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I'm a male college student from Illinois. That's in the USA. Kinda by Chicago.

I last year I became president of my university's Anime Club. Still can't tell if good or bad yet.

I'm currently playing a rotation of: Pokémon Y, Xenoblade Chronicles, Star Wars: Empire at War, Animal Crossing: New Leaf, and Pokémon Conquest.

I'm following Pokémon X and Y, IS: Infinite Stratos, and Cardfight!! Vanguard.

I'm reading The Wheel of Time, Love Hina, Fullmetal Alchemist, Yotsuba&!, and Pokémon Adventures.

Here's a short summary of my stories and their status. I try to upload a new chapter every Monday. No promises, but that's what to expect.

Fighters of Kniana - Status: Cancelled

As you may remember, FIK went on hiatus when I ceased to own a copy of Etrian Odyssey II. However, I have since come into possession of Etrian Odyssey Untold. I was considering reworking FIK to match that game world instead. If I get enough requests, I will probably do so. Otherwise, FIK is done. I'm leaving it up for sentimental reasons and to remind myself that I need to proofread my work.

Confronting the Issue- Status: Cancelled

With all the hoopla surrounding Wii Fit Trainer, this fic seems a bit redundant. As such, it's been cancelled. However, it was my most popular fic to date (with the exception of my age-old Azumanga Daioh fic "Chiyo-chan in the U S of A!"), so it's been left up as a memento.

Fire Emblem: Kamon - Status: Semi-Hiatus

I've got outlines for up to Chapter 10 done, but Chapter 4 was lost in the laptop incident described above. FEK will continue after To Fight the Six reaches Chapter 8.

Shuffle: Wishes - Status: Semi-Hiatus

Chapters are still being written. SW will continue after To Fight the Six reaches Chapter 4.

To Fight the Six - Status: Working

My current, and, somehow, most popular work. Chapters are being uploaded weekly.

If you've ever read any of my fics, you may notice a few names that get recycled over and over again. Well, that's because they're my seven recurring OCs. They're easy to spot, they all have the initials KS. Oh, and I do realize there aren't seven people on this list. That's because not all of them have been revealed yet!

Kevin Smash - Age 28

The second eldest. He resides in Console, the world between the worlds. Currently, he works for Nintendo, helping to organize the Smash Bros. tournaments as the head of Marketing. He has wavy blonde hair and blue eyes, and usually wears glasses and business casual. He's very level-headed, but is known to lose his temper on occasion, and gets stressed out easily. His hobbies include chess and writing novels. Heavily inspired by Coyote Ragtime Show's Bishop.

Kamon Smash - Age 21

The fourth eldest. He resides in Console, the world between the worlds, and Tellius, one of the lands of Fire Emblem. He works for Nintendo, helping to organize the Smash Bros. tournaments as the head of Technology. He's also a Soldier in the Begnion Army. He has spiky black hair and blue eyes, and usually wears goggles and a mechanic's outfit. He has a fiery yet carefree attitude, however, he sometimes acts rashly without much thought. His hobbies include tinkering with machinery and playing video games. Heavily inspired by Coyote Ragtime Show's Katana.

Kire Shirakawa - Age 17

The fifth eldest. He resides in Magnoloio, the world of Shuffle!. He's a high school student not paying much attention to his future. He has straight, dark brown hair and blue eyes, and usually wears the Verbena Academy school uniform. He loves a good joke, but is actually quite sensitive and can get emotional at times. His hobbies include mostly otaku-ish things such as anime and video games, but he also loves to garden. Heavily inspired by Myself; Yourself's Wakatsuki Shusuke.

Kyle Silver - Age 15

The sixth eldest. He resides in Lagaard, the world of Etrian Odyssey II. He's a high school student who recently dropped out to explore the Yggdrasil Labyrinth. He has curly black hair and blue eyes, and usually wears a red shirt and blue overshirt, with dark cargo pants. He can be dense at times, but is fiercely loyal and never gives up, no matter how bleak the situation. His hobbies include swordplay and insect collecting. Heavily inspired by A Certain Magical Index's Kamijo Toma.

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