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They/them - 24 - Taken

Many MANY years ago now I wrote a fic about the Berlin Wall - and it badly needed a rewrite. So I began to do just that. It's been many many years later, and I'm less invested than I was before, but I still love this story and it will always have a special place in my heart. I doubt I'll write much of anything else on here, but I do love this one, and I hope you do too!

Hetalia Favorite Characters: (especially their darker/angsty/historical-y versions!)
Italy (the exception to the dark/angst rule.)

Hetalia Pet-Peeves:
...Russia portrayed as only a sadistic monster. He's a psychotic manchild who seemingly lacks the ability to feel emotion, but not always. He's not only a monster. He doesn't realize what he's doing most of the time... *hugs Russia*

...Prussia portrayed as a jerk. He's rough around the edges and sometimes doesn't think before he speaks, but he's not a jerk. He just likes picking fights. XD HE'S AWESOME, OK!?

...Lithuania portrayed as a wuss. He's not a wuss! He's actually one of the tougher countries! Besides, it's cannon that Russia's treated him terribly. (historical cannon as well), he has PTSD, leave him alone!

...Poland portrayed as weak. While Poland may certainly act in an... er... interesting... way. (ok, he acts like an airhead, we all know this), Poland is a little badass! What his country has been through, throughout its whole history is ridiculously brutal, especially during WWII and the Soviet occupation. I know it's not cannon that Poland has scars, but if Hetalia is going with the characters having scars from wars and/or abuse from other countries... etc, then Poland has more scars than Lithuania.

Ok, #rantover XD

My Weaknesses:

Using the characters as a way to talk about Mental Health and relationship issues. I LIVE For that stuff. Live for it. ESPECIALLY when it's well researched and done well.

When people use them to talk about History, even with heavy liberties taken, when they get the main point of it and the emotions and all that? I'm down. I'm so down. I eat it up like it's cake. (yum cake...)

ANY well-written relationship, and actually ESPECIALLY when it's a complicated, messy, or even problematic/toxic relationship. If it's written with the treatment it deserves I'm here for it. Even if that means the characters SHOULD NOT actually be in a relationship because it's toxic. A well written toxic relationship is just as meaningful. And I don't just mean romantic relationships either. Sometimes non-romantic relationships can be stronger than romantic ones. It's all about the writing.

When Italy is the light in the darkness for Germany during WWII. Even (Especially?) if he's hurting himself for it. That kind of thing just... bittersweet is my favorite emotion. Those two have it in SPADES if you put them in any kind of WWII context and I live for it.

Basically anything well written.

Any story that makes me want to go research further has my whole heart.

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