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Author has written 7 stories for Chrono Crusade, and Bleach.

Which kind: Male

How old: Twenties

Currently doing: University

What Nationality: Danish

About Picture: I suppose it's sorta neat to make funny or strange avatars, and I suppose I could have tried to do so. I do however like to be able to associate people with a real face, and therefore the guy in the picture is just me so... Hi. (dammit now I wanna go skiing again)

Writing Style: Typing... Deleting... Retyping... Deleting again... Drinking green tea with picture of chinese guy on the pack which supposedly is stimulating for the brain... Typing the first thing again... Deleting... Pulling own hair... Typing 'asdfasdfasdfasdf...' Deleting... Closing document and resigning to play computer instead... (sigh)

Origin of Pen Name: A word dating back to when I was 11 or 12. Part of a top secret homemade language only spoken by a few people including me, my brother and one of my childhood friends. The language consisted of a staggering total of five or six words of which I can probably only name three today. Roughly translates into 'Amusingly peculiar'. It has been changed slightly after a recent conversation with the friend mentioned, in which we agreed that the pronounciation of the initial sound is in fact closer to 'snake' than 'shnauser'. Thus the first 'h' was taken out and an extra o was put in to underline the fact that when saying it you have to drag out the vocal sound while nodding and smirking in a fairly mysterious fashion.

Stories posted (in order of publishing):

The Curing Kiss (Completed) My very first fanfic :)

Fandom: Chrno Crusade anime

Genre: Romance/Angst

Rating: T for (meta)physical and emotional pain, mild implications of adult situations (yes that means sex)

Extended summary: A story which tries to give an in-depth explanation of the anime episode 14, where Rosette has to cure Chrno's fever with a kiss. Explains why Chrno became sick and how a kiss can cure him, and relates it to the nature of humans, demons and the world at large.

Tales from the Confessional (Completed)

Fandom: Chrno Crusade anime

Genre: Leaning towards Humor/Romance and possibly a couple of other genres

Rating: T for adult implications, gloating, and general mischievousness

Extended summary: A lighthearted series of connected one-shots which all takes place in or revolving around the confessional at the Magdalene Order. Structured in a way so every chapter isn't really what it seems at first.

Astral Line (Completed)

Fandom: Chrno Crusade anime

Genre: Romance/Supernatural

Rating: K+ for a bit of blood and character death

Extended summary: My take on how to make the anime ending a little more hopeful without clashing with the original story. Deals with Chrno and Rosette both before and after the last episode, and contains some interpretations of scenes from the episode.

Tomorrow is another Night (Ongoing)

Fandom: Chrno Crusade anime

Genre: Action/Adventure/Romance/Angst/Supernatural/Horror (maybe)

Rating: M for blood, gore, violence, brutality, language and probably adult content.

Extended summary: A sequel to the anime (and Astral Line so to say) which will try to rectify some of the things I had an issue with. Chrno is reincarnated as a human in 1937, with no memory of his past life. A meeting with a mysterious blonde girl in 1957 changes his world entirely, and through a series of events beyond his control he unwillingly gets caught up in Aion's plans once again. Will have a lot of CC ripoffs changed to suit the setting, and tie closely to the original plot. Begins in 1957 and ends today (well not exactly today... but you get the point).

Antichrist (Ongoing)

Fandom: Chrno Crusade anime (or manga if you will... it's an AU)

Genre: Horror/Angst/Tragedy

Rating: M for brutality, language, adult content and despair.

Extended summary: In present day Rosette is an ordinary 16 year old high school girl, living with her family. Nothing happens in the dead-beat town she lives in, her brother suffers from some chronic illness, her mom is a holier-than-thou religious type, her little sister is a pain in the backside, she's generally considered a little freakish, and life at large pretty much sucks. Fortunately (or unfortunately) she finds a way to get what she wants.

Simple Math (Ongoing)

Fandom: Bleach anime/manga

Genre: Humor/Romance

Rating: T because I really had no idea what else to rate it.

Extended Summary: Just a little look into the life of Ishida Uryuu and Inoue Orihime in a (possibly alternative) future where they've hooked up. Primarily focusing on Orihime's infamous tendencies to make strange and weird tasting food.

And that's it so far...

Other things about me: I became introduced to anime series in mid 2005 which actually was fairly late in my life (I had seen Vampire Hunter D I & II and Akira before, but they're not series so they don't count), but since I'm of the belief that it's never to late to develop new addictions, it was no problem for me to get reeled in. I've always been the science/technology freak which amounts to me now studying physics/nanotechnology, although astronomy still has a special place in my heart since that's what first got me interested in natural sciences (seriously, who doesn't get just a little bit awe-struck by the sheer vastness of space, exploding stars, black holes etc... well I most definitely do). I'm an incurable gamer (board, console, role playing, computer, poker... you name it), and I'm determined to continue playing until Alzheimer's or Parkinson's puts an effective stop to either my mind or my motor skills (but it wouldn't surprise me if human's have come up with some form of genetic or other cure by the time it becomes relevant so...). Computer game-wise I generally have a weakness for the role-playing types, especially if they have a decent story line. And now I've also joined into this whole fanfic business (must admit that I surprised myself there), and I guess what first got me reading was the Chrno Crusade anime (well duh... considering my stories). This was mainly because the story seemed... lacking, and I wanted to get more out of it somehow. I never did consider myself much of a writer, and as a matter of fact, I havn't written anything fictional since I was in high school (or the Danish equivalent thereof), and never really written anything for my own enjoyment. But I like devicing interesting and believeable (at least I hope they are) plots, which made me come up with an idea for a CC story, and since it simply wouldn't leave me alone I chose to try and write it so... here I am now. I consider myself more of a plot constructor than a writer, which means that I won't begin a story I haven't thought all the way through, this is partly because I can't really do the whole 'write as I go' thing (some people can do that, I'm not one of them), and partly because I would hate to leave a story unfinished (an abandoned fanfic is a sad, lonely and depressed fanfic). And another thing... I have a tendency to reply to reviewers, so if you do review any of my fics, I'll probably be dropping you a line or two (or two hundred if I'm in a rambling mood), now you're warned.

Stupidest thing I've ever done: Well, if I actually DID write this, then the stupidest thing I've ever done would automatically become blurting out on the internet what the stupidest thing I've ever done was. This would in turn again become the stupidest thing I've ever done, which should be the thing written here, and again writing it would take over, so to say, and become the new pinnacle of my stupidity. This would turn into an endless cycle where the stupidest thing I could ever DO immediately would become the stupidest thing I've ever DONE (also known as the 'biting one's own tail' theorem). Combining the laws of general relativity with the laws of repetitive stupidity this will cause every subsequent foolishness in spacetime to try and converge into this one point creating a local minimum which will draw other nearby points to it and quickly become bottomless (a black hole). So for the sake of not destroying the local fabric of imbecility I simply can't write it... sorry. (You are now dumber for reading this... congratulations)

Animes I like so far (alphabetically):

Berserk: Simply an incredible story, nothing less. The characters are very believable, and even though the plot starts rather weak, it becomes highly captivating by the time you reach the middle, the protagonist is probably THE toughest badass I've seen so far, and the ending is nothing short of merciless. Even though it's drawn a lot more crudely than most of the other animes out there, it's one of best anime I've seen and it simply forced me into reading the manga. WARNING: This is most definitely NOT for the squeamish.

Bleach: The first anime series I really watched, revolving around a skinny spiky haired guy swinging an oversized sword around wildly (yeah I played FF7 and I liked it too). Lots of obscure Japanese names for various strange techniques/attacks, and sometimes a bit too much talking about how you're gonna fight and too little actual fighting. Although WHEN the action starts it's very good.

Chrno Crusade: Nuns with guns... now that's catchy. And a demon... I mean... who doesn't like demons...? Everybody likes demons... I like demons. More than that I really like the characters of the series, and the controversial religious aspects of it is also very appealing, all in all an anime I think is really good except for the fact that it leaves you with the feeling that there's something missing.

Cowboy Bebop: Bounty hunters bee-boppin' around the solar system in their spaceship on the search for that one bounty which will make them set for life - or perhaps they're just drifting in space trying to find a way home (wherever that may be). Very good, funny, action packed etc. a classic in my humble opinion, and if you have not seen this show you are seriously missing out. When I first watched this, it was the subbed version, and while still awesome, I must admit that I was taken aback when later seeing the english dubbed one. Every single main character was spot-on, and from what I can tell every minor character was also done to perfection. Also the dubbed version adds a lot of accents to many minor characters which the original japanese version doesn't possess. Just take the 'mushroom episode' (can't remember the title), that has to be one the most hilarious anime episodes I have ever seen, and the english voice acting only made it funnier.

Elfen Lied: Lots of violence, lots of gore, lots of completely unnecessary female nudity, of course this is all good but mainly the anime is a journey into the depraved cruelty that is human nature, and it ends up being very heartfelt I think. Graphically more violent than berserk (or maybe that's because it's better drawn), but not nearly as emotionally aggravating.

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children: Not really an anime but a computeranimated film. A fairly meaningless story, and not much character depth, but... I'm a fan of the game, and I already liked the characters from there, so I simply couldn't dislike it. The action is incredibly fast-paced and impressive, so it's definitely the primary reason for seeing this. I wouldn't really recommend it to anyone who hasn't played the game however.

Ghost in the Shell (Movie): The first cyberpunk-ish anime as far as I'm told. A classic as both the setting and the technology with which it was produced was revolutionary for its time. And I would really recommend seeing the dubbed version at least once, as I think it is a prime example of how horrible an anime dub can get. Take the scene where major Kusanagi talks about swimming in the ocean... auch that hurts.

Grave of the Fireflies (Movie): Ok... So there are animes out there which are entertaining and action packed (Hellsing, Chrno Crusade, Cowboy Bebop), there are those which can make you laugh out loud (Ranma ½, Cowboy Bebop again), and there are those which might leave you with a lump in your throat, even though you still feel they ended the way they should (Elfen Lied, Samurai X, well whadya know... Cowboy Bebop). Grave of the Fireflies doesn't belong with any of these, in fact I have a hard time grouping it with any other anime I've seen and the best box I can put it into would probably be labelled 'Animes which makes you feel that you're a better person for watching it'. The story is heartbreaking, frighteningly realistic, and far surpasses the majority of other anti-war movies I have seen. I've heard there was a discussion about why the studio decided to make this an anime and not a real movie, but in my opinion it makes for a stronger impact because it makes the characters appear somwhat 'faceless', kinda telling us that even though this is not based on a true story, we know it happened to somebody somewhere. I can not recommend this anime strongly enough, but if you're a person who gets emotional easily I'd advise you to remember bringing something huggable. Oh and do youself a favor... watch it in japanese. First of all the story takes place in japan, and secondly even though Seita's english voice actor is awesome, Setsuko (who's a 4-year old girl) is voice acted by an adult... which unfortunately shows. In the japanese version Setsuko is voice acted by a 5-year old and it gives a degree of realism to the subbed anime which the english dubbed one simply doesn't possess.

Hellsing: Ah... wonderful anime. Not very deep, not very spiritual or pretending to deal with big issues. But a bad ass vampire action anime, which had me smiling most of the time. It sports some of the coolest protagonists and antagonists in my opinion. Alucard (gotta love the orginality of that name) and Walter are probably my favourite of the 'good guys', and every supervillain out there could learn a thing or two from Jan Valentine. In this anime I would also recommend seeing the dubbed version, but for the exactly opposite reason of GitS. The dubbing here is extremely good and I think it suits the characters perfectly.

Princess Mononoke: Another Ghibli movie. This is a very well-made anime, and the artwork is really good. The story is a classical human vs. nature type, and makes for some very impressive scenes I think. Contrary to your standard Disney movie animals aren't cute little furry things, but instead massive (some of them REALLY massive), intelligent, territorial beasts. The story doesn't give the exact solution to the problems it presents, but it gives an indication that it might be found if we all keep searching for it instead of being blinded by hate for that which we do not agree with - and that applies to humans as well as animals. Having seen both the dubbed and the subbed version, I can honestly say that I have no preference between them... they're equally good in my opinion.

Ranma ½: Definitely a more lighthearted anime. Funny, silly and completely ridiculing all the cliche martial art film/animes that may be out there. As with all of these sitcom types, the quality of the first season is good, but it seems to degrade and become pointless as the series progresses, mainly because the story doesn't actually evolve.

Samurai X (Rurouni Kenshin Reminiscence): The prequel to Rurouni Kenshin, and as far as I know much more serious than the series themselves (haven't seen the actual series so I can't judge myself). An extremely good and very well drawn anime which in my opinion bears resemblance to movies like 'Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon' and 'House of the Flying Daggers'. If you like any of those movies, or any other Chinese/Japanese movies in this genre, I would strongly recommend this anime. If you like animes I'd strongly recommend it. Actually I'd recommend it to anyone.

Mangas/Comics I like:

Berserk: Only manga I've begun reading so far. I tried to resist, but the anime ending just forced me into this. This is because the manga is ongoing whereas the anime only has about one third of the the manga's story. I would really love to see a sequel to the anime though.

Donald Duck magazine: Don't read it anymore (guess I outgrew it, or it outgrew me don't know which), but it's simply been too big a part of my childhood for me not to mention, especially when I read somewhere that the language used within was more sophisticated than practically every tabloid newspaper and magazine... makes you think a bit.

Elf Quest: Read as a teenager, and still thinks it's fairly decent, stopped reading when it evidently turned into a soap opera.

The Incal: By Jodorowski and Moebius. A story about a pathetic anti-hero PI named John Difool who accidentally ends up being in the center of a quest to save the universe, in a very bizarre and dystopian future. Luc Besson's movie 'The Fifth Element' seems very inspired by this, and I really like how strange and illogical the world is in this story.

Preacher: Damn never got to finish this one... Basically about a minister who's lost his faith, but through strange events gets the power of 'The Word of God' at his disposal. He then goes on a hunt for God in order to get the f-- to apologize to all of humankind. Very violent and depraved filled with emotional and physical torture, mutilation, molestation etc. But very well written and quite funny too in a morbid way.

Computer/Video Games I've enjoyed:

Baldur's Gate 1 & 2: The first roleplaying game to really get D&D into the mainstream computer market I think. An extremely well told and captivating story about you, as you try to find out just exactly who (or what) you are, before your true nature or your destiny destroys you.

Final Fantasy VII: Didn't I say I liked FF7, I thought I did. A good story which is also fairly sad and quite spiritual, the ending was open to a lot of interpretation until FF7: Advent Children came out.

Planescape Torment: You wake up in a morgue, you don't remember a single thing like your name, past, sexual preference (alright maybe that's hardwired), you reek of formaldehyde and are covered with so many scars that you appear like a corpse which has been stiched together and treated for preservation. Presumably you have been... dead. You get up, a skull flies towards you and starts to make conversation... and it only gets better from there. In my opinion the best storyline of any computer roleplaying game I've ever played, simple as that.

Vampire: The masquerade - Redemption: A nice story about a holy crusader turned vampire. Starts in the crusades and ends in modern day. A very mushy-romantic or fairly cruel story depending on your preference.

Vampire: The masquerade - Bloodlines: You're a newly created modern day vampire, and you're immediately thrown into a strange underground world of darkness and blood. Quite a number of lunatics and sickoes in this game, and quite gory as well.

The Legend of Zelda: Pretty much all of them, been liking them from I played the very first, with the best probably being Ocarina of Time or A link to the past, can't really decide which one of them.

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