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This is me for forever
O n e o f t h e l o s t o n e s
The one without a name
Without an honest heart as compass

Current Writings

- The Key - Temporarily discontinued. waiting for the re-writing process before continuing

- Echoes of an Intercom - AkuRoku short ficcy. High-school nobody/popular kid romance kind of thing. Yeah I know, not the most original thing, but oh well. (Status: Chapter 2 in progress)

Tales of a Nobody - a collection of Organization XIII oneshots (Status: Oneshot 2 in progress)

- a few one-shots here and there, it's what i do when i'm bored

Me, Myself, and I

My name is classified, unless you're a close friend, but feel free to call me Riku or Darky, I'm 15 and I am an obsessed Kingdom Hearts/SquareEnix fan. i like playing other video games though, hanging out on the computer (IMing/Emailing/Guild Wars), drawing, reading obviously because I'm a writer... watching tv, movies, and other things that don't involve me moving, lol,though i probably should since i'm underweight... dont know why, cuz i eat a lot. hm..fast metabolism. oh well, like i care. so...um...yeah...writing stories and stuff.

I am slow to update.

Pester me with "WRITE MORE SOOON!1111" and i will go purposely slow just to spite you.

I reaaaaaaally like reviews. Then again, who doesn't? I would like if you give me some critique, not just "really nice ". Not that I don't like those either. They're a nice self-esteem booster.

But some real critique would really make my day, and I might even reply to you xD

also, if you have a livejournal, feel free to visit my writing journal it has all the fanfiction here, plus original writings, and one-shots/drabbles that aren't posted here.

the randomness of this profile compels you!!11

brought to you by me, my friends, and other random people


your soul is like your appendix...you don't need it- me

Darkness shall control all worlds, because, when you think about it, there's nothing but darkness, the light is only the opposing force. Darkness is always there, there's nothing you can do to stop it. so basically, Sora's journey is a whole waste of time, he's just gonna die at some point. -me

If people tolerate eating animals...and humans are technically animals...isn't that considered cannibalism?- me

I wonder what a foot tastes like...- me

I hate Mondays, the ass who came up with it must die... though he probably already did... - me

Ansem(Xehanort) has weird hair...it's all like..swoosh, from his forehead...but then again, you can practically see the 17 bottles of hair-gel in Sora's hair. Now that i think about it, everyone's hair in Kingdom hearts is odd in some way...except for Kairi - me

Kingdom Hearts should be rated T because Ansem's smile gives little children nightmares - me

Why do girls like guys with silver hair? I mean, if they like guys with silver hair, why dont they like old people? It's basically the same - friend

Do you think they based Ansem(Xehanort) on Michael Jackson? I mean, he did like..."take over Riku's body" which I find disturbing- friend

Do you think he's gonna need therapy in Kingdom Hearts 2? Maybe he's traumatized by the experience and went insane, and that is why he jumped off the building in Deep Dive. he's attempting to commit suicide o_o - me responding

Nah, he can just stab himself with Soul Eater. -friend responding

But, Sora lived when he stabbed himself. think about it, Disney wont let Riku stab himself, or then again, commit suicide, cuz theywant children to think the world is full of talking animals that are always happy, and never die- me..responding



no seriously ._. when did my nickname become meanie? - me

I fell down in the hallway and of course my mother, stepped over me- friend

Why do we need to learn about history? It's over, so who cares? Basically, it's all about a bunch of dudes, who killed each other a lot. - me

Hey! There's Red Bull in my fridge!... five bucks says that some random animal outside will drink it if i leave it in the backyard. -me

Why do they say in Health that sex is bad? - me

Because...um...you break stuff - friend responding

...wow, that's a new way to put it -me responding back

Ketchup is like blood, and blood is good, so ketchup is good - me

OMG I CAN'T DRINK WINE! because i hate raisins.and raisins are shriveled grapes...and grapes make wine, so raisins make wine indirectly. AND I HATE RAISINS! - me


Our principal is old, how do i know this? because he does that thing with his hair when he attempts to comb what's left to the side to make it look like he's not bald. That just makes it more noticeable, what a dumbass - me

Kiwi...what moron names a fruit kiwi? And..why are kiwis green on the inside, and brown and fuzzy on the outside? That there is a messed up fruit - me

Got it memorized? O:


AIM Conversation

friend: how am I?
friend: acting like Cloud
me: ...ur all aloof
me: that says it all ._.
me: Cloud in one word
me: XD
friend: uh huh
friend: ...excuse me while I go look that up
me: XD

Another Conversation

friend: BAD RIKU

me: what?

me: wait...bad?

me: yay!

me: -gets a cookie-

Conversation on the Concept of Eating


me: ...i was eating .-.

friend: ...

friend: same thing .-.

me: ...

me: o.o

The Imagination is A Dangerous, Dangerous Thing

me: like, when the screen goes black after Sora says "i have something u could never imitate too"
me: i'm all: ...he so took his pants off
me: xD
friend: xD
me: it was funny
me: after he said that line
me: my sister suddenly yelled: FEMALE SEX ORGANS
friend: XD


I wish I had an angel
For one moment of love
I wish I had your angel
Your Virgin Mary undone
I'm in love with my lust
Burning angelwings to dust
I wish I had your angel tonight


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