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Author has written 11 stories for Pirates of the Caribbean, Storm Hawks, Bullet Witch, 9, and Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's.

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Hi, My name is Bae.
I'm 23 years old.
I'm Canadian.
I'm a Lesbian Female.

I'm a Physiotherapist.

2 Cats--> Baby Kitty and Odin.

I Like:
Music-Rage Against the Machine, Black Label Society, Trapt, Disturbed, Lady Gaga, Eric Stuart, AFI, Linkin Park, Rammstein, Rob Zombie, Lacuna Coil and Evanescence.

Movies-Silent Hill, Silent Hill: Revelation, YuGiOh: Pyramid of Light, YuGiOh: Capsule Monsters, YuGiOh: Bonds Beyond Time, Zombieland, Season of the Witch, Ghost Rider, Con Air, 9, The Princess Bride, The Sorcerer's Apprentice, Valkyrie, Hellboy, The Ring, Identity, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Corpse Bride, Hetalia: Paint it White

Video Games-Silent Hill Series, Amnesia: Justine, Slender, Bullet Witch, GUN, Red Dead Redemption, YuGiOh: Capsule Monsters Stadium, Spyro (Skylanders), Brink of Consciousness, SAW, Saint's Row, Guitar Hero, Rockband, Dance Central, Dance Paradice, Just Dance Series.

My OCs:


Vera Hardy-Main character from the Fanfic; The Northgate Tournment. A very troubled young woman who trouble loves to find. Prophecies state that her first born child will bring forth Utopia and therefor, many occultists want her dead, but she has her friends to help her out.

Stacy Evangelene "Hunter" Rivera Walker- A very tough young woman and Vera's BFF.

Falicity Heartman- Her father is English and her mother is Native American. She is very caring and loving. She hates conflict.

Zackeriah Rivera Walker-Hunter's brother. Loves to stir up trouble and runs his mouth alot.

Kristoph Mercer-Very clumsy. Doesn't talk much.

Samarra "Sammy" Hardy-Vera's older sister. An employee at Kaiba Corp and Seto's secret girlfriend. Very uptight and not very down to earth. She loves attention and usually throws a fit when things dont go the way she wants them too.

Valona-The Prophetess that tells of Vera's Utopian mother future. However, she will not tell Vera who will father her child.

Summer Ryou-Bakura's older sister and Marik Ishtar's fiance. She loves to have fun, but can't resist a good fight; therefor she usually looks for jobs in danceclubs and bars. She speaks with a strong British accent and drives a short bus with pride.

Debra Devlin-Duke's twin sister. Currently in conflict with him, but won't say why.

Vera and Sammy's last name "Hardy" is a homage to the "Hardy Theory of Random Mating" and Clothing designer, Ed Hardy.

YuGiOh 5Ds:

Scarlette Noire (17 Years old)-A very timid, kind, beautiful and extremely unconfident girl. Escaped from her home on her wedding and seeks shelter. She finds shelter and friendship with Yusei and his friends.

Sable Noire (19 years old)-Name means "Hell Cat". Scarlettes closest sister. Very quick at thinking and an avid fighter. Will do anything to protect the ones she loves.

Claire Noire (26 years old)-The eldest of the 6 Noire children. Very caring, even when she doesnt think she should be and fails at hiding her kind streak. Is willing to die for her family and loved ones.

Amilya Noire-Barro (21 years old)-The quietest and kindest of the Noire children (next to Scarlette). Perpectually grieving over the loss of her husband, Bastiel.

Dran and Daphne Noire (23 years old, twins)-Second eldest of the Noire children. Both were trained and educated as mercinaries. Dran has a much kinder side to him that Daphne. Dran specializes in firearm weaponry when Daphne is more skilled at hand-to-hand combat.

Wesker "Wes" Greyherzen (20 years old)-A young high preist who wants Scarlettes hand in marriage and will stop at nothing to get what he wants.

Lilian "Lily" Greyherzen (18 years old)-Wes' younger sister. In training to be a high preistess. She is very morally strong and fights for nothing more than what's right.

Judge Jarrod Noire (30 years old)-Father of the Noire children. Morally high strung, some say the power he obtained from becoming a Judge has gone to his head.

Marshka Noire (deceased)-The cause of her disappearance and death remains a mystery that Scarlette and her siblings want nothing more than to solve. Scarlette was born and hours later, Marshka was taken away, leaving only a lullaby that Scarlette vaguly remembers for Scarlette. The other Noire children remember her as kind, beautiful and with a warm voice.

Others-Daemia Gillesphery (25), Contessa Gillesphery-Lastoat (27), Melanie D'Angelon (22), Alois Lastoat (29), Bastiel Barro (deceased), The Faceless Goddess, The Imitation Goddess, Jenina DesPhalant-Atlas (18)

My Favorite Fic:
-> YuGiOh 5Ds: Rise of the Nether Signer
->Progress: NOT Complete yet.
-> Main OCs: Scarlette Noire, Sable Noire, Wesker Greyherzen, Claeo/Acitra D'Oman, Melanie D'Angelon, Cordelia DesPhalant-Atlas
-> CanonOC pairngs? YES.

-> Songs That Make Me Think Of The Story, or Scenes.

1. The Deftones and Bassnectar-Hexes
2. Creature Feature-Greatest Show Unearthed
3. Evanescence-Tourniquet
4. Savage Genetics-Silent Hill
5. Rob Zombie-Return of the Phantom Stranger
Emilie Autumn-Liar

Saying that im ugly wont make u pretty

Saying that im stupid wont make u smart

Saying that im poor wont make u rich

Saying that im white wont make u black

Saying that im fat wont make u skinny

Saying that im a coward wont make u brave

Saying that im a failure wont make u succeed

Saying that im sad wont make u happy

Saying that im bad wont make u good

Saying that i have problems wont make yours go away...

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