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This is the Profile of magic cheese:

Name: Julie/Jules (which ever you prefer, I'm not picky.)

Age: 13

Birthdate: December 29, 1991

About Me: Hi. I am Julie. I live in California. I don't like dirty penguins. I have a little brother named Jonas. He's ten. My parents are divorced. I'm in high school! That's weird...Anyways, I love Harry Potter. J.K. Rowling is my hero! I am a proud Ron/Hermione shipper! We believe in trees! Harry/Hermione shippers should die and go to Hell.

Here are some handy snippets of information about me:

My favorite color is blue.

I like to read and write.

I sometimes pretend that I am James Potter.

My feet currently smell clean.

I once cut my beautiful long brown hair because my best friend dared me to.

I think I am a daredevil.

I'm sarcastic.

I used to like macaroni and cheese. Not anymore.

I'm random.

I'm straight edge.

My mother says I'm sarcastic.

My favorite band is Garbage.

I'm a girl!

On the car ride to school, I usually feel like I've forgotten something important.

I love doing laundry!

Apples are weird.

My favorite TV show is Gilmore Girls.

My motto is "Cold Cuts Should Be Eliminated, Samuel."

My relatives don't know how lucky they are to be related to me.

When I grow up, I wanna be an actress, a writer, or a laundry woman!

I think I've made my mother cry once.

Sirius Black is funny!

I'm a Ron/Hermione shipper, a Harry/Ginny shipper, and a Rory/Jess shipper.

If you are a Harry/Hermione shipper, then I hate you.

I don't like soda.

Someone once told me that I was a compulsive liar.

When I pick up my home phone, I say "Hello, Potter residence".

I like yelling at telemarketers.

Chocolate is my best friend.

I think I will be a bad driver.

Sometimes spoons attack me in the night.

Last Thanksgiving, I was so hyper I started strangling my brother.

I have been kidnapped by the Canadian Duck Council of Canada. Those darned ducks!

I love ducks.

I love forests!

Did I mention that I love doing laundry? is the best thing that has ever happened to the Internet.

I frequently visit

I just got Garbage's Version 2.0 and it's fantabulous!

I love to make up words!

My parents have actually gotten mad at me for reading too much.

Life is like a bowl of and fruity.

Do you think I'm crazy?

You probably do.

And I agree. As I've always said, my mother must have stood too close to the microwave when she was pregnant with me.


Unfortunately, I am abandoning "Confessions of a First Year". I don't like that one too much. Plus no one reads it, so it's a win/win situation!


'Future' is on a short hiatus because I have midterms and I am too busy to write a new chapter.

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