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Hello guys!

My name is Firestone and this will be a account for my story writing. I am kind of new to it so please be patient with me.

I love video games but also some books which I tent to read while I am at home.

My main goal in my stories is (beside it having LOTS of fantasy in it of course) making believable caracters. The worst nightmare of mine would be that someone would ask 'Why the hell would they do that?'

Secondly (like I had already mentioned in one of my stories) I hate the damsel in distress chliché. It just sucks. Why? Well, let me tell you. If you think of any women in a video game (or movie) who would you rather remember:

A women who does nothing but keeps getting kidnapped or rather one who kicks ass and is more mysterious (like apollyon for example) I know I know I am perhaps not in the majority but I really don't want to write any of that.

Gender: Male

My favourite animals:

Probably wolves and Phoenixes.

For the wolves because they are just like we are.

Once they are born they are completely helpless. They need the care of their family to grow.

When they become mature they try to experience life for themselves and leave home.

They find a mate for their life and become children only to start the circle from anew.


I like the phoenix because it is said that they 'Rise out of Ashes'. This is seen as a rebirth for many. For me the same goes for a heart.

If someones heart is destroyed and left in ruins or ashes it can be reborn. All it needs is a little spark which often is love...

Songs I have written:

Nightmares Lullaby (Monster of Equestria)

Sleep my child don't be afraid,

I will help you to become free

those you hate will fall,

and burn in Tartarus

Many years I have been waiting

For my revenge to become true

While I was on the moon,

much I have cried

But now its time my child...

Now its time for me to be free

Slaughter those banished me

Burning their souls so mercilessly

and you will help me

You will be my right hoof

Never be forgotten no

You will be feared among them all

A legend is reborn.

Many years I have been waiting

For my revenge to become true

While I was on the moon,

much I have cried

But now, its time, my child...

Then they will understand us

and see the beauty within my nights.

They will adore us with happiness

or join my sister in death.

With 'Monster of Equestria done, I will write some alternate universes to this.

If you have any questions, suggestions or other things for my stories just write a PM or make a review.

Please review my stories! I have nothing against critizism but if you want to help me to improve PLEASE tell me what you don't like, I will see what I can do.

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