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Author has written 21 stories for X-Men: Evolution, Danny Phantom, Batman the Animated Series, and Teen Titans.

Firstly I am your Wingless Angel, St. Joseph if you will, yeah I sainted myself, so what? No one else seemed to be getting around to it, so I took some initiative. My favotire team is the Brotherhood, I have seen most incarnations of this team, and X-Men Evolution definately has the best roster. My favorite characters are the Maximoff twins.


"Its like the fall of Icarus. If you fly too close to the sun, your wings will melt, but if you refuse to leave the ground then... you've never really flown have you?" -Wingless Angel

"No matter the consequences, no matter the pain... Doing the right thing will always carry a heavy burden..." -Pietro Maximoff (Quicksilver)

"Whether they are literal, or remain fictional, never forget, no balls no glory," -Wingless Angel

"I used to write. Then I used to paint. I think I'm going to be one of those people with a lot of potential who never really takes off," -Fairuza Balk

"Dream as if you'll live forever, live like you'll die today." -James Dean

"If you can't attempt to kill your favorite character, then... you're no fun, I do it all the time!" -Wingless Angel (Regarding his treatment of Pietro)

"I don't know a lot of things, it doesn't mean I'm stupid, it just means I'm not done learning yet." -Wingless Angel

"Blood doesn’t make you family hell an only child can bleed. It’s the sharing of pain that makes you family, 'cause you can't really love a brother or a sister until you know that they’re as scarred and broken as you are." -Christopher Titus (the difference between Dave, his step-brother, and Shanon, His sister)

"I may not be the most popular author, but people like my style, and that's who I write for, the fans, my fans." -Wingless Angel

"The world seems so peaceful. Its hard to believe that so much chaos is on its way. I am still Pietro Maximoff, the son of Magneto. I will have my place in the world. If I cannot change the future... then I shall embrace it." -Quicksilver (After going insane)

"Attilan my home. My refuge. When I was young, I dreamed of escaping to the world of men. Humans seemed so free. And Pietro, my fleet-footed Quicksilver, who ran with the wind, was the freest of them all. I do not love you, Pietro Maximoff. You are no longer free. Your twisted mind and your crippled body. I will shed no tears for you." -Crystal (Formally ending her relationship with Pietro)

"Oh! My name is Daniel Rand. I am Iron Fist and I know Kung Fu. Hi-Yahh." Iron Fist (After waking up to the Night Nurse and Luke Cage)

"The frenetic pace that marked my previous existence... I don't miss it a bit. Not only do I stop and smell the roses, I can appreciate the slowness of their growth." -Quicksilver (After losing his powers)

"I've been a loner all my life, Xavier- an outcast- dumped on by everyone I met. But I'm a man, Xavier, a warrior of the Apache, an' today I'm gonna prove it!” -Thunderbird (John Proudstar's last words regarding his recruitment by Professor Xavier)

"Do you know how many good times I had on that couch? I HAD THE BLACK CAT ON THAT COUCH!" -Luke Cage (upon the Hand destroying his beloved couch)

"There's a thin line between crazy people and normal people. Everyone has voices in their head, but it's the crazy people who aren't afraid to listen." -Wingless Angel

"Banner will come back from whence you send him and he will kill you all! And he'll be right!" -Namor The Sub-Mariner (upon learning Iron Man sent the Hulk to die)

"I thought I was going out a hero in a blaze of glory. Turns out I was just a spaz being yanked on someone else's chain." -Hawkeye (upon reliving his death)

"I came here to save the world and all you’ve done is try to crucify me." -Thor (upon fighting the Ultimates)

"It might take me a week, it might take me ten years! But when I bust outta here, I’m gonna kick that big red “S” of yours all over the galaxy! Right after I’m done nuking the Earth into guacamole… and that’s a promise!" -Lobo (upon Superman abandoning him in a cell)

"Love is like a moth being drawn to a flame, always be the flame for the moth never survives." -Wingless Angel

"It’s funny little things used to mean so much to her- I used to think they were kind of trivial. Believe me, nothing is trivial." -Eric Draven (Brandon Lee), The Crow

"I've got two jobs. I've discovered that you have to work twice as hard when it's honest." -Sway (Angelina Jolie), Gone in 60 Seconds

"Its tough being the innocent among the guilty but incredibly easy to be the guilty among the innocent. Why is the path of sin so much easier to walk than the path of righteousness?" -Wingless Angel

"Don't you think it's funny that if I grab a woman's ass and she punches me, she's fighting for her rights, but if a faggot grabs my ass and I punch his lights out, I'm a homophobe?" -Parker (Ryan Phillippe), The Way of The Gun

"I think a plan is just a list of things that don't happen." -Parker (Ryan Phillippe), The Way of The Gun

"You know what I'm gonna tell God when I see him? I'm gonna tell him I was framed." -Longbaugh (Benicio Del Toro), The Way of The Gun

"Champagne for my real friends, and real pain for my sham friends." -Monty Brogan (Edward Norton), 25th Hour

"Perfection is an unobtainable illusion; imperfection is truly beautiful." -Wingless Angel

"You're good... but me, I'm magic." -Bullseye (before killing Elektra with her own sai)

"Y'know, if you're gonna ask someone to save the world, you'd better make sure they like it the way it is." -XXX (Vin Diesil), XXX

"Whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall posses the power of… THOR!" -written on Mjolnir (the mighty hammer of Thor, God of Thunder)

"I don't need your help in determining that I'm insane, I've embraced it quite nicely on my own." -Wingless Angel

"Why is there enough religion to incite war, but not enough religion to instill tolerance?" -Wicked Jester

"They said to follow my dreams... too bad they were all nightmares." -Wicked Jester

"I'd rather be an open sinner than a false saint." -Wicked Jester

"When you have insomnia, you're never really asleep... and you're never really awake." -Narrator (Edward Norton), Fight Club

"Always remember son, you can never fail, if your never try." - Al Bundy (Ed O'Neill), Married With Children

Greatest conversation ever: (D'Spayre has magically stripped away the Juggernaut's flesh and internal organs, leaving nothing but a crimson skeleton)

Juggernaut- "But I been feelin' despair my whole life. And I learned how to deal with it. I got mad!"

D'Spayre- "He still stands? He moves?"

Juggernaut- "Cause life is pain. Pain leads to despair. An' the only way to beat despair is through rage. And rage feeds the Juggernaut. Once the Juggernaut feels rage... nothing... of this world or any world... NOTHING CAN STOP THE JUGGERNAUT!"

D'Spayre- "Impossible! How are you even moving? There's nothing left... nothing but..."

Juggernaut- "Nothing but hate."


Comic Books: X-Men, The Ultimates, The Avengers, X-Factor, and Spider-Man

Cartoons: X-Men, Spider-Man, X-Men Evolution, and Justice League

Movies: The Way of The Gun, 25th Hour, X-2 X-Men United, The Crow, and Sin City

Music: Bush, Bullet For My Valentine, HIM, Lacuna Coil, The 69 Eyes, 30 Seconds to Mars, Sex Slaves, Rob Zombie, Joe Walsh, Mike Shinoda, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Tom Petty

Characters: The Maximoff Twins, Magneto, Namor The Sub-Mariner, Hawkeye, Taskmaster, Agent X, Omega Sentinel, Iceman, Dem Brotherhood Boys, Spider-Man, Jamie 'the Mother F#king Multiple Man' Madrox, Wolfsbane, and THOR!


I swear I'm working on it! Also, for those of you who care, there may be a sequal to frozen in the works... maybe!

-Condemned Universe-


1. Condemned - No Musical Influence

2. Free Falling - Tom Petty

3. Born to Raise Hell - Cheap Trick

4. Glycerine - Bush

5. Before I'm Dead - Kidney Thieves

6. Big Empty - Stone Temple Pilots

7. Angel On Fire

8. Pure Corruption

9. Innocence Lost

10. Unpredictable

11. No Rest For The Wicked

12. Falling From Grace

13. Make Me Bleed


Lance Dominic Alvers (Avalanche, The Walking Landslide) - long straight brown hair, very muscular. Married to Regan Wyngarde. Flashbacks tend to make him ill. He desires world domination, a meatball sub, and the safety of his friends. Through genetic manipulation, he's developed a vibrational shield. Nicknamed "Numb-nuts," by Raven. Age 19.

Regan Wyngarde Alvers (Lady Mastermind, The Mutant Illusionist) - Shapely blonde, ex-stripper, married Lance in Las Vegas. She is attending medical school. The original Mastermind's youngest daughter. Serious issues with her older sister and Kitty Pryde (Shadowcat), the new Mastermind. Age 20.

St. John Fernando Allerdyce (Pyro, The Mutant Master of Fire) - More muscle than lanky, in a relationship with Amara (Magma). Not so much a flame junkie, he has more of an affinity for destruction. He causes thousands of dollars of property damage hourly. He thinks penguins are edible. He has a lucky red Speedo (see below for details). Nicknamed "Fruit-loop," by Raven. Was living inside Wanda's head. Raven is his "father," (See Raven Darkholme). Age 19.

Frederick Jack Dukes (The Immovable Blob) - Shaved head, grew a beard. Now Comprised of more muscle. Was in a realtionship with Tabby (Boom Boom), until she cheated on him with Kurt (Nightcrawler). Through genetic manipulation, he's developed a personal gravitational field. Age 19.

Pietro Django Maximoff (Quicksilver, The Fastest Man Alive) - Long scar on his back, and claw scars on his chest. Has broken up with Anna Marie Darkholme (Rogue). Laura Kinney (X-23) seems to think that he'd be better off with her, although he is now in a relationship of sorts with Karima Shapandar. Through genetic manipulation, he's developed an accelerated healing factor. On good terms with both sisters and father. Shares a telepathic "buzz" with Wanda. Nicknamed "Skid-mark," by Raven. Age 18.

Wanda Marie Maximoff (The Scarlet Witch, The Mutant Master of Probability) - Relatively unchanged. Relationship with Jean Grey has ended in part to her death. She has also impregnated Jean, through magic. She has also been developing her magical skills. On good terms with brother, sister, and father. Shares a telepathic "buzz" with Pietro. St. John currently lives in her head. Age 18, (Older than Pietro by ten minutes).

Todd Mortimer Tolensky (The Terrible Toad)- Wears goggles to protect his sensitive eyes. Relationship with Rahne (Wolfsbane), is currently strained. Through genetic manipulation, he's developed super-human strength. Nicknamed "Short-bus," by Raven. Age 16.

Karima Shapandar (The Omega Sentinel) -Cybernetic system woven through out her body, made of Vibranium, enhances her strength, speed, and agility. Cybernetic right arm, fitted with a plasma cannon. Tasers built into both of her hands powered by a generator located at the base of her neck. Nanite Sentinels have been injected into her bloodsteam. Constantly sneaks into Pietro's room at night. Age 17.

Raven Darkholme (Mystique) - Calls the Brotherhood Boys, "My Boys." Saved her boys from Xavier. Killed a man to protect her boys. Strained relationship with children. The new Mayor of Bayville. In love with Irene Adler. She is St. John's "father," (Shape-shifter... best if you try not to over think it). Age 100? (She'll be mad if I tell you).

Deuce the Devil Dog- Super natural dog. Gift to Wanda from Agatha Harkness. Fiercly loyal to Wanda. Likes to bite Freddy.

N'Kantu (The Living Mummy) - The Brotherhood accidentilly set him free. Used to live in Brotherhood Basement. Currently traveling the world. Wears cargo pants and a button up shirt. Really enjoys T.V. Age 3021.


Patented Brotherhood Smile of Innocence - when one of the Brotherhood members is trying to hide something, or get mercy.

Brotherhood Luck - just when you think things are going pretty good, a meteor hits the boarding house and knocks out the cable.

"Can't we all just get along?" - someone in the Brotherhood is about to catch a beating.

The Mighty Brotherhood Couch - the couch has been defiled by every member of the Brotherhood and their respective lover, in one way or another.

St. John's Lucky Red Speedo - ...pretty self explanitory, it's probably his most prized possesion. He has called on the help of his Lucky Red Speedo, to save him from many a beating.


Please do not try this at home, The Brotherhood Boys are professionally trained... idiots.

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