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OBSESSED WITH:- kingdom of heaven, fight club, requiem for a dream, american history x, a very long engagment, star wars, x-men, sin city, PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEANi would love to be a pirate...well maybe not but the idea is certainly enticing.

IN LOVE WITH: Johnny Depp, Jared Leto and Gerard Way

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The Chase: When Diane Fairweather's husband goes missing out at sea she seeks the one person who can help her, her sister. But her disappearence does not go unoticed. When her apparently submittive handmaiden Rosemary notifies Will Turner and his wife Elizabeth of her disappearence they are all brought together on that famous Black Pearl in the search for the missing aristocrat. What trouble have they got themselves into? It is a daring chase across the ocean looking for the missing lady with the acursed Minerva looming in the dark waters ahead. But the excitement and rush is too great to let go, thats the life of a pirate. IN PROGRESS POTC

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Fountain of Youth: POST AWE, The lovely and rather cheeky daughter of William and Elizabeth Turner is somehow roped into helping Jack Sparrow find the Fountain of Youth, said to bring about immortality. But he is not the only one who wants it. A constant cat and mouse race over the oceans looking for the blessed fountain all the while Will comands the souls of the dead and his wife searches for his immortal ship the Flying Dutchman. Barbossa is not the only thing Jack and his followers have to worry about. With the apocalypse looming will they reach their goal in time? The clocks ticking. IN PROGRESS POTC

Hide and Seek: The six Bentley children Lilian, Joanna, Peter, Katherine, Amelia and Wendy are shocked and amazed when their mother runs off with another man. In response they are wrentched from their comfortable lives on a large estate in Kent and planted in the Caribbean. What happens when they encounter the famous pirate lord Jack Sparrow? Paths entwined they are destined for journeys together. Throw a little love and heart ache in the mix and you have one hell of an adventure. IN PROGRESS POTC

My Neverland: Wendy Darling never thought anything like this could happen to her. The daughter of John Darling she knew the stories of her aunt so very well and only ever dreamed of them. But when a mysterious boy comes to her window one night her life is changed for ever. Is it the end or the beginning? Will she ever go home? Read and find out. ON HOLD PP

Renegade Fighters: The Second War rages between the darkness in the magic world and the light. With Dumbledore gone fear is gradually spreading from Europe to the world. Harry Potter knows it is up to him to deliver the world from darkness. Meanwhile the war between man and mutant is ever growing steam in America with Magneto preparing his first strike. How are these two catastrophes linked? What happens when Hermione Granger discovers a deadly secret and becomes a number one fugitive in both wars, on both fronts? How will one girl change the outcome of both wars? Will the world be consumed by total darkness resulting in the destruction of the human race? And even in the height of darkness will love prevail? ON HOLD XMEN AND HARRY POTTER CROSSOVER

ON THAT NOTE: If you like any of these stories let me know and I will pay particular attention to them. I love them all but sometimes I halt my inspiration is lost especially from lack of support. 'Pirates of the Caribbean: the Fountian of Youth' and 'The Chase' are my two favourites so love them, they are written pretty well and have developed(ing) characters and storylines.

Also if any of you have heard 'From Yesterday' by 30 seconds to mars doesn't it remind you of Jack Sparrow? All i can picture is him...and Jared Leto.

So this is it for now. Let me know what you think, because i need it to keep going!


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