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Alright, so. Here's my two cents, for whatever they might count to a random FF passerby.

Self Confidence is extremely important. A hard drive to what you do is essential in making something worth your time.

Always use your head, and avoid getting carried away by other people, or by your own thoughts.

Find a mix in flexibility and rigidity, and most important of all, trust yourself. Trust yourself to break through your limits, and trust yourself to handle pain.

Pain can only deter you for as much as you let it.

Learning to overcome pain is akin to building a boat while in the middle of the ocean.

The only constant to our lives is pain. The one thing that will never go away. Learning to deal with, learning to live alongside even with the knowledge that it will always be there, is what separates good people from great people. It's something that becomes necessary to life, as you aspire for more.

Become more efficient. Time spent doing nothing is time completely wasted.

Always think two steps ahead. Always have a plan for what you're doing in mind. Always keep analyzing things, from different angles even, until you find your answer.

There are no rules to life.

You can lie. You can cheat. You can manipulate. But there's no reason why you have to make it obvious to people that you're doing these things. Be ruthless, but be ruthless in a way that's efficient. Reach for the stars, reach for your dreams, and do it without apology. Make sure to be mindful of what you do. Make doubly sure your present actions won't end up burning you at a later date.

Practice everything and anything. Even the act of practicing by itself.

Time is a valuable currency that every living being on this earth uses. And the thing that it purchases is experience. Experience is hard-earned, but valuable. Priceless. In many cases, it's experience, applied with some analysis and creativity, that lets you cheat time. That is to say, the better you become at something, the more you'll be able to improve faster.

Never give up on your resolve. Never stop trusting and loving yourself. Never find yourself defenseless, at the mercy of those around you.

In life, and however you can apply it to writing, this is the advice I can muster, and that I can share with you guys, in the hopes it does SOME amount of good. Never grow complacent. Always strive for more.

My PM's are always open if you want to chat, and I'm always looking forward to what public opinion is on my works. Take care, I love you all. Ju-Fi-Jo out.

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