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Author has written 2 stories for Lord of the Rings, and Twilight.

I know what you're wondering...

Aganippe is not elvish, nor does it have anything to do with the Lord of the Rings. Aganippe was a nymph in the Greek myths. It is also the name of the well that the nymph resided in, the well that Pegasus created with his hooves. This well is also dedicated to the Muses, for it is where they originated. So I draw forth from this name the inspiration of imagination; inspiration from the Muses, and imagination from such wondrous creatures as the nymph Aganippe and Pegasus, the winged horse.

Enough about the name I have chosen. I am obsessed with legend, lore, myths and history, so you may imagine I am infatuated with the ancient world. And my constantly wandering mind has conjured a story that has been itching to step forth to the public. Hence The Wrath of Hera. I have a beta, Cholera, Queen of the Universe (:-)), so hopefully with her proof-reading eye and my brilliant teachings from my English professor, this story may shirk any misspelling and sentence snarls. I hope you find this story to your satisfaction, inspiration, and flame to the imagination.

Carpe Diem!

And please, please, PLEASE with sugar on top, leave your email no matter what, so I can reply to your reviews. I accept all criticisms, complements, and helpful tips, with all of these I can make this story great, so please, PLEASE leave me a way to reply. I know that you may only review once per chapter, so here is my email if you have any additional questions: leprechaungirl2001@. And please, please, if you email me, please put the word 'fanfiction' in the subject so that I don't accidentally throw it away.

I have also created a forum for questions. Can you tell that I want to hear what you have to say? It's not even just for questions. Contact me if you want to bounce plot ideas, or talk about myths or history. Anything.

Another thing, I do not intend to make this character into a 'Mary- Sue' however, I am not entirely sure what a Mary- Sue is. My character is a goddess, and the deity I have chosen is known for her beauty and certain aspects I fully intend to include in this story. However I have not chosen this character for her tasteful qualities, I have chosen her for the goddess she is, everything she is, and everything she stands for. I could choose any goddess to put in this story, but the plot fits best with her, the possibilities this story can include stretch before her as no other character could possess. So I do not intend to make this a 'Mary- Sue', however I will not demean this Olympian who has demanded so much respect and fear and awe over the millennia by creating flaws she is not known to have.

AND REMEMBER! With the stories I have written or shall write in the future, I HAVE A PURPOSE. All questions, be sure that I will answer them in due time. Such as Artemis, in my present and momentarily solitary story, she may be a goddess, however she is not in her true home, her powers have weakend, therefore she is weakend, yet do not fear, this will be remedied.

I've just realized that while I ramble on and on in the stiffest manner of speech about The Wrath of Hera in my profile, there is absolutely NOTHING about me in here. None of you know me as a person. And I haven't updated in eons, so there's nothing about the Lady de Luna.

The Lady de Luna is a Twilight fanfic, based off of the end of the third installment. Bella had been bitten in the first book, and since then, unbeknownst to anyone else, the venom affected her so that her antibodies build up a resistance to it, causing unique side effects when Edward turns her into a vampire.

And about me:

I am in my early twenties. I won't give you an exact age because chances are I won't update this for several years.

I'm impressively forgetful. I also have no time. Like. Ever.

I teach forty hours a week and go to school full time at night, and I babysit the hours I don't have class or work to pay for gas (Thanks Bush, as if I didn't have enough on my plate between car payments/college/YEARNING for an appartment/life in general.)

So my stories. If you're actually reading this, then chances are you've read my stories, and chances are you noticed the, um, vast stretch of time inbetween updates...


You know my schedule, I didn't mention homework in there because, honestly, when do I have the time? Well, okay, I do homework in the college parkinglot before class, and I'm always late. BUT, I love to write.

Um. I'm just terrible at writing the same story. I'm writing three right now. These two fics, and my own. Sooooo, this summer I'm not taking classes specifically so that I can write more. :)

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