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Welcome, internet user, to my profile page. This is TheAPPstore, the only one of its own kind that doesn't sell any apps. I'm in no way distribute any apps. I'm just an aspiring writer looking for a place to start.

I'm a fan of many weird things. From pascal colored horses, to creatures that live in the dirt trying to kill each other with wacky weaponry, to a very snarky game show, and sandboxes. People are incredibly weird when you think about it.

As an aspiring writer, I am doing my best to provide the highest quality content possible. Mainly by avoiding the pitfalls of early writers and planning what I'm about to write far in advance. You'll see that my writing skills match that of a intermediate level writer. Don't expect very advanced writing skills from me. Unless I do without knowing. Oh well.

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Project Status

The Sonic Rainbooms: Rebooting

Sonic Uprising: Completed

The Sonic Rainbooms (Series)

"With Chaos comes Harmony!"

The Sonic Rainbooms is a series written like a show, taking elements of Super Sentai/Power Rangers. The series centers around the team in the title as they went around their daily lives as they fight monsters sent in by two well known villains of the rangers, as well as fighting against Eggman's creations.

The name of the team is a combination of the names of its component teams: Team Sonic, and The Rainbooms. These two teams started off as a standard team of 5 rangers, but over time that number grew. Friends become rangers, and they gained new friends along the way. Eventually, the team grew to have sixteen official members, making this team of rangers the largest ranger team the world has ever seen.

It has three prequel series: Ringranger, Equinger, and The Aftermath.


Dobuden Sentai Ringranger is an original series using characters from the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise plopped into a new universe will no memories or experience of their canon selves. Like most sentai teams, the number of active rangers will be five initially. Unlike nearly all sentai, the gang will not be receiving a super mecha and they don't really have a major villain. All of the monsters encountered will be rather random, creating confusion between the rangers about where these attackers come from.

In this new universe, all of the Sonic characters have been transformed into humans, many of which have rather colorful skin tones. The universe is the Sentai Multiverse, taking place in the Prism World. This team also shares a universe with another sentai team that exists further north of where they are.


Tomoden Sentai Equinger is an original series using characters from the G4 My Little Pony franchise, specifically their Equestria Girls counterparts. These have no experience or memories from their canon selves, as they are in an entirely new universe. Typical with sentai teams, they have five active members. No mechs for this team. Sorry. Like with its sibling team, there will be no major villains.

This team shares a universe with another similar sentai team, who resides south of the area these rangers are stationed. The universe is the Sentai Multiverse, taking place in the Prism World.


"Take the Battle to the Sky...rangers!"

A team of robots has escape the Machine World! Yet again!

With transforming robots rampaging through the country of Columbia, a team of young pilots are hired to combat this threat. Taking on the mantle left behind by the Jetmans, these six teens with altitude defend their home country while the Gemrangers are busy fighting off their own get of evil teams.

The team contains members who are known for taking things to the sky: the three main members of the Wonderbolts and the Babylon Rogues. Unlike their canonical counterparts, they don't have experiences with flying and the Babylon Rouges are not rouges. They're soldiers.

This takes place in the same universe as the Gemrangers/Sonic Rainbooms. They even live in the same country. However, they are stationed in different places.

Sonic Uprising

Sonic Uprising is a (hypothetical) game developed by Sega in cooperation with Hasbro. The original plan was to crossover Sonic with Friendship is Magic. The move will turn out to be one of the most controversial move ever made by the two companies, due to the fandom rivalry that exists between the two franchises. To ease the curb, and to attract attention to some other fans, the two companies also decided to insert one of their other works into the mix, with Hasbro adding in their Transformers franchise, and Sega inserting in the long abandoned but not forgotten NiGHTS franchise.

The game will prove to be one of the longest Sonic games ever created. Featuring a heap of levels and loads of boss fights, as well as locations old and new, the journey to the finish will prove to be a grueling one for the heroes. After the events of Sonic Forces and My Little Pony: The Movie (2017), the two worlds, as well as several more, have found themselves merged together and undoing all the hero's efforts to liberate the world.

With the conflict on a scale never seen before, the heroes from the two worlds must cooperate if they ever wanted even a chance at surviving. And with so many worlds involved, they're going to encounter some unfamiliar enemies.

The Sonic Rainbooms (New)

This series will be a rework of the original series. This will feature different writing from the original (mostly because I don't have the best memory) with the same events from the original being rewritten. Some events are removed while others are added in. This will take the team back to its origins in a new light.

Just like the original, the Sonic Rainbooms will originally be in two parts: Team Sonic and The Rainbooms. They initially start out with five members each before growing to a massive team of sixteen members. Then the Sky Rangers came in, adding six more members to the roster. In the end, there will be a total of twenty-two members on the team, separated into two groups. The main group is known as the Gem Rangers. They specialize in ground combat. The secondary group is the Sky Rangers. As the name suggest, they specialize in aerial combat.

I'm rewriting the entire series because I felt a bit dissatisfied with what I did with some of the episodes. Some of them felt a bit stupid. Others have minor errors that I couldn't be bothered to go back and fix. Last time I did that, I accidentally override an entire chapter when trying to make edits. Also, I wanted everything to be accessible from one work. I want to establish that everything is happening within a single timeline. There will be no need to jump between stories just to get the full picture.

Ultimate Danganonpa X

Why trap one class in a killing game when you can trap all three? Classes 77, 78, and 79 (V3 cast) found themselves trapped within the campus of Hope's Peak Academy, the most prestigious school in the world. With the authority being Monokuma, the students are faced with a choice. Do that remain in the campus, forever separated from the outside world? Or do they try to escape, letting everyone else die in the process? Unfortunately, Monokuma is making the first option impossible with his motives, and every motive brings with it a death.

The surviving students must try to survive this killing game as one of their own succumbs to the temptations and kill someone. If they succeed in finding the culprit, they continue to live on while the culprit gets punished. But if they failed to correctly identify the culprit, everyone but the actual culprit will die, and the culprit will be able to "graduate" and escape into the outside world.

However, behind all the killing and brutal punishments lies an overarching mystery. None of the students could remember their life before they found themselves trapped in this place. Everything about their high school lives has been completely forgotten. While their classmates continued to be killed and punished, these students try to solve the mystery behind their imprisonment and the events that led to where they are today.

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Three teams combine under one banner as they fight together against the forces that try to take over their homeland. Join Sonic, Rainbow Dash, and their friends and allies as they use their transformation powers to fight against evil monsters and robots. Carrying the legacy of those who came before them, the Sonic Rainbooms fight to protect their home and the people.
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