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Author has written 8 stories for D N Angel, Sukisho, Tactics, and Loveless.


I'm BandHallNinja-chan. However, I am better known by friends/acquaintances/classmates/idiots/psychos as Alexis. Call me BHN or Band, please.

Likes: Anime, yaoi/shounen-ai, anime conventions, and cosplaying

Notes: I don't write multi-chapter stories because I'm flaky and self-conscious. Quit asking me to continue stories that I have clearly marked "Complete."

Anime I like: Sukisyo/Sukisho, Loveless, Gravitation, DNAngel, Kyo Kara Maoh, Fruits Basket, Fullmetal Alchemist, Naruto, Spiral, Ouran High School Host Club, Yami no Matsuei/Descendants of Darkness, Neon Genesis Evangelion, FLCL/Furi Kuri/Fooly Cooly, Saiyuki, D. Gray Man, Death Note, Tactics, Azumanga Daioh, BLEACH, Trinity Blood, Pretear, Gakuen Heaven, Air Gear, Papa to Kiss in the Dark, Le Chevalier d'Eon.

Manga I like (most of which are one-shots or aren't very popular): (All the aforementioned anime that have manga) La Esperanca, Sequence, Our Kingdom, Satisfaction Guaranteed, Gamerz Heaven, Gorgeous Carat, Kanpai, Earthian, Il Gatto sul G, Hot Gimmick.

Favorite Bands/Singers: L'Arc~en~Ciel, Utada Hikaru, Nana Kitade, Asian Kung-Fu Generation, High and Mighty Color, Rie Fu, YUI, Mika Nakashima, Nightwish, Evanescence, Dir en grey, 12012, Within Temptation, Gackt, Versailles, RENTRER EN SOI, Miyavi, Enigma.

QUOTES (they're long, but I try to replace them when new quotes come around):

Greg: It's too bad corn is illegal...
Me: Corn isn't illegal.
Greg: It is if you put pot in it.

Some people who are in the same room as me before school forgot to do their homework:
Chris: So... whose paper are we copying anyway?
Me: Mine.
Me: Yep.
Cody: -steals the Dr. Pepper from Madison and hands it to Chris-
Chris: Well, I don't want it now...
Cody: -gives the cup back to Madison-

Talking about religion:
Catherine: Well, you'll go to hell because you don't believe in the bible.
Me: So?
Jorge: You'll just have no life after life.
Catherine: Do you want to burn for an eternity?
Me: I have no brain, I have no nerves... OH MY GOD I CAN'T FEEL.
Jorge: She does have a point there.

Before solo and ensemble:
Catherine: You're smart! You brought something to do while you wait! I didn't even bring a book...
Me: I have a book.
Catherine: It is a manga?
Me: Yeah.
Catherine: No thanks then.

I worked ahead during science:
My teacher: Are you being an overachiever?
Me: No. I'm being bored!

Kobo was talking to a guy I thought was cute:
Me: So, who's that guy you were just talking to?
Kobo: Hmm?
Me: How do you know him?
Kobo: He's in boy scouts with me.
Me: Y'know, I understand you're a straight guy, but I will NEVER figure out how you talk to such CUTE guys!
Kobo: -sighs- I hate it when you do that... -pause- Wait, you thought he was cute?
Me: -nods- Course! He's so pretty!
Kobo: -bursts out laughing-
Me: What?
Kobo: -shakes head and continues laughing-
Me: No, seriously, what? What's so funny?
Kobo: -continues laughing-

Recording audio for a project:
Me: There are many types of endangered plants.
Ryan: Like the grass you step on every day!

Making posters for charities in U.S. History:
Ariel: We should do Planned Parenthood!
Christie: What's that?
Kristyn: An abortion clinic. We're not doing Planned Parenthood!
Ariel: Why?
Me: It's too controversial a topic! Who wants to make a poster for the Salvation Army?
Kristyn: Abortion is wrong!
Ariel: No it isn't!
Kristyn: You're killing something!
Ariel: It hasn't been born yet!
Me: NO MORE CONTROVERSIAL TOPICS! This is now the happy table. Nobody is going to talk about abortions, religion, or any other controversial topics.
Kristyn: But abortions--

Koby: This morning, sometime around three, I woke up.
Me: That sucks.
Koby: I wasn't finished. I woke up... In Josh's bed.
Me: ... Are... Are you ACTUALLY telling ME of all people?

One of my friends dressed as Snape from Harry Potter got into an argument with someone dressed as a Death Eater:
Stephanie: I'M Voldemort's favorite! I killed DUMBLEDORE!
Me: In the kitchen, with the candlestick.
Everybody within our vicinity: -laughs-

Ryan: You know, you and your brother look alike.
Me: I've been told that quite a few times.
Ryan: I mean, it's scary how alike you look.
Me: But I'm prettier, right?
Ryan: What?
Me: I'm prettier.
Ryan: What do you mean?
Ryan: I'm not answering that.
Me: No! It's a trick question! I'm OBVIOUSLY prettier because I'm a girl.
Ryan: ...
Ryan: I'm still not answering.

I was wearing a ricepicker's hat:
Me: -moves hat forward on her head to get more shade-
Ryan: Lower.
Me: Hm?
Ryan: The brim of your hat. Move it lower.
Me: -shrugs, moves it lower to partially cover face-
Ryan: Hm... More.
Me: -does so-
Ryan: No, more.
Me: -covers entire face with it-
Ryan: Much better.

Biology with preps (I was wearing an FMA shirt with the Japanese logo on it):
Katy: OH! Can you speak Japanese?
Me: Umm... Just a little...
Morgan: I can! -starts speaking gibberish-
Me: No, that's Chinese.
Morgan: Really?
Me: No.

After homecoming, going to a dessert place:
Koby: You know, you could just go with my mom, Hope, and me.
Me: But we're dropping Morgan off. I'd feel bad because my dad is responsible for her.
Koby: If you didn't bring her, you could just go with us and be done with it.
Hope: Yeah.
Me: No... I think I'd still call my dad.
Koby: Why?
Me: I wouldn't want to impose. Plus, your mom doesn't like me all that much.
Hope: We thought his mom didn't like ME, remember? But now, she loves me!
Me: Someday, you're gonna be her daughter-in-law and give her grandchildren! Of COURSE she loves you!
Hope: Why does everyone say that?

Watching Iron Chef: America:
Me: Hey, does Morimoto speak any English?
Dad: A little. Mostly just Japanese and they dub over it.
-pause, Morimoto is explaining a dish in Japanese, then is undubbed long enough for him to say 'thank you' in English-
Me: Why do they dub over his voice? It's so much nicer than that English voiceover.
Dad: He has a thick accent.
Me: So put subtitles on.
Dad: You're going to marry a Japanese guy someday, aren't you...

After lunch:
Me: Ugh, I have nothing to do in art AGAIN today...
Catherine: I have a book you could borrow...
Me: Eew! No! Your books have icky heterosexual people in them!

Joshbo's friend asked him to ask L and Light cosplayers to make out for a photo:
Joshbo: Hey, one of my friends forced me to ask if I could get a picture of you two making out.
-L and Light look at each other-
Both: No.
Joshbo: Okay. I just had to ask.
Light: Yeah, you aren't the first to ask.
L: And certainly not the first to be told no.

Bobby, Mrs. H, and James were talking about how JK Rowling announced Dumbledore's homosexuality on the news (of course I had to intervene):
James: So THAT'S why he was always hanging around Harry!
Me: -shouts- HE WAS GAY. HE WASN'T A PEDO.

A teacher was complementing the students in my Latin class while we were in the room:
Teacher: Since they're so good, I think you should give them a free 100 as a grade.
Steven: Yeah! Like on that test we have today!
Steven: It was worth a try, right?

World Geography:
Ms. PBJ: How many of you can draw?
-half the class stares at me-
Me: -raises hand slowly-

Talking about Loveless:
Ryan: So what's with the ears?
Me: They have cat ears and tail until they lose their virginity.
Catherine: That's embarrassing.
Ryan: -nods-
Me: Yeah, kinda. It'd prevent a lot of teen pregnancies, though.
Ryan: True.
Me: But if I were in that universe, I'd probably keep my ears forever.
Catherine: Why? That's really humiliating. You'd be married and people would be talking about you.
Catherine: Only her...
Ryan: Only her...

My mom got Mari and I each a pair of Christmas socks she found on sale. Mari's have gingerbread men on them:
Mari: Is your mom trying to make a racial statement?
Me: I sure hope not... My socks say 'Ho Ho Ho.'

Nicole brought biscotti and let us have some, but Catherine didn't want the whole thing so she was trying to break it:
Catherine: I can't break this!
Me: Give it here. -breaks the biscotti- Here. -hands Catherine a piece- Apparently, I'm the only one manly enough to break a piece of biscotti.
Hope: -nudges Koby- Did you hear what she said?
Koby: Yeah.

Ryan called me to find out my site so he could show his friend the quotes:
Ryan: -addressing his friend- Yeah, she got mad at me so now she only puts my quotes up when I say a smartass comment.
Me: I only put EVERYONE's quotes up when they say smartassed comments.

Religion discussions are fun 8DD:
Ms. PBJ: Okay, now who knows who King James was?
-whole class is quiet-
Someone: A king!
Me: -raises hand- He was a king who gave permission for the bible to be translated.
-everyone just kinda stares at me-
Ms. PBJ: Er... Yeah, but what country?
Me: England?
Ms. PBJ: Yes...

My deviantART: Check it out cause I told you to 8D

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