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Okay, well I don't really know what to put on here... Ummm currently I am writting "The sickness", which is nearing it's end. I do have another story in my mind, wrote a bit of it too. But I won't release it while I'm still working on this one.

Well, there's not much else to say... ya know... Life exists and such...

Habs forever! Oh, hey, I know something I can say, I am a strong Beast Boy / Raven supporter. I have read a few good Robin /Raven, but I say BBRae all the way!

So... what else, ah well Raven is my favorite character of this series.

... Why did you come to my crappy profile? Grrr go away!

Alright, well I'll give you some sort of idea of what my next story is about. There is a brutal attack on a criminal, oddly enough, all of the evidence seems to be pointing at Raven. (and yup, this is BBRae.)

All about me

Name: Christina T. (I'm not posting my whole name... not cause it's the internet and blah blah blah, just because you don't deserve to know. :P)

Gender: Well, I was born a girl... hopefully that won't change.

Age: 17 years old. (Thats old enough to drive alone where I live:D)

Location: Montreal, Quebec, Canada. (Which is why I am a huge Habs fan aka the Montreal Canadiens, ... hockey team,... Beast Team in history! erm... :) )

Hobbys: Sadly, school + my job has left me with no life. I still manage to go out with friends and laz around at home. To be slightly more specific, I love to bike or roller blade (... two items that I must purchase!) playing basketball with people as bad as me, watching hockey with a bunch of friends or just walking around with friends. I also love mangas and anime, I'll put up a special section for that. Finally, the sport that I love to practice, is paintball!

Anime/manga: Okay, my all time favorite manga is, without a doubt, Angel Sanctuary. Trully marvelous.

For the moment, I am currently reading four series:

-Shaman King


-Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle

-xxx Holic (not as perved as it sounds... damn pervs!)

As for animes, I'm now watching the english dubs: Naruto and Full Metal Alchemist.

In the pas I have enjoyed these titles:


-One Piece

-Gundam Seed

-Gundam Seed Destiny



-CardCaptor Sakura

There's more... but w/e

Music: Ahh, this is were I will be ranting;

Personally, I do not have a music style. I believe that once people associate temselves with a certain image, be it punk, pop, rock skater, etc, they thend to discriminate other styles before even hearing the music. Which is sad really, otherwise, these people would enjoy this music. So sad no? I mean, how can someoneconsciously say somethinglike: I hate rap. Impossible.In the whole world, I am convinced that there is at least ONE rap song that this eprson could enjoy. Saying: I'm not a big fan or Rap music.Great. Perfect. That still leaves some kind of small window open to possibilities.Be objective people! The truth is out there...

Erm... rant over. So that being said, here are some of my fav groups:

Linkin Park, Metallica, System Of A Down, Rammstein, Papa Roach, Green Day, She Wants Revenge, Eminem, Les Cowboys Fringants (French Canadien Group), Les Trois Accords (Same) and newly; Camp Kill Yourself (Ima buy their CD soon.)

There's more but, w/e.

Extra:... You don't deserve this either... Now leave my profile!

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