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Name: Michelle, but have been given the name MNM, miko-chan, misheru (my japanese name), and Chunky Monkey (I like that ice-cream, but I'm not chunky, actually I'm quite skinny)

Age: 14, YAY!

Sex: YES! Oh that's not what they mean... hehe -gives perverted look-

Birthday: May 12th

Orientation: Bi, because girls do it better! XD

I don't really read NORMAL books, too long and boring, but I read Harry Potter, optical illusion books, jewelry making, polymer clay, and knitting, and etc. craft books!

Some of my favorite anime/mangas are Fruits Basket, A.I. Love You, Azumanga Daioh, OffBeat Case Closed, Kodocha (it's ADORABLE!), Cardcaptor Sakura (I own the Clow cards -holds them to her chest for fear someone might take them-),
Confidential Confessions, and Comic Party. I'm looking for a good fem/slash type manga, so if anyone knows any, PLEASE TELL ME!

My favorite tv shows go as follows: Law and Order: Special Victims Unit, House, Mythbusters, Heroes, Sister Sister, Comedy Central Presents, Will and Grace, Wheel of Fortune, Ellen (Ellen DeGeneres), Laguna Beach: The Real Orange Country, Justice, The 4400, and Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, to name a few.

Ok, a little about me! Well, besides all that up there, I'm really crafty (or so my friends say), I also DEEPLY enjoy reading fem/slash and yaoi, and you should check this AWESOME fem/slash on my faves called Hermione and Pansy, it's HOT and steamy and ummm...it makes you horny, XD

Random crap about me: I love crafts, crafts = life (heehee, not really though), I'm currently homeschooled for this year, and if I had to pick, I'd rather be hot than cold, because it's a good reason to strip, hehe -horns start growing- hehe, I'm "horny" hehe, get it? I really like the beach, because it's gives me a reason to walk around in a water-proof bra and undies (also known as a bikini) without being stared or glared at. Hmm, I could spend all day at Hobby Lobby or Michael's without getting bored, though I will come out a bit disappointed, because of the fact that I can't buy the whole store XD


Ok, errm, the only person I know in real life on here is Audrey -AKA kyonkichi89 and my lover ;) -

Much love, Audrey, and have fun in China:-

Well, that's all I can think of currently, however, I'm a bit sidetracked because Mythbusters is on, as my friend Audrey says "Ciao for now!"

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