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HIYA! What's going on fellow readers? First off, I wanna say thanks to everyone you dropped a line during my hiatus. Your kind words were very much appreciated. During my break, I took a time out to think and I've decided to come back to writing. Btw, just because I was on vacation does not mean that I stopped writing. Rather I just stopped posting. Keep a lookout for a some new stories to be posted shortly. For those of you who I promised a 'lemony' version to 'UG' i do apologize that you havent received anything...and believe me there is a reason. Not too long after completing it, my comp got a virus. As a result, my poor comp along with more than half of my files was erased. :( And seeing as Kamryn isnt in the mood to redo it, Ive found myself in a bit of a bind looking for another author to take up the slack so to speak. So if anyone is in fact interested in filling in the SMUT, drop me a line and we can definitely discuss it. Also, as for sequels. I mentioned handing over the reigns to any of my stories if authors were interested. The offer still stands. If you have an idea to continuing any of my stories, send me a message or an email and i will gladly get back to you on it. Keep in mind that Real life will get in the way, so i cant necessarily get back to you immediatly but I will try my best.

Well thats all for now. See ya around. And as always,



AS OF 4/24/08:


I'm posting this here rather than getting everyone's hopes up by placing it in a story as an A/N. I am taking a break from writing for a while. It may be a few more weeks or it could be a few months. Not sure yet. Frankly, I'm tired and writing is just not fun anymore. Some are probably asking why? Well, frankly, there is a group of people who read and review stories, not just mine but stories in general, with demands for more work, never once acknowledging the chapter was just posted. I honestly find reviews that just say "UPDATE NOW!" kinda rude and disconcerting. It may surprise you how long it takes to think of/draft/proofread and eventually to write a chapter rather than just to read it and 'attacking' authors with demands for updates generally shows a lack of understanding what exactly we go through. I'm not saying this to disregard those readers who actually take the time to say something about the readings. As a matter of fact, it is because of you guys that I will be returning at some point. But for right now, I need to figure out my life and my reality before I jump back into the world of fiction. For those of you who requested the alternate version to unexpected, it should be in your inboxes within the following week, unless i haven't got your actual email addresses, which is in fact the case for a select few. For those of you you will, if you havent already, be receiving messages from requesting the needed info.

Thanks for everything guys. For those of you whose stories I'm currently checking out, I will be dropping you lines.

Feel free to email me or send me a message if you have any comments or questions



Hey all...hmmmm a little about myself. Well my friends call me Kaci. I'm a recent graduate of NYU :woohoo class of 07, we did it, majoring in biochemistry. Originally from Brooklyn, I moved to NJ when the parentals got transfered, but b/c of skool I was a citygirl and am now roughing it in georgetown virginia movies/film, im all about my music, sciences, traveling;

Age: 22

Nationality: Jamaican with some british in the mix

Xtra stuff: Im an identical twin...have an older sister by just four mins named Kamryn...

im legally an adult, but im still a kid at heart totally into your typical cartoons and animes, along with charmed, JAG, smallville, L&O:SVU and a bunch of other junk...

Lets see...I actually and get this is kind of odd, I dont think I'm all that great at writing. I always felt its not really my thing. I always feel that I gotta OD when it comes to details so the reader can see what I see. It took a while but i realized that while I am quite capable of being an 'idea machine' that i'm much better at organizing the story after i've been given some kind of plot or outline, which is usually developed by my sister. We've actually written quite a few things since high skool. Mainly while bored in class, while sailing or just chillin out. Never really took any of them seriously. It wasnt until like Oct. in my physics lecture that my sister caught me editing/writing again instead of taking notes :my bad: that she told me we should possibly post some things online. she gave me a few websites and here i am.

i've considered getting my own website, but am too busy to keep it updated, i would however be willing to post my stuff on other people's stuff tho...if interested or you know someplace i could post them email me at and i'll see what i can do


Little White Lies...Ser/Dar...status:completed. still unsure of whether or not we'll be addin another chap...if so it will be a long epilogue

Unexpected Guardian...Ser/Dar...completed...we have a cowriter on this one...keezy will most likely be joinin us for another story, hopefully starting from the beginning...possible sequel. we are working on a challenge actually

Bargain With the Devil...Ser/Dar...status: WIP. shelved until we feel like picking back up with it again :

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