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I ate two of my fanfics on here. Sorry D:

And so you know, I update fanfics on dA now. Including the Sixth End one. I redid the first chapter, if any of you are interested...

Name: Deanna

Pen Name: ...(Well what does it say!)

Gender: Duh-huh...Female

Name Origination: Ugh...such an egotistical user name, and it's the same name I used for my deviantart account (I'm always on that site XD I do draw pictures too :P). I dunno, sort of wish I picked a more unique name for that account -.- meh, but then the MMF OC wouldn't exist D: ...Why 'a' instead of 'er' on Masta? I created a hotmail account by this name XD and I did spell it right the first time, but couldn't get the account working, so I did another with 'Masta' instead of 'Master', and it's kinda stuck since _'

Personality: Shy, sensitive, (most of the time) serious, cool headed, witty, intelligent, do I manage being cool-headed when I'm sensitive? It just depends what you say to me. I don't go all hostile or anything (well...most of the time _ ) XD I've been uber sensitive because of the unfairness in my life when I was younger, having a younger sibling and all. So now if I cry, my eyes feel like I've just been underwater in a swimming pool with tons of chlorine. I feel like I'd go blind like that...I don't usually complain about it, but it's only started to pain my eyes recently (yes, and I cry about the most random and petty stuff sometimes, I think I'm pathetic...but only ONE person knows why I sometimes cry, you wouldn't believe...).

Favourite colours: Blue, Black and Yellow. Wait, I don't even know how I started liking yellow -.-' I like grey and white too D

Favourite characters: Caim, Angelus, Inuart and Leonard (Drakengard), Forde, Ephraim, Seth, Lyon, Artur, Myrrh, Glen, Saleh, Eliwood, Ike, Kieran, Oscar , Marth, Roy (Fire Emblem), Sonic and Silver (Sonic the Hedgehog), Rodley Garvis, Agua Tornia, Marth Ordio, Kiriku Kay, Castrata Ivynorro, Joseph Zeranian, Julian Flamingdra, Lincoln Rhapsody (Samurai Academy My Manga) Lyude (Baten Kaitos) Kilik, Yunsung, Maxi, Talim, Link (Soul Calibur 2), Kratos, Yuan, Zelos (Tales of Symphonia), Kakashi :), Orochimaru (um...yeah...)(Naruto), Roy Mustang, Jean Havoc (Full Metal Alchemist) Athrun (Gundam SEED) Remington, Aion (Chrno Crusade)

School Friends: Ella, Cassie, Llauren, Sarah "Sazinky", Chloe, Rebecca, Linzi, Gina, Loretta, James, Jenny,Heather, Kirsten and Charlotte

My Inspiration: Mony, Kaori-sama, also Raz, D7 and several other friends on dA

Fave gamemusic at the moment: ToE opening theme "Sora ni Kakeru Hashi"

Fave Music at the Moment: SUPER LOVER, One Moment, Gotta Work, Kiseki, Love after 12 AM, Pin Up Lady

Nationality: England, but I'm half Filipino (don't look it) ASIAN PRIDE!

Star sign: Virgo

Chinese Zodiac: Ram

Birthday: 17th September

Age: Sevnteen

Japanese Name: Shinsei

Name's Meaning: Divine

Hair Colour: Dark Brown but I wanna dye it dark blue, or black, or both

Eyes: Brown/Gold

Favourite Weapons: Sword, Longbow, Staff

Fanfiction Buds

My greatest thanks to Anima Sage Kurai! Ye is a great friend. Hell, you may even scrape yer way to Best Friend Rank if ye keep this goin!

Thankyou to Lilikoifish for being a brilliant mate, for your continuous support and your amazing stories! I always have someone to talk to on the e-mail since you spontaneously answer my e-mails!

TYSM! x x x ~Deanna

ToS4everReborn! I see you're doing well (, I can't see you XD term of phrase) I hope we can get chatting and stuff again just like how we used to. Nice seeing your messages in my inbox at youtube! Hope to see your ToS Parody soon! 3 I so wanna chat with you more often, Kurai's seems a bit dead for the moment...hope I can get in touch with her again D: ~Deanna x x x

KupoKupoKupo (or K3), thanks for your support and contributions to my retarded forum :D I hope I get to continue to read your fanfiction!

TTFN, Deanna xxx

General Subwoofer, I haven't heard from you for ages...last time I heard was when I repayed the favour and R&R'd yer fic. I hope you review my second chapter on Marth Ordio's Fate

I hope I hear from you again :(

Deanna xxx

Heya, Kurosaki-Taichou! Haven't forgotten you, you've become wierder since my absence, I wonder if that affected your sanity XDDDDD No, jk, but I'm happy to see you still kicking around in my forum =D ~Deanna xxx

My previous youtube account that went by my name died, but you can even hear a dead leaf fall to the floor in my new account ( feminine isn't it? Lulz!) There are a couple of videos in there though P:

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