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Hi! I'm foxyvulpixie and I...can only watch the shaman king dub! That stinks, I know. And even worse is that shaman king ended! Okay now learn about me.

I will not be updating for some time, I just don't have time (or for that matter, patience) for it. I know that I said that I would probably update more, but I seriously need to rethink my fanfics. They aren't exactly going the way I first planned, that and I have all this school stuff now. (Which I despise)


Name:Dana (I ain't tellin you my last name!) or one of my nicknames Dana Tao, sparkleeyedespeon, Tao Girl, Sparkle-chan. @_@

Eye Color:Brown

Hair Color:BrownBlack

Age: Here's a clue...It's a number

Fav. Shows:1.Shaman King 2.Inuyasha 3.Sonic X 4. One Piece 5. Digimon Season 1,2,4 6. Yu-gi-oh 7. Xiaolin Showdown 8. Loonatics Unleashed 9.Beyblade 10. Pokemon

Guys I like: Kouji Minamoto(not so sure about his last name...), Yamato/Matt Ishida, Takeru/TK Ishida, REN TAO, Hao Asakura, Horohoro without his headband, Kai Hiwatari, Rei Kon, Shadow the Hedgehog, Ken Ichijouji (how do you spell his last name?), Takuya (what's his last name?), Espio the Chameleon, all in all I like the silent and harsh type of guy! ; )

Fav. Characters:

Shaman King

1.Ren Tao

2.Hao Asakura

3.Horohoro Usui

4.Anna Kyoyama

5.Tamao Tamamura

6.Yoh Asakura

7.Jun Tao

8.Lyserg Diethel











2.Pirika Usui

3.Classical Music

4.Amy Rose

5.May ...(from Pokemon)




9.Blue's Clues

10.Perky people who have no use at all

11.People who think Ren is gay

12.Too much pop music

13.People who shoot foxes

14.People who dislike milk

15.People who steal your friends

Fav. Couples

Shaman King








YohxAnnaxHao (except Yoh always gets Anna)





Lord FluffyxKagome


Lord FluffyxRin (Ok keep this in mind Lord Fluffy=Lord Sesshomaru)

Sonic the Hedgehog






Hated Couples

Shaman King

RenxPilica (Anything that has to do with that whiny ainu girl I hate!)







InuyashaxKikyo(I hate her!)


MirokuxAnybody but Sango

Sonic the Hedgehog

AnybodyxAmy (Stay away from the pink devil!)



AnybodyxDr.Eggman (His nickname is also Dr.Fathead)






Okay I've calmed down now. Okay let's get one thing straight I absolutely hate Pirika.I don't get how on earth people could say she should be with Ren.Now of course that's just my opinion. Now for my OC profiles.

Shaman and BeybladeOC Profiles

Midnight Nuroshi (I ain't allowed to give my real name so just call me Midnight)

Name:If you don't know your a sad delusional human being


Hair:Long black hair to her hips with red streaks in her hair thanks to a certain blonde friend of hers coughCiruscough


Personality:Midnight is basically your rebel without a cause. She trains very hard hoping to become the next shaman queen. She is normally laid back around her friends while in the streets no one who messes with her will not be able to tell the tale because they got their jaw broken by some 'mysterious reason'. Her best friend is Tao Ren considering they grew up with each other due to their parents close relationships. While Ren was training the two were not able to see each other for quite a while. Now that they are back together pretty much nothing can break them apart...except maybe the last glass of milk in the house...

Clothing: Most of the time: a short red miny dress with a black buckle in the middle with long black pants and long black sleeves. When out clubbing: black, short pleated mini skirt with a red tube tope with a yin-yang sign and a jacket with no sleeves. When inside the house: red sphagetti strap shirt with a skull with wings and black silk pajama pants Always wears yin-yang necklace with black bracelet with red ruby on it (Me: both were given to her by Reeeeeeeeeennnnnnnnnn Midnight:Shut up! Me: I thought I told you to be quiet!)

Likes: Music, Black, Red, Silence, Heat, Darkness, Fire, Black Diamonds, Rubies, Power, R&B, Rock, Hip-hop, singing, and playing guitar.(Me:I pretty much like everything Midnight likes except I don't know how to play guitar)

Cirus Cloud

Name:Look up


Hair:Blonde hair up to her shoulders


Personality: Cirus is a innocent little girl hanging out with sporty Sapphire and silent Midnight...NOT! While most of the time Cirus looks innocent she really is a little troublemaker. She would never do something really bad just a few pranks on her friends. Why do you think Midnight and Sapphire have streaks in their hair? A mere stage performance accident. Trust me, it was no accident. Cirus is also part white mage. She has a special power she uses to change her clothes instantly.

Clothing: Most of the time:Red Halter with blue jeans and three little stars across the top of her halter. When out clubbing:white cabbie hat with her hair tiedwith a white band. With white capriis and white high heeled strap sandles. She wears a white halter top. When inside the house: Same as most of the time. When in mage form: white tube top with long white skirt with slits from her mid-thigh down. She wears short shorts under neath. Her hair is lose and she has many gold bracelets on her arms with gold hoop earings. Always wears a diamond studded star necklace

Likes:Music, Red, Blue, White, being an all american girl, light, thunder, pearls, diamonds, peace, pop, rock, R&B, singing, and banging on the drum set Midnight and Sapphire gave her for her birthday.

Sapphire Gem

Name: Look up that can't be too hard it's that underlined thing that says Sapphire Gem

Age: 14

Hair Long black hair with only two blue streaks thanks to a certain blonde troublemaker

Eyes: Blue

Personality: Sapphire is the sporty one of the three girls. She always bales Cirus out of trouble while her black and red haired friend leans against the wall snickering at whatever mess Cirus go herself into. Never the less Sapphire is still trying to bacome just as powerful as Midnight and I'm surprised she can keep that figure to tell you the truth she eats just as much as Horo (from shaman king).(Sapphire:Hey! Me:Well it's true Sapphire: Dang it )

Clothing: Most of the time: black pants with red tube top and black jacket with black bracelets and black chocker.When out clubbing: blue tube top with jacket that droops down to show her shoulder with black pants and a cabbie hat. When inside the house: blue sphagetti strap shirt with happy bunny saying 'you suck and that's sad' with black capriis Always wears a black sneakers

Kiana Nuroshi

Name:I'm getting sooooo of this...Soon I'm going to sick the blonde troublemaker on you!

Age:13 (Me:Midnight is a few months older than her.Midnight: It's good to be the older sibling and foxyvulpixie I think people who have eyes can see that I'm older.Me:Do you want anymore streaks in your hair? Midnight: shuts up)

Hair: Long black with NO STREAKS! held up at top with horo-like headband

Eyes:dark blue

Personality: Unlike her sister, Kiana is a very sweet human being. She basically is a mixture of all her sister's friends and of course her sister with a little bit of her own kind of style. While her sister stayed with Ren in the big city part of China. Kiana was left with her grandparents in the village part of China because her family thought she needed to get away from the city life while her sister needed more of it. While she was there she made friends with many kids and played with Sapphire when she visits in the summer. Like her sister when someone picks on her she forgets about being kind and starts to kick butt!

Clothing: Most of the time: Short kimono with blue lining and blue stars and moon along the bottom with black tights and black long sleeves When out clubbing: skirt with stars and moon with a light blue tank top When inside the house: blue short-sleeved shirt with happy bunny saying 'skool makes u stooper smartt' and black shorts. Always wears a necklace with a blue star

Arisha ? (her last name will be found later in Reunited)

Name: You can only ponder about the last name...Last name only.

Hair: Long brown hair the same color as Yoh and Hao's to her hips

Eyes: Brown eyes that are the color of chocolate

Personality: Before Arisha met Hao she was an orphan in London. Her family was killed in a fire while her brother was out. When she was on the brink of starvation she met Hao Asakura who gave her food. He told her he was the one who burned down her house. She then ran away from him out of fear.Hao once again saved her when a terrible storm hitEngland. She then followed Hao Asakura because she was grateful to him tremendously. Arisha pondered about her brother if he was safe and unharmed. Hao and Arisha were seperated when passing through a mountain because of a terrible blizzard. Nowadays she lives in Japan not knowing Hao lives there with his brother. Arisha is now just as happy as she used to be when she traveled with Hao. She prays for him and her brother who she still has not seen for 11 years now. When she went in a village a boy named Nichrome spared her from destruction seeing that she was a shaman.Nichrome and Arisha sometimes talk to each other on the phone now that the shaman tournament ended.

Clothing: Most of the time: black halter top that shows most of her back. She also wears tan colored shorts with an occasional cowboy hat. When out clubbing: white tube top with green and yellow sports jacket with visor to match and jeans. When at home: Same as most of the time.

Gaurdian Ghosts/Bit beasts

Midnight's Gaurdian Ghost/Bit beast

Yan-Ying-Chan: Looks:A yellow fox with it's tail and paws on fire but the fire is purple. Has small red squiggles under her eyes and tiger like stripes on her ears. Has red eyes and yin-yang mark on it's hip except the little lines are triangles that go in the oppostit direction Origion:YYC(Yan-Ying-Chan) is a fox demon. Then the Tao family found her and locked her in the yin-yang pendant that Midnight has. Ren gave Midnight the pendant when he had to leave and go to train Powers: YYC has amazing powers over light,darkness, and fire. Her attacks are: flame star, dark star, blinding light, overwhelming darkness, volcanic flame, darkness dagger, flame saber, arrow of light, flame sparks, dancing stars, and within the dark heart.

Jade Narakun: Looks: wears short white kimono with black lining and white train sort of thing coming out of the back of her kimono. She wears a yin-yang necklace like Midnight. She has black hair while most of it is down a small portion is tied up. Origion:Jade is Midnight's ancestor from 600 years ago. Jade always hung around with Amidamaru and Mosuke when she was little. When they grew older when the lord hired them he told Jade she could be a maid but ofcourse she refused. She would never have come so far to only become a maid. So she left the lord's castle thing and left. She soon found a village under attack she used her archery skills and easily defeated the evil men that tried to harm the people. They thanked her and asked if she would like to become their new miko and help them if there is trouble coming. Jade happily agreed. Powers: Jade's elements are darkness and light. Attacks: Lost souls, release enrgy, Light Arrow, Dark Wish, Shooting Star, Katana Strike, Light Sphear, Gravity Bind, Sun Ball, Moon Shadow, and Yin-Yang Crossbow.

Sapphire's Gaurdian Ghost/Bit Beast

Timber: A grey leopard with two front icy paws that makes whatever Timber steps on icy, a tail that looks like part of a tornado with snow fluttering around it. Her eyes are sky blue. Timber has a jewel in the shape of a diamond on its forehead. Like YYC it has squiggles under its eyes except they are purple and Timber also has black dots on it's ears. Origion: Timber is a leopard demon except the only spots that she has are on her ears. One day Timber was walking around in the forest and her some one crying. Timber went out to see and saw a little girl crying. The little girl was Sapphire about 7 years ago. Timber walked up to Sapphire and led her back to her family. Since then the two were inseperable. Timber could become solid using Sapphire's mana or furyoku. Attacks: Cold shoulder, Become the blizzard, ice cavern, icicle missile, ice dagger, and snowflake army.

Cirus' Gaurdian Ghost/Bit Beast

Striana: A rabbit demon with powers over electricity and light. Striana has white fur and pink ears with yellow bands to keep her ears up. her tail is fluffy and in the center it has a grey spot with yellow and grey lining.Striana has very large and sharp claws. Striana instead of squiggles under her eyes she has a thick red line. Strianaalso has a star inacircle on her hip.Origion: Stiana was banished from her pack because her parents died and she was different because of her tail and claws. One day a little 5 year old Cirus ran away from the orpahanage and got lost in the woods. She found Striana and took her in. Striana protected Cirus ever since. Cirus met up with Kiana and stayed with her family but was never officialy adopted. Attacks: Spark, Thunder tail, Lightning Clash, Power from the heavens, Blinding light, Angel crossbow, Spell from the angels.

Kiana's Gaurdian Ghost/Bit Beast

Kit-Kit: KK is a demon lion. KK has teal blue fur and a lavender mane. KK keeps a silver crown with a sspphire gem in the middle of the crown. KKcan use all elements of mother nature.On the tip of its tail is a silver flame. KK has retractable claws and padded paws for sneaking up on enemies. KK can also dissapear and reappear in a different place like YYC. KK has a japanese sign on her hip meaning 'element'. Origin: KK was one day wandering around the forest sadly because the rest of his clan had just been killed in front of his eyes. He was amazingly not hurt at all but that might have just been his healing power. He came across a village and all of them happened to be shaman. They were afraid of KK and tried to kill him. When all of a sudden a young girl by the name of Kiana Nuroshi stood out above the rest, ran to KK, and treated his remaining injuries. The people were surprised to see that KK was not ruthless or wild at all but purring at the soft touch of the young girl.Since KK helped Kiana protect the village from evil men or evil wandering spirits that tried to attack the village. Powers: Vine wrap, tangle of the sakura tree, ice dagger, flame arrow, Lightning clash, Chaos of the forces, Mother Nature spirit dwellers, elemental experiment, and within the yin-yang sign.

Arisha's Gaurdian Ghost/Bitbeast

Shanni: Shanni is awhite tiger cub with entrancing purple eyes and purple stripes. Shanni's tail is on fire but like YYC her tail has a purple fire.Origin:Coming soon.

Fav. Quotes

Faffles! That's what I say!-Chibi Anna on a fic here somewhere can't remember which one

2 steps away from winning the game 5 steps from going to the bathroom-Delusional friend

Keep 5 feet away from me at all times-Me

You're gonna be my fiancee?-Horohoro

I spy something annoying care to guess what it is?-Ren Tao and Me

A peel!-Elemental Horo

Go to hell?...Been there done that-what me and my friend think Hao will say when someone tells Hao to go to hell

Sometimes you're such a wise donkey-me when my friend gets sarcastic

Death to Pilica!-Me and my friends

Pink should be banned from the rainbow-Me

Save the pizza!-Me

Oh sure want some?-Yoh asking Manta if he wants some ice cream

Ren spilled milk then Horo came and slipped on the milk then got up and slipped on the milk again.-what I say at the end of my stories at school


Die Die Die!-Ren Tao

I say god dang it too much that is why Lyserg is goin' to kill me. sigh-Me

Hao! Burn them!...(he still doesn't appear)...what lousy service-me

Like totally!-my totally deranged alter ego who takes over once my friends want me to say something like a girly girl.

Ugh! Seriously-Alter Ego

Who am I?-Shadow the hedgehog in commercial

Never give, never expect anything back-me when I feel lazy

Santa never gave me a gift, he never gave me coal so am I good or bad?-Me

sighI still can't decide between Inuyasha or Lord Fluffy-me when I watch my inuyasha movie

Tsk, tsk, tsk...What were we talking about again?-Me

I ain't a goth, I ain't a prep, I ain't a popular, I ain't a jockey so just call me myself-me

Okay I've got a cousin on here and her username is Elemental Horo. Help her out and...yeah, okay now what? Anyways so far Reunited is so far the most popular story I've got. Soooooo Yay for Reunited! Okay where's the sugar? Elemental Horo where did you hide the sugar? I need sugar! (Midnight: And there we go all over again...Okay now for the fun stuff. Hey foxyvulpixie can I spray paint Horo while Cirus ties him to Yoh's orange tree?) Sure, but first get me some...TANGERINES...AND SUGAR!(Midnight:Ehehehe, sure whatever come on Cirus we've got work to do!)



Grrrrr...People absolutely hate me and my Yugioh stories. I know I said I won't delete my story but all the flames caused me to do so. I'll stick to Shaman King stories and sorry for the delay of Reunited. I am so angry right now. If you want to know what happens when I'm angry just ask Elemental Horo she has had a really bad experience when I lost my temper (which now happens quite often to tell you the truth) anyway to all the readers who read my Yugioh story I'm sorry that I write so badly. I know that you probably won't look at my profile because you think all my stories suck like my Yugioh one but just in case you look to see the horrible writer that ruined the great Malik/Marik Ishtar's reputation I know that I suck at writing I just wanted to see what other people think of my writing on here. I thank to those who were kind enough to give me suggestions but I decided to end my story. Remember this though I will never stop liking Yugioh and note:I can only watch the dub. I am having horrible problems and all the flames (the message ones, the fire would have helped though) did not make me feel any bit better. I am sorry if I'm sounding overdramatic but I'm not so happy during Christmas and therefore I hate my life. I will try to update although it is not all that likely until say about after Christmas.


Okay I've gotten a bit better and I updated my Inuyasha story. I have decided I will never write another Yugioh fic unless it's somewhere else. I could possibly update my other stories but since I got winter break I will try to update but no promises.


If you werea person who actually like my Yugioh story I have an account as foxyvulpixie at quizilla.


Merry Christmas! Not much happened here...I updated Reunited for shaman king fans so be happy people...


Okay updations for Reunited all around! Not as many reviews as the beginning of the story though...OH well!


Okay, I can't go on the computer for a while and I won't be able to update. Sorry! Really really sorry!


I'm back. Yes, that's right, I Dana, am back. I'll be working on another chapter of Reunited. Maybe I'll continue It Started With a Walk. The possibilities are endless. Look out for my story updates!


I'm happy to say that I'm back. Let's start out with an update for Reunited:)

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