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Hi! This is my first time here so I now that I'm gonna be really bad at this...anyway, here's a little bit about myself:

Favourite T.V. shows:

My all time favourite T.V. show is xiaolin showdown. In fact, I'm obsessed with it. Every night I dream about it and currently, I've been trying to make up a new character in the style of xiaolin showdown. My favourite characters are (in this order): Chase Young

Raimundo Pedosra

Jack Spicer (he's so cute!)

Kimiko Tohomiko

Omi. Recently I've started to like Omi a lot seeing as Chase Young has so much intrest in him. There is something about Chase Young that makes me shiver in pleasure and awe. He has so much conrol over his emotions and he is unbelievable at fighting. I was wondering, does Chase even have emotions seeing as he gave up his soul? And does Jack still have a crush on Kimiko? And also, I wish I knew how Wuya feels towards Rai...Maybe I should make up a story about it. I think that the character who is seriously overlooked in this show is Clay Baily. The problem is that so far in the show, I think that there hasn't been any scenarios that provoke intrest in Clay, which is a real shame. In the near future, I am going to have to write a tribute story in honour of Clay. Have I been wittering on? Sorry! It's just that I love this show so much, that I wish it was real ; it is my ultimate wish...

I also like Sailor Moon, but I haven't seen the show in about 5 years, seeing as it was taken off the channel that I watched it on. I haven't found it since then. I wish I could see it again, if only I could find it...

Favourite music:

I really like Shakira, especially her song Whenever, Wherever.

Also I love Evenessanse (sorry if I spelt it wrong), Eva Cassidy and the Black Eyed Peas.

WARNING: I almost forgot to mention that I have a huge obsession with mermaids. Once, I spent a week trying to find mermaid pictures on google. My favourite disney movie is the little mermaid. I can't help it, it's just that I love mermaids almost as much as I love xiaolin showdown.

I don't ever say that I love Chase Young, because I don't want to be a groupie; I want to admire him, and to imagine him. Maybe by writing a story about him, I'll get to know him better. I knowI sound crazy,but there you go. I can't stop thinking about him: his immense fighting skills, his reptilian transformation, his impassive face, his evil smile that sends shivers up my back wheneverI see it, his strong and domineering posture, his long, ebony black hair and above all, his gleaming, searching, golden reptilian eyes. Okay, so maybeI do love Chase Young and I so wish that I had a 15 year old boyfriend version of him in real life. The main reason that Xiaolin Showdown is my favourite show and that Chase Young is my favourite character, is because both of them have taken over my preferences, my art, my dreams, my mind.

I've posted my second story. i know that i should be working onmy firststory, but im having a major mental block. if only people would give me some tips on hown to continue...hint hint anyway, for now i'll be focussing on my new story. plz review it
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