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Author has written 2 stories for Cat Returns, and Naruto.

hi ya'll!! i'm 10tailwolfdemon.lets get started shall we?

Name: christal

Nickname: tiny, chris, CC

On The Net Nicknames: White Fang, White, Fang, Whitey, and Fangy (i'm not jokin either)

Eye Color: dark brown to light brown with red spots when sun hits hair

Hair Color: dark brown

Sex: female (i'm bi pplz)

Hieght: 4'10 (so i'm short.so wat)

Age: 20

Favorite animal: wolf ( i LUV them!! i sware!! i da storys i've thought up have 2 have some type of wolf wateva in it!! xD> )

Saying: art is a bang!! grab, claw, twist and repeat!! :) (i got more but i'm 2 lazy)

City: not tellin. :P

Fav. Color: black and yellow like a yellow jacket

Hobby: read, write, draw, paint, play gameboy, knit, sew, and some other shit tat i'm 2 lazy 2 put on.

Fav. game: pokemon. (flips da birdy 2 da ppl who thing i'm retarded 4 likeing pokemon)

I luv 2 read g.i.joe,transformer,he-man,cat returns,naruto,tokyo mew mew,hellboy,kirby,and pokemon. Its sad tat not many ppl put up g.i.joe,hellboy,he-man,and kirby fanfics. So sad. Well, as u can c, i have a few stories of my own (like 2. xD>) and i would luv 2 update them but i'm VERY 4getful. >.

Sasuke Part 2: Child--Sasuke 12-years old now and she's (yes, SHE. i turned Sasuke into a girl. more fun tat way. heehee.) on the same team with her Naru-chan (guess who) and a new friend of her's named Sakura. Mojo (a silver fox demon) is still living with her and Lead-sama (a powerful wolf demon) is still living in his cave home by the village. her team have to pass a ninja exam this year and she's worry about Naruto. I mean, come on. Lets face. He's as dumb as a rock and would most likely talk to one too. Anyways, and if that wasn't bad snake boy (whats his name again?) is coming to the village to kill the 3rd. isn't life great when your a ninja kid? :)

Sasuke Part 3: Adult--Sasuke's an adult now (duh) and she's very attrative, but here's the thing. She's joined a powerful gang (think Akatsuki but thats not her gangs name.), and they're WORST then the Akatsuki in some ways. They call themselves...(1 min.let my get my japanese dictionary book)...Fuun (misfortune). I'll give you their coats details whenever i get to Part 3. Anyways, she's in love with someone (i'll let you vote who). She always childish and she loves to use water jutsus and bombs. Her panter is also female and is always calm and cool until someone pisses her off and that's rare.

and i can't say no more cuz i think i might give you away a LOT of stuff of wat might or is goin 2 happen. and i WILL get my hard drive back from my teacher and i WILL post new chapters up 4 BOTH of my stories...o yeah. i'm SO awsome. xP

tats bout it until i can think of more!! have a nice day! xD>

I'm think bout puttin up a he-man story but i'm busy with my sasuke story and i have 2 finish my cats return story so yea.

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