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Hey Guys its lexie-potter here:

A little about me:

Ok, my real name is Alex and i live in the very sunny Sydney, Australia. I love to read any romantic story about any Harry Potter Character. Im a hopless romantic and a sucker for mushy stuff.Since ive been reading on fanfiction.net i have discovered lots of brilliany wrighters but one of my favourite stories would have to be Old Faces, New Tricks by Jagged Epiphany. Shes a brilliant wrighter and a fellow Australian so i reccomend you all read her storys. There long but brilliant. Also another story i reccomend, and this would have to be the only one that could possibly top OFNT, my altime favourite, Textbook Perfect by dezirae. Its a brilliant George Hermione romance.

I also reccomend you check out Aleatz. She is as good a writer as she is a friend (and thats good).

Anyway, i wish you all a very merry christmas and a happy new year.

A little Profile

Name: Alexandra, (alex will do)

Age: 16, and i just got my L's. Yeah!

Sex: Female

Hair: Dark Blonde

Eyes: Chocolate Brown

Height: 178 cm (i have no idea what that is in feet and inches so if anyone could tell me that would be great.)

Nationality: Australian

Heritage: Scottish

Hello All, This is just a quick summary of the stories i have posted and ones to expect soon.

A Battle for Love and Friendship.

This is a Harry/other romance. When Harry falls for the Muggle next door he doesn't know what to do. Mrs weasley convinces him to go back to school but that involved leaving his belloved Tiffany behind. Or Does It?

When Harry returns to school a new Principal (im Australian so i use Australian terms. Also i dont want you to know if its a Man or a Woman.) brings unexpected change. New Teachers and new students arrive and Harry fights the final battle against Voldemort. But first. Who is R.A.B?

Not currently named,

This story is not posted yet

ONE SHOT, When Hermione enters a muggle nightclub she never expects to find herself in the trouble she does. Who will save her and what will be come of the relationship that develops with her rescuer.

Woes of the Heart

This story is loosley based on a true story.

ONE SHOT, Ginny is torn between Bestfriend and Girlfriend when she realises she has stong feelings for someone at school, but when she finds out some unwanted news she finds comfort in an old crush, who is there to catch Ginny when she falls, an old flame or a new love..

Once Again, Not currently named

This story is not posted yet

ONE SHOT, Based on a dream i had. The story stretched over a few years. Hermione finds herself having a strange relationship with one of her oldest friend's brother but when she discovers what he has done will it all end in tears.

Strange But interesting, facts, jokes and more!

Joke: You should always give 100 percentat work. 14 on Monday, 27 on Tuesday, 34 on Wednesday, 20 on Thursday and 5 on Friday.

Did you know: Spiders blood is transparent

Fact: A person remains consious for 8 secconds after being decapitated. (eww)


December 05

I have to admit that my story sucks at the moment but its only the first chapter and the plot gets better. I am taking so long with the next chapter because i want to make it good. I will probably post it in January some time so please read it.If anyone has MSN add me cause im always up for a chat and i want to learn about other cultures and religions before i travel. Also if anyone can recommend some good stories id like that cause i dont have the energy to trall through the millions of stories that are posted.

love you all


January 06

Ok ive changed the start of the story, so if you could just skip the frist chapter that would be great, I know it sux, if youve read it you know it sux, it just alround sux, but the new first chapter which is acctually chapter three is good.

I love you all.

Lexie -Potter

January 06

Hey i've posted the 4th chapter. Not alot happens in it but i like it. It leads up to what is going to happen next. I am starting my new chapter now and greatly appreciate the plot and character suggestions from Kimtheodball. Thanx Kim. The next chapter is going to have the Burrow in it so if your a Weasley fan you should like it. I also have been working on a "One shot" if you can call it that, it is acctually 25 pages long, that i will post after the final edit. I have some other oneshots planned so keep an eye out for when i post them. Please keep reading and reviewing.

Love you all


Febuary 06

O.K. Guys im getting alot of questions about why i putA battle for love and friendshipas a Harry/ginny story. This will come aparent when Harry goes the the weasleys next chapter. I thought that it was all going too smoothly for Harry and Tiffany so im formulating a love triangle and adding a not so secret admirer later in the story. Keep reviewing and read on.

Love you all



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