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Author has written 14 stories for Negima! Magister Negi Magi/魔法先生ネギま!, Mega Man, Guilty Gear, Final Fantasy VIII, Fate/stay night, Dissidia: Final Fantasy, and Evangelion.

Entering the real world is as pleasant as you would expect; you meet the vibrant and eccentric, you explore the world around you (in my case, the states anyway) and you get to try new cuisine. Of course, then you realize it's harder to maintain close relationships with all of the responsibilities that keep you away, exploring is something you keep off until the weekend since work and school keeps you anchored during the weekdays, and food costs money (s'pecially the good stuff!), but hey, equivalent exchange and all of that, right?

I figure as long as I can get my ideas down on paper (Of which I am simply abound with! I just wish they would translate as well through my pen as they do in my head...) find a nice view to zone out with my thoughts, have a kitchen nearby to let my culinary genius flow (modesty can be a sin too, you know) and lose myself to any good music I can get my hands on I'm pretty content.

My journey to have all of that on a daily basis is carrying me ever onward.

Fic Summaries

The Stalker's Log (Final Fantasy VIII):

Welcome to Balamb Garden, home to the super soldiers that saved the world from 'Time Compression". Meet Squall Leonhart, newly issued SeeD instructor and resident gunblade specialist, SeeD Commander, chick magnet, anti-hero, and the list goes on. Fuujin, mysterious woman with a wicked eyepatch. Quistis Trepe, childhood friend with a secret crush. Xu, secret admirer and enigmatic figure. Selphie Tilmitt, the walking anomaly. Aerith Gainsborough, creepy flower girl. Yuffie Kisiragi, kleptomaniac with a belt fetish. Lulu, doll maker and cute mute. Beatrix, self proclaimed knight searching for a lord. Aya Brea, pyromaniac. Ashe, ex to a jealous dead boyfriend. Card Queen, professional card...player...

What do all, with the exception of one, have in common? I keep forgetting...

Oh, wait. Ellone, happy-go-lucky timelord with bipolar tendencies.

Fate Alternate Routes (Fate/ Stay Night):

A collection of stand alone chapters depicting many different scenarios between Shirou Emiya and the dangerous women that live under the same roof with him. With the Holy Grail war out of the way for the time being, boredom and predictability sets within the lives of the veterans most accustomed to the danger and adrenaline excitement that combat had once provided them with. Perhaps there are other outlets for such passion to flow? With heroic spirits, magicians, wrestlers and all sorts of bizarre characters hanging around, Shirou Emiya's tranquil days are bound to be short lived.

Pairings: ...Random...

WARNING: Explicit Sexual Content Present In Some Chapters

Fang Vice Addiction (FVA):

Negi slowly finds himself tangled in a web of suspicion and entanglements as he lives life as a vampire. Evangeline is slowly warming up to him and Takane seems to have developed some sort of interest in him that may grow in to some type of obsession. Darkness awaits the young magi as the Mahora Festival begins and one can only wonder what Chao has in store for him.

Evangeline X Negi

FVA- "By Your Enrapture":

Two years have passed and the key to Evangeline's freedom is still far from Negi's reach. At Mana's insistence, Negi comes to the conclusion that the only way he'll ever find the anti-curse is to search for his father, however, the journey to finding the "Thousand Master" becomes something far more dangerous than the young magi ever imagined. Welcome to a world beyond wonder where Dark Mistresses hold the darkness of night within the palm of their hands, and Dark Lords fight relentlessly for their hands in marriage. Get caught in the crossfires of eternal rivalries and unrequited romances where passion is a way of life. Negi is about to enter the world of vice and he may need more than Evangeline's guidance to survive this encounter with the vampiric underworld...

Main: Evangeline X Negi / Mana X Negi

Harem: Takane & Mei X Negi / Dark Mistresses X Negi / Lucinda X Evangeline X Negi / Class 3-A X Negi --

Full Moon Shuffle- "Immortal Professor Negi Springfield"

Main Summary in pending

Love Heist (Megaman Legends):

Coldness. Compassion. Reason. Emotion. Apathy. Passion. When the restrictions have been lifted, and the shackles undone, many things begin to happen on the world of Terra that bring confusion and uncertainty. The Guardians of the order shall rise and bring upon disorder. The violent shall fall still and docile. The forgotten shall mark themselves within the shifting sands of history, and an archangel will embrace a goddess of death. The System of EDEN has been laid to rest and the Elders shall soon wake to the call.

Welcome to the world of Love Heist.

Are you ready?

Megaman x Tron x Roll x Mistress Sera X Mistress Yuna X Alia--

In Progress

(FVA) "By Your Enrapture": Chapter Fifteen: Down the Rabbit Hole- Coming Soon

[By Your Enrapture] Begin Excerpt [By Your Enrapture]

Nowadays the girls found other ways to cope with not having the young magister around. Take Misa Kakizaki, for example. Whenever she was having a particularly slow day with nothing pressing her mind to concentrate on anything other than the unorganized thoughts that all seemed to tussle for her sole consideration, she stopped at the waffle shop to suck down on a milkshake while she filed them away to be dealt with at her privilege. Now normally this placed her in a rather disagreeable set up by any young lady's standards—sitting by her lonesome on a bar stool while the tables to the side of the waffle shop were taken residence by couples in the honeymoon phase of their young romantic lives—so whenever she could she invited Madoka and Sakurako to alleviate the ache of her tender heart.

The point here is that these get togethers provided her with an audience.

On the days that Madoka and Sakurako could not take time out of their schedule to accompany her–which happened on just enough occasions that Misa learned to simply deal with the solitude–her imagination could not help but run wild, so there came such instances when Misa would observe a chatting couple from the corner of her eye and imagine Negi Springfield sitting across the table from some girl she didn't know; his chin resting on a balled fist while he reached across the table with his other hand to lovingly caress that girl's hand. Other times she caught glimpses of Negi sharing a milkshake with a stranger, sometimes sharing a kiss with a stranger, or making a stranger laugh with a whisper to their ear. Suffice it to say, the thought that Negi was out there somewhere in the world wooing a girl that would not appreciate him the way she could drove Misa absolutely mad.

[By Your Enrapture]End Excerpt [By Your Enrapture]

Fate Alternate Routes: Chapter Four: Another Possibility, Resolved- Coming Soon

[Fate Alternate Routes] Begin Excerpt [Fate Alternate Routes]

Rin Tohsaka did not resent the one named Shirou Emiya as he was the only man in the world (as of writing this account) that she deemed worthy of her deepest affections and she doubted that anything could ever change her mind on that account, however, she did sometimes entertain the question of how different things in her life would be if, for example, Shirou was dead. Granted, that would be essentially removing the lynchpin of her current living situation; her friendly arguments with Illya probably wouldn't be decidedly so because the snow fairy would be out for her blood on principal of her being the rival daughter of another highly esteemed magus bloodline (and because she was a sadistic little—), she and Sakura would likely still be very distant from one another without Shirou's kitchen there to keep providing excuses for them to occupy the same room without the irresistible need to opt out of the close proximity, Kotomine might still be ali—okay, dammit, so Shirou was too important to cut out of the everyday equation.

Still, if those details were to be ever so conveniently swept under the rug, Shirou's absence in life would profit her in one particular count—Rin would have complete control over Saber; all five feet and 2 inches of her, which given how the two of them were officially contracted to one another as master and servant that should have already been the case, but for whatever reason Saber favored Shirou a hell of a lot more as a friend and romantic partner, which meant that the lovable king spent more of her time with him on the regular—she even went so far as to continue honoring him with the affectionate title of "master" despite their own contract being annulled (Thanks for nothing, Caster!) Rin, too, would have taken favorably to awaken in the middle of the night to find Saber using her arm as a pillow; for her to announce that she would leave the house and have the golden haired knight strongly insist on accompanying her even if it was an errand so mundane as to make a quick run to the quick mart. Saber did so many things to improve the nondescript quality of Shirou's life and he just took it all for granted!

That may have been a little disquieting...

[Fate Alternate Routes] End Excerpt [Fate Alternate Routes]

Final Fantasy Tactics Title (In Writer's Block HELL): Learning and mastering jobs is a very long and arduous process, as the warriors in Ramza's company can attest to, but with a charismatic leader like him it actually becomes a fun learning experience, even if there are injuries and misunderstandings down the road to becoming the ultimate fighter. It helps that Ramza has a knack for attracting eccentric people. Should be licks of Ramza x Agrias here and there, as well as some other friendly pairings between the infamous heretic and the other women in the series. I want to keep the atmosphere light a comedic, despite the overall tone of the Tactics series. Eh, let's see how well the development process works out.

Full Moon Shuffle: Chapter Two: Year of Innocence- ( After the heart pounding operation at the library is put behind her Chisame falls even deeper into the bizarre world that Negi cheerfully draws her into. From adventurous ghosts to the mistresses of the underworld, and the challenges of her own flat-lined social life, will the net idol be able to hold on to her sanity? Will Kotaro ever stop leaving messages on Negi's answering machine? Will Setsuna finally bring together her ideal loving future? Will Lucinda ever get Evangeline into the sa-- Wait, you mean she's still fighting for that? )

[Full Moon Shuffle] Begin Excerpt [Full Moon Shuffle]

"Ah, just on time." The way the professor said those words as he turned away from her made it all appear very rehearsed, as if every word of the conversation he just had with her was calculated to the last syllable to end on time with whatever was scheduled. Somehow that made Chisame feel a lot less like a participant in their little conversation and more like an actor reciting lines to his script. Her throwing arm began to itch again.

The phenomenon that began to take place at a particular point near the gate of the courtyard diverted Chisame's focus from devising fun little ways to vent her frustration on the professor, however. An intricate looking glyph materialized, swirling unto itself and sucking the space around it until it became a vortex. Chisame heard a loud crack and the vortex shattered like glass to reveal a wormhole large and wide enough to act as a passageway for one to step through, at which point a young woman of waist length blonde hair, wearing what resembled a black nurse cap and matching cloak swaggered through it followed by a sizable entourage of men and women outfitted in matching black suits and shades. As the young woman stepped up to the professor, Chisame realized that this was the same person that had been scouting the library before the professor arrived with his maid.

There was a funny expression on the new arrival's face—a cross between awe and disapproval. In the end it seemed the latter won out on the inner debacle she seemed to be having before she decided to open her mouth.

"What could have possibly warranted this turn out?!" She was, of course, referring to how the courtyard was littered with shards of window glass, books, damaged furniture, chunks of debris–some of which were on fire–and the occasional streaks of blood staining the surrounding grass and pavement. That was neglecting to include the sorry state the top floor of the library was in, but details, details. "Even with magecraft, this would take hours to restore to its former state without drawing some notice!"

"Which is why I'm glad you had the mind to bring so many people with you, lady Goodman." Negi told the bewildered girl. "With this crack team you've assembled, damage control will be carried out swiftly." The professor observed the growing frown on her face and opted to relent. "You fret too much, especially given how much worse this could have turned out." He turned to Chisame, placing a hand on her shoulder to draw the attention of the other mages to her. "Had it not been for my lovely apprentice, I might have called upon you earlier for assistance."

[Full Moon Shuffle] End Excerpt [Full Moon Shuffle]

Mega Man Legends: Love Heist: Chapter Twenty: Rekindle Me- Coming Soon.

[Megaman Legends] Begin Excerpt [Megaman Legends]

“I think Roll didn't take that too well, which is probably why she shut the door in my face after I gave her the pancakes…” Megaman leaned all of his weight against the wall, eyes looking toward the ceiling. “But…well, I don’t know…” He shook his head. “And maybe I’m just not trying hard enough to see things from her point of view, but…digging is important to me.”

“Why?” Matilda did a commendable job of masking the wound in her heart that his words reopened, amidst other things that came pouring through. If he was looking for someone to help him look beyond his commitment to digging then he would do far better than to depend on her as his rock. As much as she desired to convince herself that what she felt in regard to the decisions that brought her to the Forbidden Island was remorse, there remained another side of herself that wanted to scream that her ambitions were not wrong.

“I owe everything I like about my life to digging.” Megaman answered honestly. “Roll and gramps can depend on me to help out with the expenses of the Flutter and other things like groceries because of the digs I go on. I’ve met many interesting people, and I’ve probably visited more places in the past two years than most people on the planet do in their lifetime.” He turned to lean against the windowsill, looking up past the clouds above the eternally snowing city of Yosyonke. “Digging has its dangers—I know that as much as any other person that’s explored one of the thousands of ruins on this planet, but me ending up on Elysium had nothing to do with me being a digger. You could walk any other person in my footsteps and their lives would have gone in another direction, because I’m pretty sure that there is no one else on the planet with my kind of inheritance—no one else on this planet can say that they’re walking around in the body of a person who made an enemy of…well, Mistress Sera.”

[Megaman Legends] End Excerpt [Megaman Legends]

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