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Hi peoples!

A Little Bit About Me

Name: Do you think that I would tell you? If you do YOU ARE INSANE!

Age:Why would I tell you? For all I know you could be a stalker!

Gender: Is itn't obvious

Height: 'bout 5 '1

Weight: Go. To. Hell. (Sakura: She's a litte touchy on that subject. she's not fat, she's small for her age she's just touchy on the subject)

Hair colour: A very dark Dirty Blond

Eye colour: Blue, Green or Brown. depending on what I'm wearing

Demon: Fox Demon

Sign: Libra ( Me: The Scals. Balnce.)

Element:Air (Me: Ah, the way of Emotions)

Goddess:Goddess of the Moon (Me: I love night!)

Angle: Angle of Fate(Me: Go fate..or at least the ones who belive in it.)

Fav Anime(s):InuYasha & YGO

Fav Book(s)of all time: Harry Potter & The Serpents Egg Trilogy (S.E.T)

Fav Color(s): Red, Purple, Green, Emerald Green, Aqua Blue& Dark Blues

Ruleing planet : Venus (Me: Goddes & plant of love)

House: Hufflepuff

Country: Canada

Japanese Name:Aki

"Your Japanese name should be 'Aki'
which means autumn. You can be compared with autumn, the way the autumn weather changes, is how your feelings change. You have these mood swings you can't control; one moment you're happy, the next you're feeling almost depressed. You're probably sensitive and creative."

My Muse(s)

Sakura: She's has dark-brown hair that gose down to her waist, almost always has it up in a pony-tail. She likes to where t-shirts with odd sayings on them and jeans.

Ariana (Ah-reeh-ah-nah)- She's elven, and has light brown hair, bright emerald green. She likes to where t-shirts with cute animals on them saying odd things and jeans (e.i: 'The Happy Bunny')

Aletha (uh-LEE-thuh)- She's a Day-Walker Vampire, black long hair, amethyst purple eyes, pale skin and sharp fangs (Aletha: No Duh) She likes to where red and black T-shrits and black jeans and jean shorts

Fav Pairings:


1Sesshoumaru/Kagome (So unexpected but so cute and really awesome)

2 InuYasha/Kagome

3 Sango/Miroku

5 Sippo/Rin ( that is so cute)

6 Sesshoumaru/Rin (Father Daughter relationship)


For Harry

1 Harry/Hermione

2 Harry/Luna

3 Harry/Ginny

4 Harry/ Draco

5 Harry/Remus

For Draco

1 Draco/Ginny

2 Draco/Hermione

3 Darco/Harry

For Ron

1 Ron/Lavander

For Remus

1 Remus/Sirius

2 Remus/ Harry

For Sirius


2 Sirius/Remus

Pairings I Hate:


1 InuYasha/Kikyou (Yuck!)

2 Miroku/Kagome (their just friends can you hear me, friends)

3 Sango/InuYasha ( same thing as Mir/Kag)

4 Koga/Kagome (all I can say is gross!)

5 Naraku/Kagome (Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!)

6 Naraku/anybody ( He's EVIL! Need I say More?)

7 Kikyou/anybody ( GO TO HELL KINKY-HOE!)




3H/SS (as in SLASH, I have no problem with Snape being Harry's real father, there funny to read lol)

I'm true fox demon. Your probly wondering how that's possble, and that I'm insane InuYasha fan. Well I am a fan but I'm not insane in my past life -I've had glimpses of it- I was a fox (I think I was in the body and did not have an out side veiw in my dream) So that's what kind of demon I am
Internet family:

TWIN SISTER: Nekory-Sama (her japanese name should be SORA.)

I, like Nekory will never and I mean NEVER flame anybody. If you want to read her Flame Rant she's in my fave list.

She now also has a Mary-sue Rant so if you don't know what a Mary-sue is or you just don't like them go ahead and read it. I gantiee you'll enjoy it (Grin)


Unfogging the Future:When Lilly and the Marauders find Harry Potter books and they decide to read them. Join them as they uncover there future. NOTE: Lilly & James are dating. (CHAPTER 8COMING SOON... I HOPE)

Stories Soon To Come

Elven Realms: The Prophecy: It's Harry's seventh year at Hogwarts, and he's hoping for a normal year - or as normal as normal get at Hogwarts- with Ron and Hermione. However his plans for the some-what normal year are canceled when a strange girl appears at the opening feast and demands to be sorted. First Story in the Elven Realms Series

Dumbledore's Gone Mad, Hasn't He: Harry has a twin sister named Jen. They, Hermione, and Draco are paied up for a parenting project. witch ones will drink the de-aging potions to turn them in to a five year-old again? Read to find out! Harry/Hermione Jen/Draco

The Gem of Haru & Jewel of Megumi: After killing Naraku, Kagome Finds out that there are two other magical stones, the Gem of Haru and Jewel of Megumi. But how does finding them have any thing to do with Kagome's past? Sess/Kag Mir/San Inu/OC

Demons, Dragons, Elves, Mikos. Oh My: With Voldemort in power Dumbledore cancels all classes (except DADA, McGonagall is teaching Animagi Classes and Madem Pomfery is teaching Healing) and has new ones. Demonology, Dragon Taming and Riding, Elven Magical Stones, Elven Weapons and Miko, Priest and Demon-Slayer Traning. Teachers are: InuYasha and Sakura (OC)(Demonology) Tsuki (OC)(Dragon Taming and Riding) Miranda (Character of S.E.T.) (Elven Magical Stones) Elester (Character of S.E.T.) (Elven Weapons) Kagome, Miroku and Sango(Miko, Priest and Demon-Slayer Traning) Disaster Insured! Inu/Kag Sess/Saukra Elester/Tuski Mir/San Miranda/Nick Harry/Hemione

What My OCs Look Like

Elven Realms: The Prophecy:

The Strange Girl (I will not put her name here untill I post the First Chapter where she's introduced) She has long silky dark-brown hair, is about 5'6 and has warm chocolate brown eyes.

Dumbledore's Gone Mad, Hasn't He:

Jen: She looks like Harry, but her hair is strait and more tamable it goes down to the middle of her back it is also streaked, the streakes are chamed to turn the colour of the top she's wearing, unless she wearing her Hogwarts robes then she can choose the colour the'll be. She also does not need glasses. She likes to where short skirts and jeans that are usually in black, and tank-tops which are usually in red, emerald green or purple and black high heeled sandals or boots. She is very rebellious although she will do what Harry says (with in reason) because he is the dominant twin.

The Gem of Haru & Jewel of Megumi:

Haru: Haru is about 6'5 Is an angle demon, he has blue eyes and black hair, tips are sliver. wheres something like InuYashas only it white with sliver moons and stars on it. It also has holes for his wings. He has slver markings on his face as well on his wrists and a sliver moon facing east on his forhead, showing that he is the Lord of the Eastern Lands. Megumi is his mate.

Megumi: Megumi is about 5'9. Is a kitsune miko demon. She has firery red hair, emerald green eyes and her tail is strait and smooth not bushy and curled like Shippo's. She has the same markings as Haru showing that she is the Lady of the Eastern Lands. Only hers are green to show that she is a fox demon. She wheres a green kimono with golden trimming and golden leaves on it. She is Harus mate

Demons, Dragons, Elves, Mikos. Oh My

Sakura: Saukra is about 6'1 She's a Inu-demon with black hair that goes down to her butt and almost always has it up in a braid She wheres a white silk kimono with pink flowers with a golden outline on it and a matching obi. She has a light-pink whip like Sesshoumaru's only hers is an electric one.

Tuski: Tuski is about 5'8 She has long brown hair that goes down to her waist, she also keeps up in a braid like Sakura's. She wheres things that are in red, purple, emerald green, orange dusty rose (a dark pink), black (sometimes) and white. Although she really likes battle robes

My Favourite Fic Quotes

‘So do we just knock?’ -Emory Lupin

‘No we go barging in and have them call the muggle police on us.’ -Ebony Black

‘Prick,’ -Emory .

‘No, that would be the thing that was making daddy scream last night.’ -Ebony

‘Eww! So did not need that image.’ -Emory .

‘That’s what you get for calling me a prick.’ -Ebony

-Emory Lupin and Ebony Black-Chap 4-When the Future is Known

"James, Sirius, cover the children’s eyes. For the love of all things pure!"- Lily Potter-Chap 4-Is Dumbledore Sane? (NON-EDITED VERSION)

“For the love of all things pure, James, shield their eyes!” -Lily Potter-Chap 3-Is Dumbledore Sane? (NEWLY-EDITED VERSION)

"He-Whose-Name-Must-Be-Hyphenated"- Trent Fuller- Chap 4 -Dorment Power

"You're on. Operation: Dodge Potter is in effect. 'Never mess with a Lupin'..."-Ryan Lupin

"...'You'll wind up dead or furry.'.." -Remus Lupin

Remus and Ryan Lupin- Chap 5- Twists of Fate

"You disgusting old gossip-monger. May you fall down the stairs and bite your tongue out.”-Danger Granger about Petunia Dursley-Chap 2-Living with Danger

Yes, you too can pass as a Muggle for the amazingly low price of just fourteen-ninety-five. Call this toll-free number today...” -Aletha Freeman- Chap 7- Living with Danger

Men! One-track minds! -Danger Granger-Lupin

Women! Everything hopelessly complicated!-Remus Lupin

Did we just delineate the battle of the sexes in eight words?-Danger

Yes, I believe we did.-Remus

Danger Granger-Lupin and Remus Lupin- Chap 12 - Living with Danger

Wizard,” Harry murmured to himself, nothing but magic, or a crane, could have gotten Vernon Dursley in the air-Chap 3-A Serpent's rescue

Even Dumbledore looked shocked when you said that. So, what do you have planned for the Potters?” - Demon Blake

“Dinner.” -Harry Blake (Potter)

“You’re taking them to dinner?” Letum Blake

“No, idiot, you’ll see at dinner!” - Harry

“Oh! Ooohhh…” - Letum

Demon, Harry, and Letum Blake-Chap 3-Three Vampires, Two Years, And one Boy Who Lived

My Favourite Quotes

Fate's a bitch, Destiny's a bastard and they are a real pain in the ass when they work together-Pyro Panther (I read her profile and saw this. I thought it was funny. I was right)

An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.-Gandhi

Never trust anything that can think for itself if you can't see where it keeps its brain. -Dumbledore

Age is foolish and forgetful when it underestimates youth -Dumbledore

Why is the rum gone? -Captin Jack Sparrow

A Little Rant Arom A Hufflepuff

Ok this rant is for all the people who think Hufflepuffs are idiots.

We're NOT idiots we could be as smart as a Ravenclaw we just have loyalty has our main trait. Like Ravnclaws have smarts as theres, Gryffindors have bravery as theres and Slytherins have cunning as theres. I mean look at Hermione she's as smart as a Ravnclaw but she's a Gryffindor for Merlin's sake. Why? Because she's brave. She's not scared to get in trouble if means finding out what Voldemort's up to. I mean look what she did in her second year, she disregarded the rules with out thinking of what could happen. and with out her help Vodemort would've come back two years earler and Ginny (the love-sick puppy that she is) would have died(not that it isn't a nice thought though).

So don't tell me Hufflepuffs are stupid because we're not. At least we don't go killing people who are on our side even if it be the Dark Lords.

~Much Love~


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