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Hey Y'all!

So it's been some short while since I signed up here. And I've actually started working on Once More (FFX-2).
It seems to go well I think. I for one enjoy writing it, but if you guys enjoy reading it, is a another part I'm working on to satisfy.

It seemed that it was time to do some proper profiling, since the other one was so rushed in my opinion.

Name: Maria - // But online I go around with the usernames such as Alexiel/Alexiel91, Alexa/Alexa91, Maria/Maria91 Cry/Cry91/Cryish..// It mostly depends on what's available or not. But here on I only go by Alexiel91.
Age: 15
Gender: Uhm, if you didn't already notice by my name, then I will let you know that I'm Female
Hobbies: Read, write, Final Fantasy 7 through 10-2. (So wanting FF12!) Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, Kingdom Hearts II. Apart from these Square Enix games I really enjoy kicking demons in Devil May Cry II & III.
Music: Gackt, Miyavi, Ayumi Hamasaki, Otsuka Ai, Dir en Grey, Alice Nine, Gazette, X-Japan (Japanese fanatic, I love Japanese music over all else!) .Hack//Sign music, Suzuka soundtrack, FF7-10-2 Soundtracks, KH 1&2 Soundtrack etc.
Movies: Star Wars (Ep II AotC mostly, Ep III RotS also, but it's really sad and depressing, but a favourite none the least!), Harry Potter (Prisoner of Azkaban & Goblet of Fire mostly).. But other than these I like a lot of movies, to many to count I'm sorry.

All this said, I think information about me if quite enough, since I hate going through these phases of me, myself & I ... -_-'


Well, I've been hanging around this site for over a year, but never really signed up until recently. I've always had a passion for writing somehow. Even when I was around the age of 7-8 at school I liked the hours we had of writing stories. Although, back then.. Like any other kid, the stories we make up then can be really enjoying, but it never really makes sense as it does in later years when we really get to think things through with patience. (Since when do any kid at the age of 7-8 have patience, right?)
But now, I see writing as an everyday hobby and my own personal time of creating. So I thought, damn.. Everyone in here is such faboulus writers who writes such amazing fics. I signed up here for the love of the site, the people and the writing.
I'm going to try my skills out, and hopefully learn from others around here. And I say this to all you writer out there and here.
You are all such great inspirations and have such great writing abilites! I could only hope to get to the high levels you all are in!

But now, I'm gonna end this endless thing before I get too out of hand.. XD Sorry everyone for the long thing up there.. '


Once More: My first added fiction here. A Final Fantasy X/X-2 fiction cirkling around Tidus and Yuna mostly.
But no worries, the gang is still there and has a part of the story as well. This story is going on quite good if I may say so, since I absolutley love writing it, and I hope all you FFX/X-2 fans out there likes it as well and doesn't want to kill me or something for this. Heh, it's more to it than what I've gotten out in the recent chapters. I'm seeing this to be a long project and not a very rushed one, so I hope I have you all with me on this one. I like writing stories that is very thought-through. And if that requires being a long story with many chapters, than so be it. As long as everything comes in and makes sense, right?

Summary: Takes place right after The Good Ending in Final Fantasy X-2 (May contain some spoilers for you who haven't cleared FFX-2 or X yet, just so you know) where we saw Tidus and Yuna finally reunite after 2 years of being apart.
But upon his return Tidus senses a strange weakness within him and no one can explain why. As he collapses in Yuna's arms in the Beach Shore of Besaid Island the question "What's going on?" goes around. What they all don't know is that it is much more than normal tiredness or sickness behind Tidus condition. As a long-gone though enemy reappears, with a powerful unknown force behind it all. What will happen and what will become of Tidus and Spira? Awaits to see, as you read on in 'Once More'

Well that's it for now I guess. Gonna head of writing or something.
I hang around MSN alot, and if any interested writers want to chat about fics or just chat around. By all means add me on That's all for me then. Take care all, and happy writing!


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