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Author has written 8 stories for Inuyasha, Naruto, and Anime X-overs.

Name: Cloverlaya15

Real Name: Should i tell you?...Oh okay, if you insist. Amanda but everyone calls me Manda or Clover. xD

Age: 20

Gender: Female

General: I live in the U.S. in a very hick state, also known as Ohio. I am the oldest of 4 younger brothers and 1 younger sister. I am engaged to Charles Groves, soon to be Amanda Leslie Groves and I now have a 14 month old daughter, Ariana. I haven't been on this site in forever but now I'm back and I'm here to stay. I have alot of work to do, fixing the stories and adding sooo TTYL!

Favorite Anime: YuYuHakusho, Inuyasha, full metal alchemist, naruto, teentitans, Ghost in the shell, one piece, Escaflowna, Champloo, He is my master, black cat, sailor moon, vampire princess, Rosario and vampire, Avatar the last air bender, etc.

Favorite Food: Anything spicy, I have a wonderous nack for hott stuff!...and cheese. (okay, call me weird) Even though i forget to eat sometimes because i'm always writing.

Favorite movie: Underworld 1 & 2, all the Inuyasha movies, the one yuyuhakusho movie, and the naruto movie i have yet to see.

Favorite things to do: Watch tv, read, write, play basketball, sketch, listen to my sister get yelled at. (Because it's very rare.)

Appearence: 5ft 6 inches tall, redish blonde hair, greenish-blue eyes. Wearing baggy chesire cat pajama pants, and a yellow tweety shirt.

Hate: People who read my stories and don't review (tear) sniff, sniff...and my sister!Okay, even though i listed several anime as my favorite Inuyasha i luv most! Sure i might be a bit weird but He's da bomb. I wish he were real! If any of you wanna role play wit me jus visit my role play forum.Thankyou too the very very very few who have reviewed me! and if your reading this and have read one of my stories PLEASE REVIEW! ~Luv Cloverlaya15

Favorite male anime:
Inuyasha-he's hott
Yusuke-he's hotter
shippo-awww, what a cutie!
heie- shhhh, don't tell my BF/older sis, but i think he's cute too!
Jin- muy bueno
miroku- he's hott, i like him the way he is! -
shessoumaru-also hott
Goku- hott
older goten- cute
Sasuke Uchiha- Passes out from hottness
Itachi Uchiha- Dies from hottness X_X
Kakashi Hitachi- He's all mine!
Kiba- I want him to show me puppy love. _~
Iruka- Drools

Now for fav women characters-so not that way!- just think there good to annoy the guys!
Botan-luv it when she annoys yusuke
genkai-loves it when she tells urameshi off
Keiko-(Evil laugh) I love how she can't really get to yusuke
Kagome-love how she sits inuyasha
rin-adorable and i love how she tortures Jaken all the time (Mwahahahaha)

That's mainly it...oh wait, i almost forgot my most favorite quotes: "You Dimwit"Genkai
"Keiko, since when did you fill in all the right places?"Yusuke
"I don't wanna die a virgin"Fish announcer person from YYH
"I am not a baby,...ogre take me for nap time."Koenma
"will you bare my child"Miroku
(Slap) Sango
"Inuyasha must really like the taste of dirt" Shippo
"Hand off munk"Sango
"I'm sexy!"Donkey-shrek2
"Shrek? Is that you?"Fiona, "For you baby, i'm whoever you want me to be" Sir puss. Shrek2
"Don't expect me to sniff it."Mr. Beaver-Chronicles of Narnia
"I plead the fifth" By Valeries26- a member here
"Bite me" Valeries26
"Sorry, it might take all day and i've already had supper."Me! offense val...okay, maybe a liitle. Big smile
"Your backwards because you come from boston."Val's dad.
"I may be a bitch but it's all genetic!"-My favorite quote by none other then me!
"I know tha position. Looks like Kagome's been here." Miroku looking at Inuyasha on the ground If any of you would like me to write a story for you or read your story just PM me and i'll get to it! ...If you read this then PA-LEASE visit and hang in my forums! I've only got two other members! The more the merrier! For all the YuYuHakusho fans i have a ask the urameshi gang forum where you can ask your favorite characters the questions you've always wanted to ask! I also have role playing in two of my forums! So sweet. If yah all ever wanna role play YuYu-Hakusho or Inuyasha then check them out.

...And please visit my homepage. I'm looking for new peeps to join! I may even make you a moderator!

Soon to come

Inuyasaha: Stuck in Midevil Time

The Inu gang stumbles upon a time warp that sends them to Midevil time in england. There, they meet Clover whom is also a time traveler like Kagome, but the only diffrence is, Clover is stuck in Midevil time with no way back unless she retrieves an amulet stolen from her by an evil sorceress out to seek power. Now, for everyone to return to their right times, the Inu gang must help Clover retrieve the amulet and survive while doing so.

Shikamaru's Mothers' Secret Life

Unknown to every soul in Konoha, except the hokage, shikamaru's mother has a deep secret that nobody would expect. She's one of Konohas many top secret elite spies. When a mission accidently goes wrong, Orochimaru's spies follow her home and her secret life is exposed. Nowit is up to him to decide weather he wants to help her or leave her troublesome problems to herself.

Truth behind the Uchiha Bloodline

Kept secret by one, there aren't only two Uchihas left. Sasuke has four half sisters whom are out to kill him and Itachi, three of which have already accessed their Sharingan, seeking revenge for their mother who died of heartbreak because of the Uchiha brothers diseased father. They are from the same father but diffrent mother. Sasuke and Itachi must put their diffrences aside to get through this epidema. Love, betrayal and murder happen in konoha. Who will die, who will survive. Can Naruto and the rookies help Sasuke to turn these girls around or will it be too late for any of them?

Icha Icha Bang Bang

A hormonal outbreaks happens throughout konoha. Now teenagers, will sakura give up on sasuke or finally pull together the guts and strength to sneak out after him and risk her life to save him. Will Naruto give up on sakura and go to Hinata, after learning hinatas deep desire to love him? Ofcourse Tsunade becomes worried and issues a mission to Gai and Kakashi to go hand out pregnancy tests to all female ninja from ages 14 to 17, but none of the girls will cooperate. What's their alternative?

Sesshoumaru's Academy Inheritance

The unknown uncle of Sesshoumaru and Inuyasha passes and leaves his academy to Sesshoumaru because he is the older one out of he two. Now sesshy must take care and run the academy with rin and Jaken by his side. So he doesn't kill any of the humans or demons attending the academy, he calls upon Inuyasha and his friends until he gets the hang of things.

Tsunades Greatest Mistake

Word breaks out of a family working as undercover spies for orochimaru in Konoha village. Not exactly sure what family it is, Tsunade hires her own family of spies to find any suspicious acts or answers. Unknown to her, the group of spies hired by tsunade are truley the ones working for Orochimaru. Word gets back to her that the Katari family are Orochimarus spies and orders their adoptive daughter to execute them with naruto and kakashi by her side to make sure she goes through with it. The adoptive daughter, Clover, soon after goes into a deep depression and emotional outbreak, sealing herself away from the world outside her apartment. Living day by day, seeing her loving families faces just before she murdered them. Sudden word gets back to Tsunade that the wrong family was executed and becomes grief stricken when she must tell clover. Once Clover finds out, an unknown power, breaks through her in rage. Now both Orochimaru and Konoha must save themselves from an enormous revenge thriving beast with the help of all the konoha ninja. Many will die, but who.

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