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Author has written 6 stories for Kuroshitsuji, Code Geass, Death Note, Bleach, and You're Beautiful/미남이시네요.

A little about me?

Note: I have changed my writer name to match my LJ acc. I was formerly Kazezakura. I hope you continue to support me and read my fics! =D


I'm 23 (right now as of '10), Female, live in London, UK, originally from Osaka, Japan and have been writing fanfiction for about 10 years now. Yes, my writing at the start was terrible(er?), and even now I am trying to get better constantly! I am part of the Red Mages writing circle. ->

Right now, I moe pairings from Kuroshitsuji, Bleach, Death Note and Code Geass, the latter a new discovery as I had to watch it for this year's cosplay. (Gakusatsu Hime de~su >_>/)
My writing motto is "Simple is better" I try and use easy to understand English. I don't know, but most excessively wordy fics make me sleepy. It's like reading a dictionary.

...Maybe that's just me.

I like sad and melancholy fics where everyone dies at the end. I like reviews for my work; They make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I also like Cinnamon lattes and Pumpkin pudding. I like summer, and hate all other seasons. I hate rain it's the worst wether ever. I like to cosplay, and own a few Ball jointed dolls. My favorite manga is DOLL, and artists I like are Hirai Ken and SMAP. All my photography is posted on my Deviantart account linked as my homepage. I don't like shota, and unrealistic sex scenes in fanfics. I also hate eel. Ew. I hate drabbles, and think they are just a lazy excuse to not write a full one shot, My fave author list is just like a buddy list. I probably know the authors personally. I don't actually have any favorite authors, cos I'm like that. But actually, hikarinimichitasora is an awesome writer, I just don't like the same stuff as she does. S'a shame. If you do, (She does FF7 stuffs I think?) read it. It's better than my shit. I also may have a slight thing for non-con. I guess it comes from being JP...I have a twin fetish. I use "..." too much. I try to refrain but it never works. I'm shit at HTML and other coding. I'm a procrastinating pro. Hmm...

...I think that's all about me for now. Thank you all for your support.

I'm a terrible procrastinator. Prod me lots if you want updates XD I'm probably busy Rping or being a MMO geek. (Yayyyy Aionnnn~~)

Oh...and yes, I did delete ALL my old fics. I hate em. So there you go. They ARE still on my DA, well..some.

Stuff about my chaptered fics

Because I'm shitty at those synopsis thingybobs down there.

That Bulter, My Release~Sono Hitsuji, Waga Kaihou
Rating: R
Status: Ongoing (14/20)
Fandom: Kuroshitsuji, if you reallly couldn't tell by the title

SebastianXCiel...Mainly. I say Mainly as I know what's going to happen I got told by hikainimichitasora (god get yourself a shorter name woman) that if I don't warn people there are other pairings people may get upset. So uh, without giving away the plot, it's not purely SebXCiel with sugar and rainbows. It's Angst/Hurt-Comfort genred for a reason. It's going to be quite a depressing fic I think. It'll be dark and all complicated like all grown up relationships are ;) But I hope good. I have story for it in mind! Lots of dwama and vaguely- explicit smut! (As one reviewer put it) I aim for realism...

Plot: Ciel has grown to 18 years of age without having found revenge for his parents death yet, and his marridge to Elizabeth is on the rocks (Well, it never was off them in the first place.) Social responsibility, a pending divorce and general stress of being himself is slowly pushing Ciel down a path he really dosn't want to take. A hand of savior is offered to him in the form of Sebastian offering him escape from reality, and he takes it without truely understanding what he has got himself into... Healthy does of BDSM, Non-con and other strange things like crossdressing.

This is the main piece I am trying to finish before moving on.

Sins of Flesh
Rating: R
Status: Ongoing (2/?)
Fandom: Code Gayass

The unloved pairing of LelouXRolo. I love fauxcest, why has it got so little love? It's like pretty much cannon people... tut tut. I wanted to write a deep angsty fic about Lelouch being evil, poisoning minds, twising people around finger times. I tried to be a little more "poetic" (hahaha) than the writing style I use for my Kuro fic. Every chapter theme is a "B", did you realise? =D

Plot: Rolo finds himself more and more drawn into the fatal yet bitter sweet addiction that is Lelouch. He will do anything for the other who seems to love him back, but what happens when Lelouch's childhood crush comes back into the picture?

I am putting this on a slower update till I finish the fic above.

Complexity of the Soul
Rating: R
Status: Ongoing (1/?)
Fandom: Bleach

Errr... ByaRen centric. (Though the first chapter is completely differnt, er...I hope that dosn't totally put you off/kill your brain. XD) IchiIshi/IchiRuki are also a sort of main pairing(s). Also will include in one way or another (some are vague. Some are not.) ByaGin, AizenGin, ByaSenbon, GinIzu, ShiroichiIchi, ShuuRen, YoruSoi, And something with Mayuri and his mask off. I kind of am a fangirl of Mayuri without his mask on. Yes I may be a little distrubed but...meh. Basically pairings will be everywhere. But the Het ones are probably cute and fluffy, while the slash ones are chaotic and angsty and the femmeslash will be...just sexy. =P Has alot of Byakuya being a noble bastard, and a confused teenage Ichigo doing what teenagers do best.

Plot: Set starting right at the start of Bleach and probably moving on in funny pace, is a story about the complex, murky relationships that weave through the ranks of Gotei 13 and Soul society, centering around Kuchiki Byakuya and ryoka Kurosaki Ichigo's separate relationships with others, and the pain, lust and friction that it brings.

He's Beautiful
Rating: T (Right now)
Status: Ongoing (1/?)
Fandom: You're beautiful (Kdrama)

Based on that totally cracky fanfic described by Tae Kyung in ep 14. Just its a whole fic, and goes past the famous reinacted scene XD Written in the POV of a fan, so her A/Ns concide with the dramas happenings. Has Go Mi Nam in it being a man aswell. XD

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5 Years later, nothing is really going right for Ciel and when offered an outlet for his stress, he takes it without thinking about just what it really may involve.... BDSM, SebastianXCiel
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