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~~No Day But Today~~

Name: -- (Female)

Age: Teenager

Favorite Shows: TEEN TITANS!!!, Roseanne, Will&Grace, Survivor, CSI, One Life to Live, General Hospital, The Nanny, Golden Girls, Lost, Family Guy, InuYasha, Bleach,

Trinity Blood, (future fav. show) Blood Tyes

Favorite Movies: RENT!!!, Teen Titans: Tokyo, One Fine Day, Pretty Woman, Charles Angels, The Breakfast Club, Mr. & Mrs. Smith

Favorite Books: The Twilight series, The Vampire Kisses series, The Vampire Beach series, The All-American Girl, Take Me, The Party Room trinity,

Favorite Artists (Music): RENT, Sarah McLachlan, Avril Lavigne, Shania Twain, PCD (The Pussycat Dolls) , Nelly Furtado, Michelle Branch, Celion Dion, Aly & A.J.,

Madonna, Faith Hill, Evanescence, Fergie


(List is subject to change)

(Most videos are Teen Titan related with the exception of the RENT ones which are RENT related)


15. Pieces Of Me -Ashlee Simpson

14. Fall To Pieces -Avril Lavigne

13. Season of Love -RENT

12. That's The Way It Is -Celion Dion

11. Broken -Seether featuring Amy Lee

10. Sweet Sacrifice -Evanescence

9. Glamorous -Fergie featuring Ludacris

8. Wait a Minute -PCD

7. Hands -Jewel

6. Baby Girl -Sugarland

5. Fallen -Sarah McLachlan

4. Another Day -RENT

3. That Don't Impress Me Much -Shania Twain

2. World On Fire -Sarah McLachlan

and the number 1 song you've gotta hear (sorry if you disagree)...

1. Without You -RENT

Favorite Teen Titan Couples:

Starfire & Robin: They are my all time FAVORITE couple. I just love them together-they're so cute! They just have great chemisty and you know they were supposed to be together. Favorite episodes with this couple- Sisters, Date With Destiny, Transformation, Apprentice I and II , Stranded, Masks, Haunted, The Quest, Troq, and Aftershock I and II. And in the movie they became offical!!!

Raven & Beast Boy: They are so good together these two. They have such a love/hate relationship that it works! They try so hard to hate each other and get on each other's nerves you know they have to love each other. Favorite episodes with this couple- The Beast Within and Spellbound And the movie really shows their love/hate relationship.

Bumblebee & Cyborg: They are just right for each other. They poke fun at each other and get on each others nerves very similar to the way Raven and Beast Boy are. They're really good together...they just work. Favorite episodes with this couple- Wavelength, Titans East I and II.

My fanfictions will only be based on these couples. There maybe be others before these couples come together but the focus and ending will be on these couples. Also, all my fanfiction are stricly Romance and Drama.

IMPORTANT News Bulletin: I just found out the there will be ANOTHER Teen Titan Movie!!! However, Teen Titans: The Judas Contract, is more based on the 80s Teen Titans than the 2003 series. The movied is going to be direct-to-dvd, approximatly 70 minutes, animated, rated PG-13, and released in early 2008. The style of the movie will be most similiar to the style of the 80s comics and opposed to the 2003 series. It is also going to be amied to a more teenage/adult audience. The movie focused on Terra, who is hired sent by Deathstroke the Terminator (a.k.a Slade) to inflitrate the Titans and learn all their secrets including their secret identities to unlimatly destory them. Personally, I can't wait to see it! (For more information google the movie title or go to

My Fanfictions:

Complete-A New Beginning: AU When Richard Grayson and Kori Anders, once childhood friends, see each other again, they realize their feelings for each other. However, one problem stands in their way, they are already seeing people who they don't want to hurt by having a realationship. But when Raven Roth, a troubled young woman who is dating Richard, meets Garfield Logan, she falls for him not knowing he is already in a realationship with Tara Markov. With all these problems is there any hope for them to find true love? Maybe all they need is a new and find out.

In Progress-Another Chance At Love: AU The titans have been disband for eight years and now have their own lives. When Richard Grayson meets Kori Anders, they have an instant connection but what Kori doesn't know is that Richard Grayson is really Robin, her former teammate, lover, and the man she swore never to speak to again. Similiarly, Raven Roth promised herself that she would never lay eyes on Beast Boy again, after what he did to her. But when Kori and Raven find themselves falling back in love with the men they never wanted to see again they realize that fate may have a different plan for them.

~For my next fanfiction once I have completed Another Chance At Love I plan on writing a High School fanfiction. I already have many ideas for this story but I want to mainly focus on ACAL at the moment. However, I do know that my next story will be rated T, the genre will be romance and drama, and the final couples will be Richard/Kori, Garfield/Rachel, Victor/Karen,and Wally/Janica with many other couples in between to add as much drama as possible to the story. Get ready for this story because as soon as I'm done with ACAL I will be beginning it and it's going to be AWESOME!!!


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