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Author has written 6 stories for Yu Yu Hakusho, Yu-Gi-Oh, Anime X-overs, and Lord of the Rings.

You can either try to read this, or skip it all and head straight to the stories. You’re choice, really.

The Profile Introduction:

So, I’m a/n (insert number here since I don’t feel like updating whenever my birthday rolls around) year old procrastinator who often has either no or too much time on her hands. I’ve been writing for ages, and have been working on fan fictions for a good number of years.

Tolkien’s works have inspired me the most, I’d say, and they are the reason I started writing fan fictions in the first place (even though I haven’t posted any LotR stories yet, but I will in short order). If not for the Lord of the Rings, I’d probably still be sticking with poems, not branching off to stories both fan-based and original in plot and characters.

My other major obsession (I hate calling it that, but I suppose it’s only fair and true) is anime. I have several favorites, including Yu-Gi-Oh, Yu Yu Hakusho, Fate/Stay Night, Weiss Kreuz, Yami no Matsuei, Naruto, and Final Fantasy, among others. I’m kind of a purist when it comes to watching the stuff in Japanese, I will admit (though Yu Yu Hakusho and some Weiss Kreuz are okay in English).

Likes and Dislikes in Fan Fiction:

I’m really a big fan of action/adventure/supernatural sort of things. I don’t read too many romance stories, as the whole ‘can their new found love survive?’ plot got old really quickly a long time ago. Occasional romance is rather good though, and I have nothing wrong with cute (or maybe even twisted) little one shots or side stories with romantic hints. I like humor as well, but am not a big fan of too much crack humor (which tends to lack any train of thought which, when applied to situations, makes things amusing and funny in a more intellectual way). Perhaps another reason why I am not that big on crack humor is because I like it when writers keep the character’s personalities as they should be, which is something most crack fics seem to throw out the window. Keeping the personality of a character created by another person is, in my opinion, a sign of a great author.

I also do not appreciate or read the so-called “Bashing Fics”. Maybe it’s just me, but I tend to view those stories as kind of juvenile. I mean, a character is there for a reason in a story and that reason isn’t so that you can hurt them with anything you can throw at them. I think another sign of a great author is using the characters you don’t like in a way that’s positive and makes sense.

I also avoid stories with clearly awful spelling and grammar, and when they include these messages in the summary: “I suck at writing summaries” or “This story sucks, but I’m posting it anyway”. I’ll leave you figure out why. You get three guesses, and the first two don’t count.

Favorite Characters and Pairings, along with not-so favorite ones:

Anyway, continuing on, along with my favorite fandoms come my favorite characters, of which I have plenty. The most notable: Yugi & Yami no Yugi, Bakura & Yami no Bakura, Malik & Yami no Malik, Kurama (both human and demon side…. Do you think I have a thing for characters with MPD?), Hiei, Mukuro, Saber, Archer, Aya, Omi, Tsuzuki, Hisoka, Terazuma, Sai, Tsunade, Neji, Tenten, Shikamaru, Gaara, Temari, Kankuro, Sakura (after the time skip, of course), Itachi, Cloud, Reno, and Sephiroth, to name a few.

And, with favorite characters, come favorite pairings. I like almost all canon pairings (or pairings that are practically canon even if not specifically stated), with some exceptions. I tend to avoid and never write Canon Character/OC pairings, just because I think most people tend to make the OC a Mary-Sue, which bothers me. I guess that is what has turned me off to pairing OCs with regular characters. Which is probably a shame, since I’m certain there are some excellent stories out there with such pairings that I’m too afraid to look at for fear of scarring myself.

Other than that, my favorite ‘weird’ pairings include kleptoshipping (Yami no Bakura X Yugi), Mysteryshipping (Shaadi X Amane), Protectshipping (Honda X Ryou Bakura), any shippings with a possessed Jounouchi (because they are really amusing), Kurama X Mukuro, Aya X Omi, Sasuke with anyone (except Sakura) since the poor little emo boy just needs love (ha ha), and Sai X Sakura. However, I have found that I can like any pairing, as long as the story is done in such a way that it makes sense.

For example, in the fan fiction Nightmare Syndrome by Sycogerl64, Kurama is paired with Botan, something I normally can’t stand. Not only that, but there is some sexual tension between the character Shizuru and an OC. But, when I read the story, neither pairing bothered me in the slightest, because it was well written. And that’s what’s important. If I read two stories, one with kleptoshipping that’s poorly written and one with peachshipping (Yugi X Anzu, which is another pairing I don’t normally go for) that’s really well done, I’ll probably favorite the latter of the two if I had to choose. (Oh, by the way, if you’re a fan of Yu Yu Hakusho, go check out Sycogerl64’s story mentioned above and enjoy.)

Current Stories Being Worked On:

Schrödinger’s Cat - Eszet is at it again: the whole world domination thing and all. But with a different approach in mind for this round. A handful of people with special attributes are the ones they’re after, using manipulation and threats to get who they want to come to them. Of course, Kritiker isn’t just going to let them do what they want without a fight. But, is Eszet really controlling everything from the shadows, or is there someone else behind it all? (Weiss Kreuz and Yami no Matsuei crossover)

Lighting the Fire – He’s tired of fangirls putting him with his best friend in pairings. So, there’s only one thing to do… hook that fox up with someone else! (Yu Yu Hakusho)

Stories that have been Discontinued:

Remind Me to Kill Koenma for This – Yusuke and the gang think they just stopped a demon criminal from robbing some poor, innocent guy. Aren’t they surprised when the supposed ‘criminal’ slaps them in cuffs and arrests them!


Well, if you actually read through all that, have a cookie. If you didn’t bother to, then whatever, not like it matters too terribly much to me. Anyway, I appreciate reviews and critiques (not flames, which will be used for roasting marshmallows and promptly made fun of the next chance I get, but critiques) and enjoy messages and suggestions. If you want to use OC’s of mine, then ask. That should be it. Please enjoy.

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