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Hi! Welcome to my PROFILE! I originally did it with FUN font, but NOOOO! It’s always the same font…. Shmerrrrr!

NAME: Um… Am I supposed to tell you my name? Like, my real one? What if the creepy old guys want to come GET ME!?!!?! Okay... I’ll tell you my MIDDLE name – Beth!

AGE: I’m 42 and I want to STALK YOU!!!! No, JUST KIDDING! I’m 14 like! My birthday is May 30th (it’s the same day as my daddy’s birthday! Whooo)

WHERE DO I LIVE? I live in a Cheezit Box. Of course I do.

Okay. I don’t feel like doing the whole, REALLY REALLY REALLY long profile with all the quotes and pairings I like and my entire history and personal life and stuff. So like, yeah. I don’t HAVE any quotes, except for like, the really cheesy ones that come in this planner that the school gives us (we put our HW in it). There was like this one from Helen Keller, that was all, “ALONE WE CAN DO SO LITTLE; TOGETHER, WE CAN DO SO MUCH!” Awwwww. Ain’t that SWEET?



Er…. What to say, What to say…..

ARGH!!!!!! Um, nothing else. Go look at someone else’s profile! But if you’re still here, have a cookie!


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