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Author's Note (Posted on February the 8th, 2007)

A revised profile this is, and a revised profile it shall be.

It's been months since I've had the time to settle down and write anything. Inspiration and enthusiasm to continue writing, at my present mind state, has long since departed. Weaving chapters together had consumed countless hours of my time; and, as I have come to realize, I have very little time to consume, with what my schedule reveals to me.

Therefore, at present, all current fan-fics (that is, The Geneticist's Notebook and Tenebrosa) are hereby deemed incomplete. Months ago, in a different time and age, I had drawn up the exact plans of how to conclude these works, all the way to the character development, their actions, and the plot, setting, and themes, including the timing of each chapter and what it should have revealed to the reader. Apparently, The Geneticist's Notebook was going to be twenty-six chapters long, with prologue, and including an epilogue. Tenebrosa was supposed to be a five-part work totaling a cool thirty-six chapters. But so little time! To fill in the flesh for the bones of each chapter proved too much. Perhaps someday, when I have more time to use or waste, I will continue these works, but for now, they are hereby suspended.

Which conflicts with a certain other inspiration, that is, to write fan-fiction on the suggested genres. Somedays I do miss writing--a chance to step away from the world and truly be free from its cumbersomilities (yes, I made up that word). It's something special, uplifting, and whatnot.

Thus, the second conclusion: I might start up new works that harbor short, short chapters, those that can be easily written in a couple of hours. These I can write without damaging my mental sanity, conflicting with my real-life obligations.

And that is that. If you bothered reading this, thank you for enduring my little rant/confession/excerpt from my mind.

- A.G.M. Mendelssohn

Author's Note (Posted on May the 16th, 2007)

Times are better now. Time to get to work!

I will finish what I have begun. Back to the Notebook!

Keep a top eye open!

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Tenebrosa reviews
Upon an uncanny business trip in Northern Johto, the young financial consultant Renarde Jacques receives a rather strong impression that all is not well with his new client, a misanthrope mistress with only a loyal Ninetales by her side...Updated again.
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An IBI agent, teamed up with a Viridian police officer, investigates the murder of a world renowned geneticist. Little do they know, this mystery will take them on an adventure far beyond the limits of nature...and metamorphosis. Installments postponed.
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