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Back to Basics:

The Name: Katherine Clarkay Bartharth

The Age: Not too young, not too old

The Gender: Female...Obviously

The Current Location: Yeah, so you can find me? Not a chance!

The Status: Single...But don't be getting any ideas! I have my eye on one particular guy...And I think he has his eye on me...The word 'crush' doesn't describe the feeling I have for this guy. It's love; so why can't you realize it, and get over it? We were made for each other. Cry about it.

The Personality: Everything. There are words to describe my personality. But typing them would waste my time. I'm not goth or emo or punk or any of that shit. I'm me. I'm an orignal combination of everything new and old. How cool is that?!

The Looks:

-Blonde hair with highlights

-Green eyes

-Contacts, in place of glasses

-I have Irish white skin...Gee, I wonder why THAT could be...

-Average height

-Skinny, but not anorexic skinny. Healthy skinny.

The Style: Pretty boring. I wear whatever I want, I just need it to be comfortable, and not screaming some retarded message.

The Currents:

Currently Reading: The Hidden Diaries of Marie Antionette

Currenty Listening To: Somewhere I Belong- Linkin Park Numb- Linkin Park

Current Desire: See the last part of Status...And a couple other things that I will not mention

Currently Thinking: Back your ass up, before I freaking back it up for you! Got it?

Currently Feeling:


-Sick (Physically and Emotionally)

-Feeling the love of a certain person

-Seriously distressed, yet somehow underneath it all, oddly calm

Currently Missing: My brother Kevine...

Currently Pondering: A lot of things

Currently Stressing Over: Grrr...So many annoying things.

Current Word: Chomp

Current Phrase: Yo tengo un perro en mi camiseta

Current Hero: Kevin H. McMillan Backharth

Current Food: Chocolate

Currently Looking Forward To: Kicking ass...AND tommorow's a Friday, thank GWAD!

Currently Should Be Doing: Studying for a Spainish quiz...I say, to hell with it

Currently Should Be: Upstairs, TRYING TO STUDY and. or going to sleep

Currently Talking To: No one, don't feel like talking

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