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Fourth and fifth chapters of 'Extra-Ordinary'.



Name: Mimi Sarah Sabre

Age: 13

Birthday: 25th June

Gender: How many Mimi Sarah Sabre's do you know that are guys? Obviously im a GIRL!

Hometown(where i was born and still live): Dubai, United Arab Emirates(U.A.E)-I'm never gettin outta here!

From: England/Iraq(although ive never been to either...)


Looks: I was born a blonde but now my hair are sort of going brownish, so theyre like a dark blonde/hazel colour. Im about 5'4, i have hazel eyes too(lol), i dunno how much i weigh...i used to wear glasses(for about a year) but after a hell of alot of nagging, my parents agreed to get me contacts, but the first thing im gonna do when i turn 16 is get them lazered!lol!


Favorite movies: Spiderman2, Punisher, Ice Age, Lord of the Rings, War of the Worlds, Hitchiker's quide to the galaxy, Star Wars ep.III:Revenge of the sith(I LOVE Anaken Skywalker =P!), Batman Begins, Guess who, Dukes of Hazzard, Shawn ofthe dead, Meet the parents, Meet the Fockers, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory...and many more...

Favourite Music:Anything but: Romance(i cant stand it for some reason...), Blues, Jazz and Country, everything else is fine with me, but i mostly like rock and r&b...

Favourtie Tv shows: Surface, Scrubs, Everybody hates Chris, Prison Break, Naruto, Bleach, Samurai X, Gundam Seed Destiny, Threshold, Friends(yes i still watch it!), Dark Angel(ive seen all the episodes...), Gilmore Girls, Lost...and many many more...

Favourite video game: Need For Speed - every single version! (Hell Yeah!)

Likes(in general): Cars, video games, the internet, my site, fan fics, anime, music(its my life!lol!), movies, various different tv shows, sports (esp. sand boarding, snow boarding, basketball, soccer, swimmimg, volleyball, my 4 wheeler!lol) and alot of other stuff...

Stories I'm writting at the moment:

1 - Extra-Ordinary:

I'm currently writting the sixth chapter, just started it!

2 - The Time Leaks (I dont plan on posting chapters of this on here any time soon because its not a fan fic, and is entirely original.):

Currently writting the fourteenth chapter, but its almost finished, so you can say I'm on the fifteenth chapter!(Its a rather LONG story...)

About my books / Fan Fics:


Well, its not really a Fan Fic...well, it is sort of, since i got the main ideas from tv series and movies like Dark Angel(tv series), Aliens VS. Predator(movie/game)and X-Men(movie/comic book). Its called 'Extra-Ordinary' and its about mutants and how the world finds out that they didnt really originate twenty years ago when some of them were exposed to some sort of radiation and how they actually originated hundreds of years ago when a race of aliens that were very similar in looks to humans but were much more stronger and powerful did a cross breading test and when the 'mutants' slowly developed into an entire race they left for some reason and never came back leaving alot of their stuff behind in caves, underground buildings and other remote places man had never thought they would go. And the main character(Cloe Sanders) finds out about all these things archeological groupe have been finding are very close to things mutants like her have and how she was actually part of this whole mission to create the perfect person. Cool or crap?lol! It's actually a book and i'm going to put up the first chapter soon, and nobody had better not copy this cuz i got a copyright on it to shove in your face if you do.

The Time Leaks:

Well, as most of you probably already know, i have two older brothers who are just so obsessed with army, guns, war stuff and planes right? Well, when they were little they used to nick all kinds of stories and stuff from their school library, mostly war books, real kool ones too! So anyway, i've read like every single book on war...etc ect that theyy ever had and now i know quite a bit about it, so i decided why not write a story on it? Anyway, the story itself is about an elevn year old boy named Conrad, who lives in Manchester, UK and is obsessed with everything to do with war, army, killing...etc...so he decides to build a Centurion tank, but his dad doesnt want to help him, so he has to do it himself, but it doesnt turn out too good so he gives up and just leaves it lying on his bed room floor. But at night, he has this weird feeling and gets up and starts building it from scratch and in the end he finds he REALLY made the tank. But when he finds it missing the next morning, he realises it was a time leak and the time leaks become more frequent and longer, and he wakes up one night to find himself piloting a bomber, and wellm thats where i am at the moment...good or just plain outright idiotic?

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Chapter 2 - posted on 19-11-05

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