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Author has written 9 stories for D.Gray-Man, Diablo, and Warcraft.

About Me:

Sex: Male.

Age: 24.

Years With Fanfiction: 11.

So I've been doing this for awhile now. I love writing. I'm also a huge sucker for romance, which is why I've stuck with fanfiction for so long. Because you all know what it's like when the best girl loses and this has to be rectified, so you jump on here and search for AllenxRhode or RanmaxSetsuna, since a Ranma and Sailor Moon crossover is pretty much canon. On that note, I've always been a fan of unusual pairings.

These days, I'm mostly playing around with the Warcraft universe. Not because it's particularly good - the last few expansions have been a tragedy for lore - but up to about Wrath they presented a very workable universe that let you mix and match whatever fantasy elements you want. I mostly stay away from in-game characters, like Varian or Sylvanas, and I build my own stories from the background of the world Blizzard produced. This way I can traverse original waters while also keeping to fanfiction.

Anyways, I write the stories I wish other people would write, which is about all that should be said of me. The perfect world, to me, is one where everything I would write has already been written. I'd gladly put down my metaphorical pen and read to the end of my days, if that was the case.

About My Stories:

Project XIII: Requiem of Time. Wrote at seventeen years old. It was intended to be a secondary story with short chapters, but then it just went onwards. Quality of writing is better than most of my previous works, but since its a leisure fic, not the best it could be. It's pretty fun to write, too. Allen/Rhode/Lulubell. Finished.

Project XIV: Ladies, Ladies, Ladies. Wrote at seventeen years old, in the span of a single month. Recently convinced to write lemons, well, one of my more... scandalous ideas came into fruition. Probably the most fun I've ever had writing a story, laughing or grinning the most of the time I was writing. Writing for pleasure at its finest. The quality is exactly what can be expected of me currently, though the... content is strictly limited to just that. Pairing is a Necromancer/Rogue/Blood Raven/Countess/Andariel/Sabre Cat/Succubus. Yeah, the most ridiculous thing you'll ever see. Funny thing is, it might even get a sequel (link is picture of the harem). Finished.

Project XV: Nemesis One Half. Started at eighteen years old. It's Nemesis back in its original form, and slightly an experimental fic. The new idea might lose some old Nem fans, which will be a unpleasant loss, but my hope is it will cure old Resurrection's mistakes and gain a lot more fans. Pairing is under wraps currently. (pic of Crystal as Sailor Moon) Unfinished.

Project XVI: Kill It. Wrote at eighteen years old. A simple WoW non-pairing. After a long gap, I wanted a quick fic to ease myself back into writing. The first chapter, potentially a one-shot, started choppy as expected and ended nearly exactly how I intended. A second and final chapter was started, but I doubt I'll ever get around to it, so... Finished.

Project XVII: A Savage Land. Wrote at eighteen years old in less than a month. WoW fic that superseded Kill It... Project XIV had proven its forerunner, and I refuse to post this fic on this site. Rather than a story with a plethora of lemons, this one is... lemons with plot and slightly explores justice and morality. It's a dark fic and tragic, pairing: (male)Rogue/(female)Death Knight/harem. Finished (the complete story is now posted, minus the epilogue), for better or for worse. (Due to some age misunderstanding, the story has moved from AdultFanFiction to MediaMiner) Link

Project XVIII: Champion.

Project XIX: Abbendis. The first 5k words were written at eighteen years old. The idea was scrapped, until nineteen year old me rediscovered it and altered its pace and purpose. For several months I've worked on it at a slow pace, and on exactly one year after it was created, I finished. I've got a Rennah-like fondness for this one, except it has a full story's length if still not an epic. Highly recommended by me to anyone. Pairing: Abbendis/warlock. Finished.

Project XX: Rennah. Feels weird posting a later project before the two others, but anyways... Wrote at nineteen years old. WoW fic, a short little romance featuring the odd pairing. I've got a compilation of bogus writing featuring over 400 pages of work that may or may not ever get posted, and this is the only one of the dozens of fics to become completed. Pairing is Rogue/Harpy (neat, huh? ...shove off, they're human enough). Finished.

Project XXI: War of the Sightless Eye (Formerly Pinned Under Eyes). Twenty-one stories already? Anyways, still a work in progress, immense thing consisting of four main characters. Written while nineteen years old and up. A sort of army/military story, without strict adherence to real life military in any age. Relationship wise... Well, it started as four separate human/harem ideas, but with its actual implementation, I don't rightfully know. Ranger/?. Warrior/harem (viking style). Paladin/?. Warlock/?.

Project XXII: A Proper Romance. Wrote at twenty-one years old. An experimental story as bold as the challenge in its title. It's a fantasy story that goes deeper than fanfiction, and there is more of me invested into it than any before. I feel exceptionally sensitive to any review it may receive. Alas. So where's the real kick to it? Beside the fact that it is all told ex post facto, the pairing is a human/vrykul. Which, while not absurd from me, is done with a wholly new flair.

Project XXIII: Perfection. Wrote while twenty-two years old. This story is far from perfect itself, but I liked the finish enough to pull it from the compilation document. This story prompted me to start learning Old Norse - partly because one of the characters needed to speak it, mostly because I want to include jotuns in later stories. The pairing is human/vrykul again. Finished.

Project XXIV: Cult. Work in progress, secondary to WotSE. I really, really want to give it an overly presumptuous p-word title, something like Paradisaical, just to complete the trilogy, since it is the third human/vrykul story in a row. I mixed two story ideas to get this one: the Cult of the Damned bribing aggressors with a sort of sleeper agent pleasure slave with a protagonist that has sentient companions a la in-game - in this case, qiraji guardling and mindslayer. Pairing: human/vrykul. Unfinished.

Note (2017-07-17) - On the removal of Nemesis One Half:

A long time ago- Or, rather, a very long time ago, somewhere back in 2012 at least, I told myself that I would not continue Nemesis One Half until I did two things. First, read Ranma 1/2 from cover to cover. This would help me remember the history, learning ability, the comical nonsense, and most importantly the little details of Ranma's various skills throughout the series. Since I originally only watched the show, this would also further my understanding of things like Saffron, Hinako, Herb, and the other things not present within the anime, which I mostly learned by exposure from other fanfiction. The second thing was to actually read or watch Sailor Moon all the way through, for similar reasons as above. In truth, Sailormoon was something I only ever knew from fanfiction and referencing wikis, and I wanted a proper understanding of the series to produce a better story going forward.

Fast-forward all these years, after a long block of not writing anything at all anymore, one thing led to another and suddenly I did it. I read Ranma through. I picked up the garishly covered Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon and read it. By Act 10 - Moon, I even enjoyed it, and I read Codename: Sailor V after. The manga of Sailor Moon is somehow entirely unlike the TV show I remember from my youth.

So with this done, I immediately looked back to Nemesis to continue it, and I just couldn't. There were so many things that were almost done properly, or with a slight tweak could have fit something from Sailormoon, or it hinted towards a reference yet utterly cluelessly. For a story written nearly blind, I'd give myself a little gold star, but I feel very strongly that the only real way to continue that work without needing to bend over backwards would be to completely rewrite it from scratch. Again. Which I'm not feeling up for anymore, I'm sure, than some long-ago reader is.

Meanwhile, however, I did feel some spurring towards writing with the recent reading of Ranma 1/2 and Sailormoon both. I began a story that didn't have much direction at the start, only an idea and a destination, but over the last few months, it has slowly begun shaping itself into... something. And that 'something' I am enjoying dearly. Though my last two weeks have been me butting heads with a wall, I'm convinced I will finish this story, and when I do, I will post it here. Although there is no relation between this story and the old Nemesis One Half, there are some parallels that could be misleading, so I decided to pull down Nemesis long before this new story is posted to hopefully deter that impression.


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War of the Sightless Eye reviews
Far more old gods exist than those chained beneath the surface of Azeroth. The deaths of C'Thun and Yogg-Saron can be ignored no longer; the time of reckoning has come. An Epic, of the trials and last stand of an army of Vrykul, Sin'dorei, Argent Paladins, and Qiraji - and the four men that lead them. The game has changed.
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The Cult of the Damned is notorious for its many answers for those who threaten its operations. In this case it was just one man, one pest, and with a simple bribe, the matter should have been resolved there. It should have ended there.
Warcraft - Rated: M - English - Adventure - Chapters: 1 - Words: 11,060 - Favs: 2 - Follows: 5 - Published: 6/5/2015 - Human
A Proper Romance reviews
So simple were those days, before the world creaked under the weight of the Kvaldir, before he was called Black-Struck or the "Father of the Half-a-Half-Giant." Then, it was just an adventuring man and his trials in Northrend. Those are the days she came to hear of. A human/vrykul short-story, told ex post facto in a series of tales.
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Kill It
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Diablo - Rated: M - English - Humor - Chapters: 6 - Words: 199,556 - Reviews: 102 - Favs: 499 - Follows: 200 - Updated: 3/28/2010 - Published: 2/21/2010 - [Necromancer, Blood Raven, Andariel, Rogue] - Complete
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