We Kiss is up...I was too lazy to put it on here.
July 1, 2006: Chapter Five of If We Kiss is now up! Also, my e-mail is down, I think. :(

June 29, 2006: Chapter Four of If We Kiss is now up!

June 27, 2006
: Fourth chapter of If We Kiss now complete! I should have it updated later on today or early tomorrow after I finish editing it.

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Miss Sam
Yes...I picked her for the writer of the month thing because not only is she a wonderful person, but she's an AMAZING writer! Honestly her first songfic brought so many tears to my eyes. From both amazement that a kid could write so well...and because it's just such a sad story. She's hilarious, smart, and a very pretty male. ;)
Serenity The Fallen
I've been talking to StF since...November of '05. She. Is. Such. An. Amazing. Writer. Person. She's probably my best friend in the world. I can talk to her about anything. So, StF, thank you so much for you consistent support, humor, ranting, and motivation. Without you I probably wouldn't of had the courage to put up fictions...-cough- But still...THANK YOU!

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