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The 15th July 2001 was the first time I wrote anything on this page. It marked the start of an extended project building on the stunningly crafted world of Final Fantasy VIII, continuing the stories of the main protagonists of the game, while also introducing new and hopefully interesting characters embarking on the very beginnings of life-changing journeys of their own.

For a while, progress was constant and swift. Until it wasn't. In classic "me" fashion the project never saw completion, despite my hatred for unfinished work. Perhaps time conspired against me. Writing fan fiction based on one of your favourite video games when you're 16 years old is very easy. You're impressionable, imaginative and full of idealism. As the years pass, your persona begins to change as different influences, opportunities, people and responsibilities materialise inside a once straight-forward and simple existence. Social activities, college, jobs, relationships; all these and more conspire to undermine things that once meant so much. The trick is balancing them all, and that's probably something I've only just began to get the hang of.

It's now a staggering 7 years later, and I have no idea where the time has gone. I've been away from fan fiction for a long time, with what little time I did have for the written word monopolised by my own original projects and reading. And so in a chance moment of reminiscence brought about by an impromptue clean out of old stacks of paper, I came across the hardcopy of an incomplete, but fairly well-loved (at the time of publishing) Final Fantasy VIII fiction named "Historical Bonds". 7 years of trying to better myself from a literary point of view leaves the original copy looking somewhat crude and juvenile. But what I couldn't ignore was what felt like a great concept, that had somehow become culturally relevant to today's "real world" society. Religious fanaticism, terrorism, love, hate, conflict, violence and a few innocents all caught in the middle. It had somehow become prophetic, considering it's pre-9/11 original publishing date.

With this in mind, I've decided to dedicate a regular portion of my spare time to redeveloping this story and completing what has become a journey in it's own right. I'm not putting any deadline date on it, and it probably won't be released until it is completed, but it will be finished, and it will be released for all to see right here on FanFiction.net. Look out for "Historical Bonds - From The Ashes" in the future!

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