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Well hello again! I thought I might tell you about myself, so here you go!

Name: Duckie shifty eyes

Age: Why should you care?

Fave saying: Today is the tomorrow we worried about yesterday.

Idioticness: Yes, I am extremely idiotic! Just ask my insane friend, Shae. No, that is not her real name, and for the last time NO the teddy bears are not eating that cheese!

Insanity Level: Extremely high! 12 on a scale from 1 to 10.

Randomness: Extremely high randomness level. I have a problem with blurting out what I'm thinking, causing my friends to think I am insane. I must agree, though.

Fave Video Games: FFX, FFX-2, Dynasty Warriors (all), SSX Series (all), Kingdom Hearts, Dance Dance Revolution, and Jet X20. (Psst... and my Geography teacher says video games are for boys... yeah right :P)

Fave Shows: You all are probably going to think I am crazy (which, I can't deny, but...) Desperate Houswives, The Mole, Laguna Beach, TRL, Miss Seventeen, Dr. 90210, Any Road Rules Real World Challenge, Road Rules (which 4 some reason hasn't been on lately), Real World, and SOME stuff on Nickelodean and Disney.

Fave and Least Fave Subjects: (This oughta be good) Well, I love Geography and I like Math, even though I am extremely dumb in my Math Class. I take Algebra 1 Honors, and let me tell ya, I am (literally and unexageratively) the stupidist person in that class! Everyone is smart! It's hard for someone with a short attention span to take all those formulas in. :P I cannot, for the life of me, stand English. I feel as if sometimes I could pull my hair out while I'm in that class. Science is an odd spin-off of Math, with more glass. I don't like Science, plain and simple. I don't like my Broadcasting class, either. It scares me. I chose Publications but was put back in Broadcasting. Health is weird, it is, however, almost over. (Thankfully) Well, that's it!

Sports: Sports are not my thing. I am sport-retarded. Although, I enjoy dancing and gymnastics. Those aren't sport "sports", but I enjoy them! I also enjoy basketball, despite the fact I stink at it. Ooh, I also love Rollerblading and biking.

Fave Movies: I enjoy Inuyasha movies, Ice Princess, Man of the House, Guess Who, Bewitched, Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, many others I can't think of.

Hobbies: Student Council, journalism, writing, internet, reading, singing, music of any kind, playing FF, shopping, talking, acting, designing clothes,being an idiot. (Yes, I enjoy it, it makes me unique.)


"Remember, you're unique like everyone else!"

"It's not called stupidity, it's called curiosity." (my quote for the yearbook :D )

Inside Jokes:

Duckie- "I hate monster.

Shae-"And her other chin!" (Long story :D)

Choice Reads: Oddly enough, my Geography book (yes, it interests me, fool!), The Clique series, The A-list series, The Girl Who Invented Romance, Agatha Christie books, The Au Pair, and The Blue Girl.

Choice Manga: Inuyasha and Cardcaptor Sakura. Nothing more, nothing less.

Music Styles: Hip-hop, country, pop, R/B, rap, J-pop, rock, punk, punk-pop, piano.

Artists: Too many to list. If you are extremely interested, here are a few:

No doubt, Gwen, 50 Cent, Toby Keith, Britney Spears, Hilary Duff,Sweetbox, Green Day, Aly and AJ, Ashlee Simpson, and one final note, I DO NOT LIKE KELLY CLARKSON AT ALL. SHE'S TOO WINY!

My Favorite Songs: Well,I enjoy Real Emotion, Simple and Clean, Come Clean... you know what, you don't care so I'll stop right there.

Why: I don't know.

Favorite Brands: Well, here is where I know I will get a lot of people angry. I am one of those girls who enjoys to shop at every kind of shop. I mean EVERYTHING. Everything from Dooney and Bourke to Target. I will say no more.

Favorite Pairings:

Tidus and Yuna (ffx and ffx2)

Rikku and Gippal (ffx and ffx2)

Lulu and Wakka (ffx and ffx2)

Kaori and Mac (ssx)

Da Qiao and Sun Ce (dynasty warriors)

Xiao Qiao and Zhou Yu (dw)

Sun Shang Xiang and Liu Bei (dw) note: these two really were in love and later married according to historical notes that have been taken

Yue Ying and Zhuge Liang (dw)

Zhen Ji and Cao Pi (dw)

Diao Chan and Lu Bu (dw)

Zhu Rhong and Meng Huo (dw)

Xing Cai and Lu Xun (dw) odd, but fun to think about

Least Fave Couples:

Seymour and anyone (ffx) no seymour and yuna, yuna is for tidus, not for another girl :D

Auron and Rikku (ffx) all I have to say is eww...

Story Info: So far, I only have FFX stories, due to the fact I am lazy, busy, and I have a short attention span, but that's another story. Anyway, I have a holiday story, two one-shots, and one about the gang going to high school. I will only use the pairings that are under my Fave Couples section. I will never use Seymour with Yuna or Auron with Rikku. This just would seem wrong to me. If you read my stories, your reviews will be appreciated and I can almost promise I will look at your stories.

That's It For Me: Yup! Leave your comments with my stories.

Happy Holiday To All of You! Happy Christmahanukwanzakuh to you! (VIRGIN MOBILE)


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