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Author has written 6 stories for X-Men: Evolution, Harry Potter, Kim Possible, and Yu-Gi-Oh GX.

I'm one of those authors that likes reviews cause they keep me going. When I get reveiws on a fanfic I'm working on it tells me people like it and when I know people like it I work more and faster on it.

I'm more likely to come up with my own charcters.

If you want to know something about me, just ask.

Challenges (tell me if you do any of these, I would like to see them)

Harry Potter

King of Monsters-

Simple put we know Voldemort used a basilisk which is the king of snakes. Well what would happen if Harry used the King of Monsters, Godzilla?

Must have Godzilla doing what he does best and have him destroy at least one city if not more.

I don't care if you have Harry linked with Godzilla or turn in to Godzilla or what. This is just for fun.

Not needed, but for fun if you want have someone talking in bad lip sync like in the old movies. Be it bad spell back firing or what ever.

Dog Ears-

What happens to Harry when he tries to pull of a prank by making himself look like Sirius. To bad the hair he got for the potion was from Sirius was from his dog form causing what happen to Hermione to happen to Harry.

Okay with it being before Sirius dies, but if you can figure out a way for Harry to do it after Sirius died, more power to you.

Hot Sand Witchs-

What happens when Harry is trap on a hot sandy beach with a bunch of witchs in bathing suits.

More points to you if you have some good humor Harry torture. Like one of the girls asking Harry to rub sun tanning on her or Harry having to keep on going to take a cold shower. Just good humor.

Kim Possible

Mr. Popular-

What would Kim and Ron's life be like if Ron was the popular one and Kim was consider the loser?

Not only show what happens in high school life, but on missions as well. Bonus points if you get Kim still doing all the work on missions.

Good Thing? Bad Thing?-

What would of happen if Shego had gotten The Good from Drakken instead of it going back to Drakken or if The Evil went in to her instead of Ron?

Another way of showing this is what would happen if instead of Shego you put Kim there?

Music Man-

What happen after Rappin Drakken? Did Ron get a music contract? Did he have to compete more?

Bonus points if you show Kim jealous of the girls paying attention to Ron now.

Where was he?-

Where the heck was Josh in STD? What was he doing? What was he thinking? What was he doing during the attack? Why wasn't he there in the Movie?

What Happen to his hair?-

What happen to Mr. Barkin's hair? When the show started he had blond hair and later he has brown hair. What the heck happen? Please explain in the story?

Mix of KP and HP

Ron meets Ron-

What happens when Ron from Harry Potter meets Ron from Kim Possible?

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YuGiOh: BRASH reviews
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