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Author has written 20 stories for Inuyasha.

I want to give my sincerest apologies to all of my fans and friends on FFN for not updating or responding to any emails. I will do so from now on.

Last year on March 30th, after 6 and a half month long battle with small cell carcinoma cancer, my father passed away.

It has been about a year since I have last updated anything on my account but I am happy to say that I have decided to begin writing again.

Unfortunately, as of right now A Love So Cold is temporarily on Hiatus.

I will be re-writing the previous chapters as well as working towards adding new ones once I get back on track.

In the mean time, please enjoy my poems and one-shots which I will also be updating very soon.

Thanks so much for all of your support.


I am going to put a disclamer here in my profile so I don't have to on every story I write. I DO NOT OWN INUYASHA! I wish I did though. I wouldn't make a fan fic if I did. I would make a show! I would make some changes too!


~ Koga would be out of InuYasha and Kagome's relationship, as well as Hojo

~ Shippo would never grow up, he is so cute!

~ It would be on all day, everyday, 365!

~ Shippo and Kagome wouldn't be made as some what of weaklings

More WAFF and fluff

I admit that there are characters I don't like, but I don't do bashings. Where there is good there is bad. Yeah Kikyo gets in between InuYasha and Kagome but you have to consider the circumstances of her "life". Naraku is an evil bastard but think about this. There would be no InuYasha story without him.
My pairings are plain and simple. InuYasha and Kagome. Miroku and Sango.Rin and Sesshomaru. I don't like those weird pairings. Like Koga and Kikyo, orNaraku and Kagome.
I honor everyones views and oppinions. I only give constructive critisism. I am no flamer. lol. I am however open to any and all comments.
I like to keep my writings mine only. I know that sounds selfish, and it is, but thats just how I would like it. If you are going to use any of my writings in your C2, I will allow it only if you get my permission.

I am an InuYasha Addict and proud!

InuYasha is the greatest thing since ramen noodles!


Nickname: A.C

Sex: Female

Ethnicity: I am a human that is all that matters…

Birth Date: November 25

Age: 18

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Brown

Screen Name: Kagome Lovely

L0st S0ul 1689


P0et 0f Darkness

Email: InuYasha_Addicts@hotmail.com


Personality: Crazy, bitchy, truthful, loyal, and fun. Also, when I get mad at myself I refuse to talk to myself for the rest of the day. lol!

Nervous Habits: Shaking my leg.

Tattoos: None, but hoping to get one soon!

Piercing: 7

Things I say way too much: Dude, Kick, screw you, shut up, feh (not InuYasha related), sure why not, and some other things too.

~~Emotions and Stuff~~

Do you get violent when you are angry: Yes

Which emotion are you most consumed by: Anger

Do you discuss problems or keep them to yourself: I keep them to myself

Do you fall in love easily: My heart is locked away where no one can reach it…

What ages were the most difficult for you: Life is difficult in general

How do you channel your anger/sadness: Sleep

List a few simple things that make you happy: Animals, sleeping, InuYasha, poetry, and the internet…

When were you most recently your happiest: I can't recall


Are you close to your family: Yes

What traits are you glad you inherited from them: Stubborn-ness

Which traits are you pissed off you inherited from them: Their Genes

What sitcom does your family most remind you of: Family Guy

Does your family live locally or far away: Locally

Have you ever stopped speaking to someone in your family: Yes, most of them

Have either of your parents died: Yes, my father. R.I.P. 03-30-07

Is your family very much like you or are you opposites: A mix of both.

How many siblings do you have: Five.

Has your family ever thrown food at each other: Yes, but not in a playful way.

Are the holidays a nightmare or a time of joy: A Nightmare!

Do you look like your parents: So I've been told

List one interesting fact about your family: We love to hate each other.


Do you have friends that are drastically different from each other: Some. But we're all a pretty tight group.

List a few key traits that all of your friends have in common: They are all Rockstars!

Have you ever been betrayed by a close friend: Yes.

If yes, are you still friends with that person: No way.

Are your friends mostly your age, younger or older: A mix. From the ranges of 16-23


Did you spend your childhood with mostly real or imaginary friends: Real.

Did people consider you an odd child: Did? They still do!

Do you have memories that go back to when you were only a few months old: No…Does anybody?

Do you remember any thoughts you had when you where very young: Yes.

Were you dreams very vivid as a child: No.

What is the strangest memory you have from early childhood: Having my nose brake because it was ran over by a bike.

Were you a child prodigy or did you display any gifts at a young age: I was early at everything and I could read and write perfectly by the age of three, thus I skipped a grade.

What was the most "grown-up" thing you ever said as a child: I don’t remember.

What were your favorite TV shows in early childhood: BARNEY! Oh, and Lamb Chop to a lesser extent.

Were you afraid of monsters: You kidding me! I wasn’t afraid of anything, my mom called me to kill bugs and go in the basement lol!

Did you believe that fictional characters were real: Sometimes.

Were you more quiet and artistic or loud and physical: I was a mix of both…except for the quite part…I was never quite…


Gay, Straight, Bi-sexual: I am straight.

Married/Partnered: I never want to get married.

Ever gone out with someone you were embarrassed to be seen with: No.

Ever broken someone’s heart: Yes.

How many serious relationships have you had: One.

Have you lusted obsessively over someone you knew you couldn't have: Yes.

Do you believe in the theory of soul mates: I don’t know.

Ever cheated: No. And I never will. I have seen and experianced it.

Been cheated on: Yes multiple times.

Most important emotional qualities of a lover: Someone with a sense of humor. Someone who understands me. Someone faithful and truthful. Someone who will stay by my side no matter what and he must accept me for me. Someone stubborn and who likes to argue but knows when enough is enough and isn’t intentionally mean. Someone who doesn’t think of only sex, who is content to just hold me in there arms. Most importantly, someone who won’t treat me like a queen.

~~Latest and Favorites~~

Clothes: My star pants, Boots with the fur, furry leather jacket, bitch hoops and big diamond studs, and my red shirt.

Food: Culvers triple scoop Vanilla custard and hot cheetohs!

Scent: Vanilla & Very Sexy.

Hair Style: Hair down and Spiral Curls.

Music: Too many to list

Nail color: None…I never paint my nails.

Crush: No one really…just some guys I think are cute…

Manga: The Dreaming, Confidential Confessions, and some other ones…

~~ Japanese Stuff~~

Favorite Anime/Manga : Inuyasha, Confidential Confessions, The Dreaming, Instant Teen, Crescent Moon, Death Note, and some other ones that I can’t remember lol.

Manga Count: At least 8.

Favorite JPOP: Do As Infinity, BoA, Ayumi Hamasaki, Namie Amuro, Every Little Thing, and some other ones I can’t remember….again….lol.

Favorite Food: Teriyaki rice, Hibachi Steak, Green tea, Hibachi Vegetables, California Rolls, Broccoli wrapped in meat covered in teriyaki, Japanese soda, and more….mmm…now I am hungry lol! OH! and the three R's...RAMEN, RICECAKES, and ROCKSTARS!

~~Which One~~

Rock or Rap: Rock, Rap sucks.

Chinese or Mexican: Mexican all the way.

Coke or Pepsi: Pepsi.

Straight or Curly: Curly

Guy friends or girl friends: Guy friends.

Guitar or drums: Guitar.

Chocolate or Vanilla: Vanilla.

Hot dog or corn dog: Corn dog.

Mustard or Ketchup: Mustard.

Beef or Chicken: Beef all the way!

Beach or Mountains: Beach, there is more to do.

Me or You: Umm…I am scared now…lol.

Boxers or Briefs: Boxers.

Bambi or Nemo: NEMO!

Sugar or Honey: SUGAR!

~~My Getup~~

Where do you shop for outfits: Where ever I find clothes I like

What kind of shoes do you wear: The famous Boots with the fur! Oh yeah! lol.

Do you wear a watch: No

Color you never wear: Yellow, white, orange, and green

Color you wear at least once a week: black

Something you wear everyday: The boots

Do you wear make up everyday: No

Make up essential: Lip gloss

Most cherished piece of clothing: My Star Pants

You wouldn't be caught dead wearing: A dress

Do you wear belts: Nope

Do you wear hats: Nope

How many pairs of shoes do you have: A billion.

~~Issues and Stuff~~

Do you eat meat: Yes

If you do, what is your justification for it: Because it's good...?

If you could legalize 3 things in the US, what would they be: Marijuana, Old people not driving, Drinking age at 18.

Do you believe in the death penalty: No, I think the worst thing to be done to a person is for them to rot in prison for life

If you had a choice, which country would you have chosen to be born into: Lol Japan, durr.

Describe your feelings about marijuana legalization: Make it happen damn it!

What about gay marriage: I think it should happen, there is nothing wrong with it. When people are in love, nothing else matters.

Red, White and Blue is a ghastly color combination, right: Sure why not.

What television news coverage do you detest the most: Bush and Britney Spears!

Which state do you think will drop off into the ocean first: That's easy, California because it wants to go chill with Hawaii, and Alaska will too.

Who do you consider "American Heroes": Who ever invented chocolate

~~Can You~~

Roll Tongue: Yes.

Raise one eyebrow at a time: Kinda .

Blow Spit Bubbles: Yes.

Cross Eyes: Yes.

Hop up and down on one foot while yelling ‘I’m a purple Smurf in Spanish: WTF! Yes but why would I want to!

~~Do You~~

Eat Spam or Potted Meat: NO!

Type with one hand only: Sometimes.

Wear the same piece of jewelry everyday: Yes.

Twirl your Spaghetti or cut it: Twirl it!

Tell a guy if you like him: If I think he is cute I will tell him but if I like him (like not just cute) then I ignore him…I am weird like that.

Have a mole anywhere on your face: Nope.

Write with your right hand or left: Right.

Cut up all of your meat then at, or cut as you go: Cut as I go.

Carry more than 10 dollars with you on an average day: Yep

Have a swimming pool: Yea =

Sing: Yeah but I get shy in front of people…

Stay at the computer more than an hour at a time: HELL YES!

Wear thongs: Why would I want a wedgie?

~~Would You Rather~~

Eat a steak or a whole tube of toothpaste: What are you an idiot! I’ll take the steak.

Be covered in paper cuts or cigarette burns: Paper cuts….but please don’t do it…

Be perceived as intelligent or street-smart: Street-smart.

Eat a bottle cap or a spider the size of a bottle cap: A bottle cap, I have eaten a spider before and it isn’t good….don ‘t ask.

Be ruled exclusively by your heart or your mind: Mind.

Have the power to read minds or make anyone fall in love with you? Power to read minds, Love only hurts people…then again so does the truth.

Chew shards of broken glass or sit on a lighted barbeque grill: Mmm…glass shards.

Be able to fly or be able to render yourself invisible: DUDE! Fly!

Have questionable integrity or no sense of humor: No sense of humor…integrity is essential

Granted the answers to any 3 questions or ability to resurrect one person: I don't know anymore...

~~Completely Obtuse and Silly Questions~~

Have you ever taken something apart just to see how it worked: Yes, that’s how I broke my T.V! lol.

Do you ever yell at the television while you are alone: Yeah, even when I’m not alone.

What T.V kids show scares you: The wiggles shudders grown men in tight clothes singing…I swear they are molesters. OH! and Dora... Creepy!

Ever gotten into an argument with a total stranger: Almost everyday.

How many emails do you receive a day: 3 or 4…nobody I personally know uses email…it’s called a phone!

Do you think that time travel is a possibility: No.

Have you ever had a past life regression: I am afraid of sharks and deep water, especially if it’s murky. This is because in a past life I was a 32 year old woman killed off the coast of Australia by a tiger shark…

San Francisco or New York City: New York City.

Are you slightly addicted to online tests and surveys: Not really.

Close your eyes and type the first random image that pops into your head: A red ball of yarn…lol.

If you could choose a time period in which to live, which would it be: The 60's but I'd wanna jet back here too lol

~~ Random and Fun Crap~~

Type your name with your eyes closed: Caitlin

Type your name with your elbow: vcsazitgklinmh

With your toe: Are you serious…? dcaitkliujkjh

With your non-dominant hand only...turned around: ccaitl,hihn

Open a book and turn to page 8. What is the 7th word from the bottom: You…lol

Reach out with both arms. What do you touch first: My cell

Look and listen to the TV or Radio. What’s on: TV – That's Amore, lol... Radio - Love Song... Love it!

If your NOT home alone sing this verse really loud and tell us if anyone says anything to you, "OOOH, she’s sexy! Work it work it owwww. La la la LAH" LMAO! Thanks. It's 2 in the morning. My mom thinks I've been drinking.

Well thats my EXTREMLY LONG profile! PEACE OUT!
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