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I'm Silva! Yep!
I like to write - and i really enjoy reading other peoples work - thus fanfic s the BESTEST EVER!!
I really like manga, anime, video game canons - I know this is wierd but sometimes I find the anime's themselves to be rather dull cause alot of them have the EXACT SAME plot devices - but the canons that you find on fanfiction and elsewhere are really, really, really good! Then comes brief obsession in such things
Fav Manga/Animes:
-Death Note - Raito/L is so great - it the most angsty but most wondeful pairing ever - and even when there's fluff it HAS to be interesting to be even the least bit IC
-Naruto - I know - classic - by the by for me NaruSasu is the only way to go now - there are TOO many Sasunar fics
-Bleach - Yum!
-Hikaru no Go - Hikaru/Akira 3 3 3 hee! so canon in my humble opinion!! rivalry = love dudes!
-Hunter x Hunter - I really like Killua
-Gundam Wing - 3x4 is my favorite - I like 1x2 but Trowa used to by my obsession and Quatre is adorable!
-Yu Yu Hakusho - Kurama/Hiei sigh
-Ouran High School host Club - The BEST!! hee! delicious boys! I want to cuddle them!! I like MotherxFather and twincest wince incest is bad! but...I mean the whole 'brotherly love "act" HA! i dare any fangirl NOT to see the possiblities

Fav Video Game CANON (i ave never actually played the games - but I've seen LOTS of cutscenes - AND Final Fantasy Advent Children - which is GOD by the by)
- Kingdom Hearts - SOOOOOOOO in love with AkuRoku right now!! I ALSO like Zemyx and Soriku - oooh and i know this is wierd but I really like it when authors mix it up and make Sora seme - i dunn why - just seeing Riku be the 'submissive' one is cool - and I like it when Sora has a little more confidence - I mean in EVERY fic he's the blushing virgin - it's cool when he can actually hold is own without having to wait like 10 chapters
- Final Fantasy ALL OF THEM 3 3 3 - LOVE IT! soooooooo pretty!!!!

Fav Books or rather Fav canons of books
- Lord of the Rings - another classic -you can't NOT
- Holly Black - just 'cause it makes AU highschool fics NOT AU
- Lord of the Flies - just amazing - simple as that
- Mercedes Lackey - to an extent - not really anymore...

Fav Movie Canons
- Pirates of the Carribean - Needs better slash darlings, go write it!
- Dead Poet's Society - has good slash needs MORE
- Alexander - Hephaistion is the most AMAZING thing to have walked this EARTH - I have a thing for Jared Leto and when he plays Collin farrell's gay lover - melts - life is so good sometimes

SORRY if you read the whole thing - you must be BORED!!

OOOOOHH and if you are about to read my fics please, please, please, please, with sugar on top and a cherry, review!!!!!