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lol you all thought I had vanished off the face off the Earth, quite frankily I had too...I had actually forgotten my password to login into my account...(blush) but luckily I had wrote it down :D I was looking through my draws and found it and then I thought, heeeeeeeyy...I need to start writing again!! So yes to all my fans who read my stories and like them THANK YOU!! and believe me I will continue to write again! Would you believe its been so long since I been on here!? It's appalling...

I've been saying to myself...''Get writing..''and I never now is a good as chance as ever...

I used to play SSX3 heaps..I went to an online internet cafe and played SSX online...hheee came 2nd on Gravitude...and remember this race was against people in the whole world! (feels proud) hehe cookie to anyone who guesses what character I played as... heheehe

My name is SsXAngel but my real name is SsXAngel..(case sensitive) actually it's Stephanie but I'm glad you asked. I am the author of the famous...(or is it infamous?) Don't wanna be an Angel...not that much people know it...I seem to questioning myself on that statement...I think lots of people know it...and thanks for reading it, it means alot to me, if you haven't already read it..READ IT and review! oh and read it's sequel 'Whispers of Angels' and better yet, read my story "Psymon's crazed obessions", its the funniest shit I have ever written!

I do not own any of the original SSX characters, but I do own Hayden and Katherine Davies another of my OC is Gabreilla Esplion, read Another Mistake if you want to read about her.

If for some reason you wish to talk to me without having to review(which is appalling, everyone loves reviews), just click the send message thing, no point using the homepage cos I hardly go on it anyways.

I will try to update whenever I can so hope you enjoy my stories. I would like to say that I am pleased with you people, it seems that I am the only one who finishes stories...thanx for all the reviews and thanks to my fans, who love my stories.

Everyone one who adds my stories to their faves, it means alot to me and also I really love it how I am a fave author and I take it to heart, thank you very much.

Note: Now that I am actually back on the site, THERE WILL BE STORIES!!

Note: (still in the making) Starting a series of stories, "The Day I had issues with my..." first shirt then pants, shoes, underpants and jackets...etc keep your eyes peeled for them!!

hheee until next time guys @)--\-- heres a rose

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The Perfect Mistake reviews
Mac and Koari are now happily married and loving the life they live. However, there is one new rider who tries to steal Kaori away from Mac, a rider named Sid. Things just got from bad to worse when Kaori has a life changing moment. MacXKaoXSid JPXOCXSid
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SSX Tricky - Rated: K+ - English - Supernatural/Tragedy - Chapters: 5 - Words: 3,651 - Reviews: 7 - Updated: 4/30/2007 - Published: 3/6/2007 - Complete
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