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Ahoy-hoy! We are Mistro and Daquiri...A.K.A: Kelsey and Amy (Kelsey being the cool one). Amy smacks Kelsey

We are Canadian (woot!). Here's a little biographical information: we were born, met each other in school, and now go to high school. FASCINATING, isn't it? Fan fictions are Amy's guilty pleasure, and somehow she managed to drag Kelsey into it. We constantly make up little scenarios when discussing our favorite show, Supernatural, and eventually we decided to start writing fan fics. Which brings us to our main point -- in a round-about, not-really kind of way: If you guys have any story comments or suggestions, ideas for stories we should write, ideas on what to name Dean's car, or you just want to talk about Supernatural, feel free to email us. Keeping in mind that we are not gonna write anything M-rated (that was directed at you, Diamond!). We can handle constructive criticism, but no flames, please. Flames will be laughed at and used to keep our houses warm in the winter. Have we said enough? Yeah, I think so.

A helpful link. Mistro and Daquiri were once newbies to the fanfiction world, and we found ourselves totally lost among all of those fanfic terms, like drabble, slash, canon, AU, etc... So here is a handy-dandy link to the Fanfiction Glossary, for all of you who find yourselves in the same situation:

General disclaimer: we don't own anything. Just a ratty old pair of boots that have a big hole in the toe...and then there's that musty, moldy lunchbox...and that LeKit full of liquified carrots (don't ask)...and, well, okay. We own some things. Just not anything we actually write about.

Our favorite:

Books: Harry Potter, anything by Tamora Pierce, The Outsiders, Lord of the Rings, His Dark Materials, The Mists of Avalon, Chronicles of Narnia, Peter Pan, The Eyes of God, Wheel of Time

TV Shows: Supernatural, Lost, Corner Gas, C.S.I., Smallville, Reba, Roseanne, Angel

Movies: Pirates of the Caribbean, Along Came A Spider, The Fugitive, The Neverending Story, Lord of the Rings, Peter Pan, Braveheart, Shawshank Redemption, Crash, Indiana Jones

Okay, Daquiri hasn't checked our profile in a while, so I'm gonna add this and see if she notices:

We keep all of our Supernatural story ideas, plot bunnies, character name ideas, etc. in this little journal she has. The journal's front and back cover are of the Dawson's Creek cast. She gets embarrassed by it, so always keeps the book open so that you can't see the covers. We have named it "the book which shall never be exposed". It also contains Supernatu-los-ismath. That is the sign language we invented. It is comprised of actions we once used to describe scenes from Supernatural and Lost. Well, that is my amazing little anecdote. You can go now.

Ok. This is Daquiri, and I did notice. I decided not to take it off here, though, because people have probably already read it, and so it's too late -the damage is done. But, in my defense, I got that notebook when I was, like, 9, so it's not my fault. I was desperate for some kind of notebook that could become our "Supernatural Book", and it happened to be empty. And handy. I didn't think it'd be such a big deal - Jensen Ackles (Dean Winchester) was even in Dawson's Creek. In fact, I wasn't embarrassed by it until Mistro made some stupid comment about it, and now she makes fun of me because I am embarrassed by it - talk about friends, huh?

And about Supernatchilossasmath (spelling changes every time), Mistro had just as big a part in it as I did, so she can't make it seem like it was all my doing.

But I should quit rambling now and go do my physics lab, g'night y'all!

NEWSFLASH! Daquiri's new nickname is Phantasmagoria. Don't ask us why.

Daquiri and Mistro have decided to write a novel together. Unfortunately, we don't have last names. So we gave ourselves some. Watch out for a book written by Daquiri Phantasmagoria and Mistro Chafladumger.

YAY! We have a new story! Actually, it's the beginning of our new series, The Gallavantations of Sam and Dean. The first story in the series is called Number 50 Berkley Street

I personally think that my summaries sound like crap, so please don't mind them. The series is going to be really good - I promise.


Stories we've written:

1. One Last Trip (Supernatural): Dean's dying and Sam finds out. How will he take it and how will it end? (Alternate ending is pending. Hah! That rhymed)

2. Series: The Gallavantations of Sam and Dean (Supernatural)

Summary: The Brothers Winchester continue to fight evil in the darkest corners of the country (and beyond), while doing some brotherly bonding.

1)Number 50 Berkley Street: Sam and Dean take a trip to London and try to contend with a malicious spirit who resides in a bookstore.

3. The Onion (Supernatural): Dean and Sam do a normal activity, and have a normal conversation. But Dean never could stand leaving things at "normal" now, could he?

4. Happily Ever After (Supernatural): We're letting you know now, there are NO Mary Sues in this story. Dean gets married to the love of his life. We get the feeling that a lot of readers have been waiting for a story like this.

Our List of Quotes:

"That is the saving grace of humor, if you fail no one is laughing at you."- A. Whitney Brown

"All my blonde demon girls are named Li Ping." - Mistro

"You can complain because roses have thorns, or you can rejoice because thorns have roses." -Ziggy

"I am an architecture!" - Daquiri

"When in doubt, kill the wizard." - Numair

"Those who dance are considered insane by those who can't hear the music." - George Carlin

"Forbear to judge, for we are sinners all." - William Shakespeare

"I didn't know Mr. McNally teached English!" - Kim S.

"Sometimes you're the windshield, sometimes you're the bug." - Mark Knopfler

"I just ate the leader!" - Mr. Leathem, talking about cannibalism as a form of government

"Everything is movement or its monument." - Helen Humphreys

"It's good to shut up sometimes." - Marcel Marceau

"Ian, why do you like Kristina? Is it because she's sexy? Cuz that's why I like her." - Melissa R.

"Alanna without Jonathan is like a fish without a bicycle." - Some message board

Amy: "...so if you managed to outrun the speed of time, and then it caught up to you, you might be the same age, or it might infuse you." Kelsey: "Hmm...you're starting to make sense...I've gotta stop drinking." - Weird daydream Mistro had

"It's comfortable when you're on top." - Melissa

"Remember the good times, learn from the bad times, and never forget the first times." - Jason

"Time you enjoyed wasting was not wasted." - John Lennon

"Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened." - Dr. Suess

"Dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die today." - James Dean

"A day without laughter is a day wasted." - Charlie Chaplin

"Defeat is not the worst of failures. Not to have tried is the true failure." - George E. Woodberry.

"You will all one day go home and kill your mothers. It's good to kill your mothers ... Metaphorically, of course!" - Daquiri's psychotic former English teacher

"It's all be good." - Daquiri, working on three hours of sleep

thunk "Oh! There's a bar there." - Daquiri, after smacking her head on the bar of the seat in front of us on the bus.

Yay! We finally wrote our first drabble! Well, double drabble, actually. It's exactly 200 words, and we wrote it over the process of one day at school. It's called "The Onion". This is also actually Daquiri's first uploading of a story, too. Cool, huh? Go Daquiri!

Okay, we so haven't given up on Number 50 Berkley Street. We've just been caught up in midterm exams, and a new story has taken our attention. It's brilliant, so we want to get the first chapter down to mark our territory and make sure no one else gets there first. And then there are those pesky little one-shots who dance around like shiny objects and distract us. Daquiri's got a freakishly short attention-span already. But back to the point: we are going to update N. 50 B.S. as soon as the first chapter of our new story is up. So that should be in around two or three weeks. Thanks for being so patient and not flaming us for our delayed-ness.

Mistro = self-proclaimed #1 Meg fan.

Alright, for anyone unfortunate enough to still be awaiting an update for TGOSAD (Gallavantations), I highly doubt that we'll ever end up updating it. We might, one day, but I sincerely doubt so, being as Mistro and I don't see each other often enough to still write stories. But we still do LOVE SN, and I don't forsee that changing anytime in the near future.

But I'm rambling now, so I'll leave the poor perusers of our profile in peace (wow, two thumbs up for alliteration!!).


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