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Author has written 11 stories for Yu Yu Hakusho, Prince of Tennis, Fruits Basket, xxxHOLiC, and Yu-Gi-Oh.

I will leave any updates at the bottom of my profile and will be dating them so you know just how new they are.

Okay, everybody reading this, I just wanted to say hello and introduce myself to everyone. I guess I should give my stats, eh? Well, I prefer to remain anonymous, so you can just call me rockrchik. I am twenty-three years old and a college graduate. I like anime, although I usually prefer reading manga to watching the shows.

Favorite anime/manga (no specified order): Furuba (Fruits Basket), YuYu Hakusho, Rurouni Kenshin, Prince of Tennis, Black Cat, Death Note, Eternal Sabbath, Ouran High School Host Club, xxxHolic, and Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles.

Favorite books: I'll read pretty much anything, although right now I really like sci-fi/fantasy books such as McAffrey's Dragonriders of Pern. I absolutely LOVE Heart of Darkness (for those of you who have read it, I don't know what you thought about it, but most people I talked to at school hated it and my teacher said even he hated it, but I LOVE it!). The Giver series, by Lois Lowry, is another dearly loved story line. One of my favorite books right now is Howl's Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones (Miyazaki made a film loosely based off of it that was also really good). The whole moving castle series is good, as is her Chrestomanci series, which I'm working on getting a hold of. And, of course there is the ever-classic Chronicles of Narnia that I can read over and over again.

Favorite movies: The Guardian, Freedom Writers, Juno, National Treasure (1 and 2), Benny and Joon, any Miyazaki film, and...that's all I can think of right now.

Favorite TV shows: Doctor Who, Game of Thrones, NCIS, Castle, Big Bang Theory, Torchwood, Sherlock...and plenty others I'll probably remember when their new season starts up.

There. Now you know a little bit about me. If you read this, thank you. If not, oh well, who cares. I did this to pass the time.

Enjoy reading my stories. Due to the insanity of life, I've put this account on hold as far as writing goes, but should things calm down, I might come back. I have plenty of stories still swirling around in my brain, after all.

BTW: I no own YuYu. I am putting that on here and it will relate to ALL of my YuYu fanfics. This is mainly because I forgot to put a disclaimer on Revealing Secrets!

Completed works:

Yuu Yuu Hakusho:

The Music Box: oneshot

Candle in the Window: oneshot BotanxHiei

No Such Thing as Happy Ever After: multi-chapter HieixOC

Revealing Secrets: multi-chapter

There is No Love in Death: multi-chapter HieixOC

Prince of Tennis:

The Final Match: oneshot, multiple drabbles

Puberty: oneshot, pillar pair (pre-relationship)

Fruits Basket:

Always Winter, Never Christmas: oneshot

Proof: oneshot, drabble


Etymology: oneshot, multible drabbles


Obsession: onshot, SetoxKisara

Works in Progress:


UPDATE (Aug. 10, 2008): Always Winter, Never Christmas, a Fruits Basket oneshot, has been added.

UPDATE (Sep. 3, 2008): Etymology, a xxxHolic oneshot, has been added.

UPDATE (Mar. 2, 2009): Proof, a Fruits Basket oneshot, has been added.

UPDATE (Jul. 6, 2009): Obsession, a YuGiOh! oneshot, has been added.

UPDATE (Jul. 16, 2009): Puberty, a Prince of Tennis oneshot, has been added.

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