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I am a Young Hercules Fan (Except for the Disney Hercules).

Other FanFic Names and Stories:

Sessho’s Gal: A Memory Forgotten Long Ago (POEM), A Inuyasha Story: Where Have You Been?, Himura Kids meets the Toshio Family, Yugi’s Little Sister (SHORT STORY)
Lynn Rulez: None Right at the Moment
Emily Rayne Paris: None Right At The Moment

I have the Young Hercules Movie

Favorite Young Hercules Characters


01. Hercules (Ryan Gosling)
02. Iolaus (Dean O'Gorman)
03. Jason (Chris Conrad)
04. Cheiron (Nathaniel Lees)
05. Ares (Kevin Smith)
06. Strife (Joel Tobeck)
07. Fiducius (Ross Duncan)
08. Constable (Michael Daly)
09. Ophistus (Stephen Tozer)
10. Hephaestus (Jason Hoyte)
11. Theseus (Mfundo Morrison)
12. Pollus (Jeremy Callaghan)
13. Buterus (Paul Norell)
14. Protector (Steven Antunovic)
15. Priest (David Baxter)
16. Melotheum (Daniel Meade)
17. Apollo (Scott Michaelson)
18. Male Traveller (Norman Fairley)
19. Farmer (John Manning)
20. Lucius (Craig Parker)
21. Arcus (Campbell Rousselle)
22. Lambe (Peta Rutter)
23. Leondias (John Steemason)
24. Guard (Mark Webley)
25. Cadet (Albert Belz)
26. Merchant (Danny Lineham)


01. Lilith (Jodie Rimmer)
02. Kora (Angela Marie Dotchin)
03. Discord (Meighan Desmond)
04. Alcmene (Sharon Tyrell)
05. Cyane (Katrine Browne)
06. Simula (Alison Bruce)
07. Hera’s Voice (Elizabeth Hawthorne)
08. Mad Medicine Woman (Lori Dungey)
09. Nymph (Rachel Gilchrist)
10. Cadet (Eryn Wilson)
11. Customer (Sacha Handsaker-Cath)
12. Enyo (Christine Bartlett)
13. Golden Hind (Amber Sainsbury)


01. Young Hercules (Ian Bohen)
02. Young Iolaus (Dean O’Gorman)
03. Young Jason of Corinth (Chris Conrad)
04. Yvenna the Blonde (Johna Stewart-Bowden)
05. Ares, Hercules’ Half Bro (Kevin Smith)
06. Cheiron the Centaur (Nathaniel Lees)
07. Rachel Blakely (Alcmene, Hercules’ Mother)
08. The Jeweler (Michael Hurst)
09. Taungaroa Emile (Thamus)
10. Liardus (Mfundo Morrison)
11. Enya (Paolo Rotondo)
12. Mikos (Som Peri)
13. Alcestor (Lionel Waaka)
14. Attica (Nick Kemplen)
15. Talos (Shane Dawson)
16. The Knifer/Cradus (Marek Sumich)
17. The Runner (Josh Gilbertson)
18. The Siren (Anouk Koene)
19. The Chariotee (Sam Williams)
20. The Artisan (David Mackie)
21. Guard at Cornith (Campbell Rousselle)
22. King Aeson, Jason’s Father (Mike McGee)


01. Hercules (Ryan Gosling)
02. Iolaus (Dean O'Gorman)
03. Jason (Chris Conrad)
04. Cheiron (Nathaniel Lees)
05. Lilith (Jodie Rimmer)
06. Kora (Angela Marie Dotchin)


Stories Coming Soon to a FanFic near you:

"If you are not brave enough to leave you name when you leave an insult, then you are a coward" (Unknown Author)

The Shadow Warrior by scottsman reviews
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