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Author has written 32 stories for Darkstalkers, Sonic the Hedgehog, Pokémon, Zatch Bell, Super Smash Brothers, Pikmin, Kingdom Hearts, Adventure Time with Finn and Jake, and My Little Pony.

My Bio is under serious reconstruction. I don't do this enough. Damn.

About Me:

Well, I'm not really one to talk about myself so much to total strangers like all of you. But I suppose...

I'm a male, last time I checked, and I'm 18 years old. I'm ashamed to say that I still don't know how to drive yet. I'm tall, like about 6'4" maybe, and some people make a big deal about it. Yeah I'm six feet tall, what about it? My hobbies aren't exactly varied and widespread. I used to draw but that skill has dulled over time, especially since I lack a proper table to do that drawing in my room. I love writing fanfiction though, but I consider myself an amateur compared to the other big shots out there. I really don't have anything else to say about me...

Author's Code

These are the guidelines I will follow, that I will take to heart, whether I am writing fiction or fanfiction.

I will not betray the canon in the writing of my story

The reason we write fanfiction is to write our own ideas insinuated into a franchise. But this does NOT give us permission to alter the canon of a show. All characters must be written as they are interpretted in the franchise, and we must not deviate from these characterizations if we are aware of their true personalities. Unless otherwise stated, we will NOT write a character different from his personality in the franchise.

Only exception are AU fics, where events that transpired differently may affect a character's personality, and BELIEVABLY, or alternate character interpretations, where the interest of a character perceived differently can be written to bemuse a reader and make them think differently.

The settings of a franchise must also NOT be altered to fit the tone of a story. Different settings for the story can not betray the canon of the franchises universe, if they are drastically different and deviate from the franchise.

Only exceptions are stories where the setting is changed on purpose. Such examples include AU fics again, or roleplay fics, where characters may replace other characters in a different franchise for the amusement of the reader and the author. A minor consequence of this is if you make the characters act too much like the ones they replaced; you might as well be rewriting the original franchise.

I will not let shipping inhibit my writing

A good shipping fic is written with the characters in character. The reason we may ship two characters together is entirely up to opinion, but what makes a good ship fic overall is the level of believability that is written into the story.

If you write the characters differently than the way they act in the franchise, you are betraying the canon of the show by altering the character to better fit the relationship of your ship. It is unacceptable to slightly alter a character to better suit your version of the ship, as it shows that you cannot write the characters in their honest representation and you had to change the characters to suit your vision.

Whether you ship the characters because of their personalities or the way they act in a franchise, you must remain honest to the franchises canon or else your shipping story is viewed as unbelievable. Good writing can make a story seem believable, which is one of the successes a fanfiction must acheive.

Characters involved in the ship must be written believably, but this also includes characters that 'threaten' the ship. In no way must you flanderize the opposing character to make your ship work better, it is sheer immaturity in that you deny a certain character just because you dislike their ability to oppose your ship. Regardless, you must write the character in an honest represntation or else you'll come off as immature in your representation. If you can't handle that, then simply don't write the character in.

But if you let all of these notes interfere with your writing, if you let shipping interfere with the quality of your writing in favor of writing your ship...

...then you aren't fit to be a writer.

I will not let critique discourage me and my writing, nor will I let praise go to my head and give me permission to slack off in producing quality writing

This is one of the peer points when it comes to writing. Critique versus praise.

A writier must be mature when it comes to critique. They must not let themselves be discouraged by what may be harsh words directed at them. All critiques ever written are only done for the betterment of an author. Good writers use critiques and learn from them, learn to get better from critiques, no matter how harsh they may be. A bad writer will crumble under the words, and may turn away from writing forever. This may be a loss to the writing community, but one less immature writer makes the writing community look better, at least in my opinion. The young writer may do better to learn to write better, if they cannot take critique, they are better off not writing if they refuse to learn.

Praise is in the same vein as critiques. Praise makes everyone feel good about themselves, feel good about their writing, but there is more to praise then it seems.

A reviewer praising a work is specifically detailing what he or she believes to be the writing highlights of a work, what they acknowledge as great writing, and what exactly it is that they liked best about a work. They detail the finer points of the writing and explain why it is great, not saying it just to make you feel good about producing it. He or she will comment on your techniques, your pacing, your description, your setting, and the overall believability of reading a fanfiction that it doesn't deviate from an actual fanfiction but as a potential possibility of the work occuring in the franchise. Overall, he is merely stating what you are doing right and encouraging you to continue this level of writing.

However, do not think that this makes you better than other writers. That is one of the big no-no's of the writing community. There is always someone better than you, and everyone has room for improvement. Do not think that you are perfect or a great writer, because that is not for you to decide. Ultimately, it is the word of your reviewers that decide if you are a great writer or not, and even then, they'll tell you that you can do with some improving and practice.

The higher you go up the mountain, the harder it is to breathe. Do you fall, or do you keep climbing?

I will add more as things come up...

Games I own:

Super Smash Bros Brawl, Pokemon Battle Revolution, Pokemon Colloseum, Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness, Pokemon Diamond, Pokemon Platinum, Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story, and and that's about it. I have others but I don't play them as majorly as my brothers do, so I excluded them. Wii Control Pikmin, Mario Kart Wii, Wii Sports Resort, Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker, Legend of Zelda: Collector's Edition, and Warioware: Smooth moves.


I suppose if you want to know that badly...

Runawayshipping - (LatiosxCresselia)

Oh yeah, I'm the one who coined this shipping. I even drew the first art (not really that impressive, but still). If you want to look for yourself, here:

Sunflowershipping - Lucas (Diamond/Pearl) x Leaf (Fire Red/Leaf Green female trainer): Man, I really like this for some reason. Why? It just seems to fit. I had a good friend of mine draw a picture for me too. Wanna see?

Sora (Kingdom Hearts) x Sakura (Card Captor Sakura): Leave me alone, 'kay? This is different from other ships because this came about during a story I was brainstorming.

Finn x Bubblegum (Adventure Time) - LONG LIVE ADVENTURE TIME!!

Big Macintosh x Rainbow Dash (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic) - Yes, this means I am a brony. No, I do not think Rainbow Dash is a lesbian. Yes, I like Big Macintosh, he's a cool character. Yes, I will poke fun at the internet's insinuation of RD being lesbian.

Shippers gonna ship...

Other shippings I used to support:

Well, not like, abandon them for others, but ships that have lost my interest but I still like.

Hoennshipping: My very first ship. It helped me find but that was rather a coincidence.

TailsxCream: It's not that I've lost interest with this ship. I've lost interest in Sonic, that's all.

ZatchxTia: Man, why'd they cancel that show?

Shippings I like:

LucarioxLopunny (will write actual term later)

Alexandrianshipping (VolknerxJasmine)

I dislike Yaoi and Yuri ships. I don't mind them and the 7,000+ fangirls that breathe yaoi, but please don't press your favorite ships on me. I don't care for Naruto and Sasuke or Sora and Riku (girls are picky about who's on top), I don't want to hear about them.

Favorite Pokemon:



And others. I tend to take an immediate liking to most pokemon I train. I'm a competitive Trick Room trainer, you may even consider me an expert, and I want to revolutionize the metagame to recognize Trick Room as a tier on its own. Seriously, most NUs and UUs are in that tier because of their low speed. So if you say I should change my Dusknoir or Bronzong to other pokemon so that my team can fight in an UU tier, go die. Oh, and look for me on PBR WiFi. I'll be under the name 'Lucas' and wearing Poketopia clothes, glasses, black hair, and fingerless gloves. If this matches a person you've fought before, PM me! I want to know!

Oh, and don't think that me revealing this information will help you win a future battle against me. As I said, I'm an expert Trick Room trainer for a reason.


-Ask me anything about my work. Like future fics, when am I ever gonna update that one story, requests (though I probably won't do them...can't stop you from asking), anything, really. :D

Recent fics: (Or rather, fics that will sustain more than one chapter, or a feasibly long story)

His Name Is Mac

'Between any two ponies in PonyVille, none are more distant than the farmer stallion and rainbow maned pegasus. But after recent events have played out, the two ponies are about to get closer as Dash takes it upon herself to get to know Macintosh better. But as she further involves herself in the business of the farmer, she soon learns that there's more to Big Macintosh than he lets on, and that he has more to hide than a few extra words.'

I'm trying to finish this story now, if only because there's so few RDxBM fanart and fanfics about it. Also, there are some really cool people who like this ship...

Currently top priority.

Finn and Jake's Magnificent Adventure!

'A strange man from a distant kingdom has come to take Princess Bubblegum’s hand in marriage! Naturally, Finn becomes jealous and decides to do something about it, but he soon finds himself on a perilous journey across Ooo, and in more trouble than he bargained for.'

Currently second priority...

From now on, chapters are going to update earlier at while they'll update later here. As a bonus, I will also upload one shots and other stories over there that might not be seen over here. While you're over there, sign up to the forum. It's an awesome place where you can chat about Adventure time, and Regular Show and other cartoons, roleplay, even watch full episodes of Adventure Time for FREE! Go and sign up now!

Not so Legendary

'Want to have a good laugh? Like the legendaries? Want to see them doing things that completely contradicts their reputation? Well, you've come to the right place. 'Not so Legendary' is a humorous fiction that focuses on the everyday lifestyle of everyone's favorite legendary pokemon; all of them! They do the craziest things when they get bored, perhaps you'd fancy a read? Go read it now!'

This space is reserved for the titles each legendary will be referenced as. If you are a reader of 'Not so Legendary', take the time to guess each legendary pokemon's 'title'. An example is already listed, but the rest you must figure out by yourself. Any reviewers who have correctly guessed these title will be mentioned, so try to get them all!

Rayquaza: The kid, he who plays with toys. ~Black Murder Heavangelon

To Die in their Name

'A war. A country. A conspiracy. One Council. The point of view of the bosses during the pikmin rebellion before their untimely demise. There was more to Pikmin 2 than you thought...'

Currently low-priority.

Old Fics: (Or rather, my old shames)

Oh my GAWD! I can't believe I actualy wrote those things! Gosh, I was such a newbie back then...

Ok, ok. They're not that bad, I guess. But they're really old and not really my best work. If I wanted to, I'd remove them from the site, but they're a big part of my development as the author I am today. So, I'll leave them there for you to gander at and marvel at my noobish writing. But don't take what you see to impression, because I'm much, much, MUCH better now than I was then.

So...keep that in mind when reviewing.

Dear CedSelah (FigureInTheForest),

I'm very sorry about everything that has happened. I had no right in saying what I said to you and your friends. I never meant to come off as rude to you. I just want you to know that I hate that we got off on such poor terms and I want to make it up to you somehow. So, I'm apologizing here. I no longer wish to stress the issue any further. From now on, I'll keep my opinions to myself. I just want to put this whole thing behind us.

Keep writing.

More to come... bio is still under reconstruction...

Update: Expect His Name is Mac to be updated next week...

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