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My Name is Hailey and I am a very random person. Im a proud mother and wife. And I LOVE to read and write. I'm working on the writing thing, I started out in poetry, and it's been a hard transistion for me to writing fanfictions, but I am trying, so bare with me.

I am team Werewolf and Team Edward.

Now before you all get mad and send me hate mail telling me to choose let me explain:

The Twilight Saga Books are among my favorite pieces of literature and I have read them so many times over that I had to buy new copies cause mine fell apart. When I started out I was a MAJOR Team Edward girl, But in reading these books so many times, I learned everything I could about the books, and about the characters. I found that there are things I like about the wolfpack, and things I don't like. AND There are things I like about Edward, and things I don't like. Now after I came to this conclusion I read the story again, with an open mind. I found that I didn't like Edward as much as I thought, but I certaintly didn't hate him. He was a bit too controlling for my liking, but I believe he did everything in the best interest of Bella. And when he asked her if she was sure she made the right choice in choosing him, that confirmed what I thought. NOW, the wolfpack were another story. I could not stand Jacob, or any of the wolves when I first read it, and I wanted to kill Jacob when he Kissed Bella in Eclipse BUT, after I read it with an open mind, I understood the wolves better. How would YOU react around your natural enemy, I know I wouldnt be all hugs and smiles around my enemy id be pissed just to be around them. And Jacob, had ALWAYS liked Bella, even before Edward, so it makes sense to me that after he found out the Bella was dating his natural enemy that he would fight for her, and even fight dirty.

I still think that in those particular books Bella should end up with Edward. But if Stephenie Meyer wrote another alternate universe thigny(lol couldnt think of a better word) where Jacob ended up with Bella, I could see that happening too. I dont know maybe im just weird.

But in the world of fanfiction. I paticularly like Bella with any of the wolfpack.

ATTENTION: I am now a working mother. I have a full time job at a daycare, I come home and clean house, cook dinner and take care of my daughter. So my updating may not come as quick as everyone would like. I try to make a point to update by every weekend, but if this doesn't happen please don't send me a bunch of hate mail, please understand that I have a life, and though I wish I could spend the majority of my time writing and updating that is not realistic for me. So please bare with me and excuse me if it takes me awhile to update.

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